Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 95 of MUC and day 48 of MOC, and the innocent reptiles suddenly become aware of fear campaigns ...

Speaking of fear campaigns, or at least a fear of copper-loving eastern suburbs ponces and toffs, shame on you Mr Moir, though those with a taste for fear can find more here.

Sadly the innocent Terrorists of the Terror have only just this day begun to understand the nature of fear campaigns. 

Indeed, the pond firmly believes that a fear campaign has never before crossed the front pages of the Terror, and its sweetly spoken, charmingly childlike and worldly unaware commentariat, and so how else for the waifs and urchins to respond than with a reference to fairy tales?

Yes, the internal polling must be saying a few things if the Government Gazette (NSW branch) has to resort to this sort piquant illustration. 

Didn't someone tell anyone at the Terror that grotesque exaggeration is what fairy stories are all about ...

With the nose job so unsatisfactory - by golly there have been some good Obama and Hillary noses - the pond had to turn to the Government Gazette (federal division) for the word, and who better than the bouffant one?

Now it turned out that the bouffant one's effort was very short weight, but it had to do ...

Indeed, indeed, it's just so unfair, so unlike stop the boats and climate change is crap, and it made Pope's cartoon this day extremely poignant ...

More Pope here, but the pond is reminded of that old fairy story about the emperor's new clothes, what with the emperor wearing exactly the same scare-mongering 'fortify the moats' clothes favoured by his predecessor ... 

There's simply no depths to which politicians won't stoop in their shamelessness and fear of being out of a job ...

Meanwhile, there's a more immediate fear campaign coming to a head, and the reptiles had to be distracted for a moment ...

Immediately the pond knew the bromancer was on the case, it knew that all would be well, and it was even more reassured to realise that in just a few short hours, anything the bromancer had scribbled would be swept away by the tide of history ...

Ah yes, the fear campaign that has nothing to do with hordes of furriners coming into noble Anglo-Saxon Britain and indulging in vile miscegenation with sundry daughters ...

Yes, bugger the Europeans, what's in it for us? Why the empire could be restored, and knighthoods would once again festoon the major clubs, and the onion muncher would be redeemed.

Now we might have drifted apart somewhat, but the British still love dinkum downunder gold, and it's only a matter of sublime perversity in preparing its data on UK trade for April 2016 that the British Office for National Statistics entirely forgot to mention Australia:

Luxembourg? Belgium? Spain? Norway? The Irish Republic, to be sure?

Damn you, wretched Poms, you'll soon come snivelling back, and be grateful when we send you food parcels and a few live sheep ...

Yes, that'd be as opposed to the warm and cuddly campaign warning that the fuzzie wuzzies are coming! 

Perhaps the pond could send a nice coffee mug design to the bromancer for his wondrous ability to spot one fear campaign, and, at the very same time, write down and dismiss another, since it's to do with the sort of bigotry that has long amused the British ...

Never mind, all that's needed is the actual vote in a few short hours, and the bromancer's opinion will join the trash heap of history.

I there's a vote to leave, his delusional 'what's in it for us' will be quickly found out, and if it's a vote to stay, his delusional rabbiting on about illiberalism (because Nigel Farage and UKIP are liberal?) will join the many, many other miscues and mistