Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 99 of MUC and day 52 of MOC, and it's time to catch up with the bromancer brexiting away...

And so to another bout of ...

But first, what's this in Chairman Rupert's rag? News of a terrible, shocking, shameful defeat, with managers and players falling like flies?

Now the pond is not one for gloating, especially when it involves a sport that the pond affects a Caterist disdain for ... but if anybody's wondering why England was defeated by a rabble of Vikings, the answer is simple ...

The damned porridge eaters supported Iceland! Icelandic flag inside!

And David Cameron's calling for the country to unite. And off to Europe to present a bold united front. And Boris is saying it's never been more European and will be eternally European into the future! What say you, damned haggis munchers?

Meanwhile, the Graudian seems to be falling apart, just like Britain, this day, as it's full of news of the triple A credit rating loss, a remarkable increase in racial abuse, the pound still in freefall, banks dropping like flies, and both parties in crisis, and Boris back from the cricket to scribble a newspaper column ... because that will surely fix everything ...

Dearie me, what a bunch of nervous nellies, worrywarts, all handwringing and anxious.

In times like this, the pond always turns to a safe pair of hands and can there be anyone safer or more insightful or reassuring than the bromancer?

Now admittedly the bromancer offering this day is short weight, as is much of the lizard Oz these days, and he seems to have retreated from the delirious oneiric triumphalism that made him unreadable a few days ago ...

And so on, the pond had to trim it a little to keep it vaguely digestible, but what an ode to joy. Take responsibility!

So where are we this day, as things continue to fall apart, and the absent centre fails to hold?

Yes, everybody, calm down, the war is lost and won, and now to win the peace, and everything is for the best in the best of all worlds ... 

Otherwise if you panic and kick a nearby Pole,  you'll make the bromancer look like a toothless grinning idiot when it comes to prophesying ...

Never mind, when Vlad the impaler sets his sights on the Ukraine, everyone will stand solid ... and besides there are now local pleasures afoot, and as always a Rowe cartoon to celebrate and more Rowe cartoons here ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Sheridan is certainly in good company in lauding the benefits of a Brexit, as he joins such luminaries as Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott, John Howard, Liz Hurley, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and finally but certainly not least ISIS.

    That is some team.


    1. Apologies making it look like you're talking to yourself. That should be a sign-off as;


    2. Never mind, DW, the pond always talks to itself. It's only a problem on busy streets ...

  2. Lets start counting shall we?

    My ante into the pot is the Filton and Broughton Aircraft factories, manufacturers of wings for the very Euro Airbus. Given the past tensions between Airbus and non-European suppliers, its a pretty fair bet that a decent-sized manufacturer within the Euro-zone will be looking to retool to take over this component - with the obvious competitive advantage that they will be heavily subsidised to do so.

    Airbus UK can either become just another loss making enterprise, or fold, taking 13,000 direct jobs and an estimated 85,000 indirect jobs with it. Broughton is North Wales largest single employer, with something like 10% of the working population of Flintshire punching their cards there each day.

    "There is so much to like in this vote", says the Bromancer. So far, I like it to the tune of 100,000 jobs. Whose next?

    1. Interesting times FrankD and an interesting tale you tell.

  3. Here's a last-minute election poster for the reptiles to run.


    1. "A team that will pull together!" Marvellous stuff, and 80% of them are ex-servicemen. So you can trust Bob and his team.

    2. Nowadays it's called a circle jerk.

  4. Morrison resorts to shrieking at Leigh Sales when he gets a question he doesn't like. Here's what Tongues believes.


  5. Scotty resorts to shrieking at Leigh Sales when he gets a question he doesn't like. Remember his church believes in the power of divine healing to perform miracles, the literal interpretation of the bible and speaking in tongues.

    1. He should change that to Devine healing.


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