Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 98 of MUC and day 51 of MOC, and the pond settles down to a nice cup of Magna Carta and an Oreo ...

(Above: Fox News alerting America with all that's true and correct).

The arguments go long into the night at the pond, but the pond can't be dissuaded, and insists that despite the enormous competition at the lizard Oz, the Oreo wafer remains the silliest biscuit in the commentariat pack.

The pond acknowledges this is not universally popular or accepted.

There are many who argue in favour of the powerhouse Caterist combine of Cater and Rebecca Weisser, while others maintain an affectionate old-fashioned rage for the Shanahans, suggesting that the Angela makes up for any attempt at moderation and insight by the bouffant one. Some won't let go of the bromancer, others will always remain loyal to Moorice. And it's true that the world has never seen a better climate scientist.

But for a moment this morning, the reptiles offered this piquant juxtaposition ...

And the pond entered the halls of the Valhalla commentariat justified and righteous.

Now Niall Ferguson has appeared in these pages before, and having given him a kicking, it seems only fair to give him first kick ...

Indeed, indeed. A feeble effort from an allegedly conservative commentator, and now it's the Oreo's turn to blow the lad out of the park with a rhetorical effort that's way better than anything even the bromancer could manage in recent days ...

Scintillating stuff, and as the pond expected, it left Ferguson with nowhere to go ...

Indeed, indeed, shallow glib-fear mongering.

No wonder the Oreo could gazump this with a wafer-sharp rhetorical flourish, triumphantly concluding with Magna Carta!

Oh no, you say, she didn't really go there, did she? Yep, she really did ...

Poor Fergo. What's an historian to do when an Oreo leads with the Magna Carta? Does the lad even know how to play open misère?

FCUK up against Magna Carta?

Now is there anyone out there not in awe of the Oreo wafer?

Oh sure the Rowes of the world might make easy jokes ... (and more estimable Rowe here) ...

But in the pond's humble opinion, Ferguson, Britain, EU and the world have been given a damned good Oreo going over. And so, with apologies to Hancock, and his half hour:

MOTHER: Would you like a cup of tea, Jimmy? 
JIM: Tea? Tea? Is that your answer to it all? Tea? The panacea to the middle class! The answer to all the problems facing mankind today? Have a cup of tea, Jim! You both make me sick. You're dead, both of you. You're both mentally dead. Your souls are drowned in tea. Your minds are clogged up with tea bags. You're like two slop basins swimming around in a sea of tea! Just like this country, the whole rotten system, stained in a tea of apathy! 
BROTHER: What's he mean, Mum? 
MOTHER: I don't think he wants a cup of tea. Would you like a cup of Magna Carta and an Oreo biscuit instead Jimmy?


  1. The Oreole: "Brexit is a reveille announcing the dawn of Western Civilisation in the 21st century."

    Oh my, haven't we noticed ? It's morning in the land of Western Civilisation. Again.

    The Oreole and Ferguson are a part of the best evidence yet that we have been taken over by a bunch of disguised alien lizards. At least I sincerely hope so, because I really, really wouldn't want to have to think that either of them is actually human.

  2. Yeah you really have to laugh out loud when one of the benighted denizens from the dark lair of Sauron's (Murdoch's) Mordor announces the Dawn of Western Civilization in the 21st century.

  3. Regarding Polonius' recent claims about the exclusive homophobia of 'radical Islam', perhaps he missed this recent story:

    Another analogy between violent radical Islam and radical Christianity might be the terrorist attacks on abortion clinics, commonly motivated by religious beliefs and frequently condemned in the most luke-warm of terms by 'moderate' Christian leaders. Does Polonius have form in the local abortion debate?

  4. Wow, I'm absolutely shocked that Fergo is pro EU. I would have thought he would have been first in line to promote the forthcoming Anglosphere where Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the United States rush back into the arms of the beloved Mother Country and her wise counsels.

  5. Wow - wish I could get me one of these 'self-appointed' gigs - they sound awesome! Where do you apply?


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