Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 96 of MUC and day 49 of MOC, and in these uncertain times, the pond reverts to the always reliable dog botherer ...

(Above: and more Pope here).

Well that was exciting ... though a decision that pleases Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the far right ratbag parties of Europe, Rupert Murdoch ... oh and Greg Sheridan, as we're mentioning ratbags ... might be thought to have a few unintended consequences.

There are already a few upsides, with David Cameron going and Jeremy Corbyn on the cusp and Boris taking a barrage of booing ...

Like many others involved in a campaign which splits a country and splits a continent, divides hearts and minds, and reduces the ease of the world, uneasy will be the head which attempts to wear the crown ...

Naturally the reptiles were front and centre with commentary ...

Indeed, but why spend time with the xenophobic, resentful, bigoted Greg Sheridan trying to dress it up as a triumph of reasoning ...

Instead, as always, the pond likes to trawl the bottom, like the bottom -eeding flatfish, carp and catfish.

And fortunately along came the dog botherer, because there's not much more bottom than this ...

Those with an ironic, post-modernist mindset will be pleased to note the dog botherer is yet again pushing for conformity ... to the values of 1950s picket-fence thuggery exemplified by the likes of Sam Newman ...

Yes, there you have it, though this person telling us what we shouldn't be saying, really has in mind uppity Islamics who might take a different world view.

It's possible to drift back in time, for those long in tooth, to remember the ranting and the railing by Chris Kenny types at Muhammad Ali.

When he died all was forgiven, though the pond spent too much time retching at the rampant hypocrisy to notice ...

Actually it turns out that you don't have to go back that far for a prime example of a prime twit telling us what we shouldn't be saying ...

And so on, you can google it if you like, because it's the dog botherer in his Adelaide kennel.

But back to the trash talker today, talking the usual trash about the usual suspects ...

Oh fuck, auto-totalitarianism? Where does he pull this stuff from? Is his behind his only source? Why would he line up with the likes of Sam Newman?

It's a misplaced jibe? Sorry, you can't misplace a rant like Sam's ...

Now let's just see how one of the debates is going ...

Well that story is here, (with forced Fairfax video), but the pond was astonished to see the depth of hatred and bigotry that would see the bigots attempt to wriggle off the hook ...

The ploy, which was to be kept under wraps until after the election, has been crafted to allow conservative anti-marriage equality campaigners to concentrate their resources in conservative-leaning regional and outer-suburban electorates where there is the greatest chance of winning enough individual contests to frustrate an expected popular vote, in Parliament.

But back to the dog botherer, attempting to show why a little restraint might be handy scribbling psychographically like a prime dickhead ...

Strange that the dog botherer chose not to mention by name the correspondent involved in the fuss, and busy attempting to carve out a new career as the replacement Miranda Devine at the Terror.

Yes, Caroline Marcus was the one allowed inside Nauru, representing a network best known for arranging the kidnapping of children off the streets and then walking away from the people they paid to do the job, and in her commentariat pose, she is prone to little thought bubbles like this ...

Did you know you have to be a dark-skinned, transgendered Muslim in order to voice an opinion publicly these days? Nor did I, but according to some on the far Left, or “Twitter” as it’s otherwise known, that seems to be the minimum requisite for expressing a view in 2016.

Oh fuck, she really did write that, she really did, possibly after channelling Sam on a dark and stormy night ... so that's why Nauru was onboard.

As for the dog botherer's invocation of George Orwell, the pond has given up on the Godwin's Law swear jar. Let's instead just enjoy a bit more of the dog botherer in cluck cluck, tut tutt, preachy mode ...

Of course the entire point of this day piece by Kenny is to allow him to trash talk a familiar target.

Uppity Islamics ...

These wretches must be made responsible for everyone of the extremist, fundamentalist ratbags out there in the world - in much the same way as the pond blames the dog botherer for Rupert Murdoch, Greg Sheridan, Brexit, the rise of far right extremism, Sam Newman, Eddie Maguire and Caroline Marcus ...

Oh no, not Orwell again?

Couldn't we just allow Orwell to lie in peace for at least one week?

And must we attempt to demonise any attempt to talk intelligently about unimaginable things? Must the dog botherer always wanting to empower the extremists and disable the moderates?

Must we  note that even at this stage, the motivations of the gunman are in question, and that all sorts of stories are still popping out of the woodwork, one here, and that any attempt to reduce the complexities of the world to the simple, moronic, childlike, black and white one inhabited by the dog botherer is bound to be tricky?

Must we talk about that?

Couldn't we just talk about why a fuckwit who keeps talking about freedom of expression wants to clamp down on people saying things he disagrees with? Couldn't we just mention that he even took to the courts to stamp out a harmless satirical suggestion he might be a dog fucker?

Never mind, at least the dog molester has served his purpose and taken the pond's mind off Brexit and the uncertainties that will flow over the next several years ...

Now there's just time for a scatological Rowe cartoon ... and more Rowe here ...


  1. Replies
    1. "Freedom unrestrained by responsibility becomes mere license, while responsibility unchecked by freedom becomes arbitrary power." Carl Becker

      'Freedom' degenerating into 'license' was a favourite theme of Victorian England. Which is why I do not tolerate such things as single-sex marriage. I do not "tolerate" them, because instead I am simply indifferent to them.

    2. Quite right, Anony, since I don't actually care at all about a lot of things, I don't have to "put up with" anything that I consider "wrong but still "tolerable" ".

      Besides that whole "defend to the death your right to say it" is utter nonsense. Of course, if somebody approaches me with a big, sharp knife, I really do want him to feel free to say "I'm going to hack your guts out" so that I can shoot him dead with a clear conscience.

      Otherwise, if I just shoot him first, I'll never know whether he was just offering me a free steak knife to eat my dinner with.

  2. "...the pond blames the dog botherer for Rupert Murdoch, Greg Sheridan, Brexit, the rise of far right extremism, Sam Newman, Eddie Maguire and Caroline Marcus ..."

    Psst, DP, next time you're down this way to visit Smith St, see about adding Rita Panahi to your celebrated pantheon of villainy. She really is highly deserving of the dishonor.

    1. Thanks GB, but the pond routinely ignores Panahi because the pond likes to deal only with the average barking mad loon. The stark, raving, out of control raging and vituperatively mad loon can be difficult to handle ...

    2. Oh silly me, DP. Yes. you are, as always, correct (but definitely not right !), it is best to leave the despicable minions of Chthulhu to their own devices (whatever they might be).

      But by way of reparation for my thoughtlessness, you may like to peruse a few Scottish terms that might be applied to His Trumpleness:

      The one I liked most was "cockwomble", but this phrase ran it close: "tiny-fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing shutgibbon" (the shutgibbon being named by a NZ resident, of course).

  3. Perhaps Sam Newman and Caroline Marcus should get together sometime, and chew the fat, if you know what I mean.

  4. Says the dog botherer, "Trash talking is anathema to Aussie sports stars ...". Hasn't watched the cricket for a while then.

    1. And presumably racist, misogynist and homophobic taunts don't count as trash talk in football either

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    In 1739 Britain declared war against Spain starting a conflict that would later be described as the ‘War of Jenkin’s Ear’.

    Sir Robert Walpole was reluctant to launch such large naval expedition but was pressed into it by patriot Whigs and Tories in parliament. On hearing the bells of London being rung in celebration of the declaration of war, Walpole was heard to say,

    “They may ring their bells now, before long they will be wringing their hands.”


  6. Sorry changing the theme but I must pass on my disgust at Leigh Sales and the condescending interview of Turnbull on 7.30. After the way that journalist treated Bill Shorten the night before and wanting to see whether she would put Malcolm to the sword like she did with Shorten.No she was what I would call a squib she was all palaver with him.


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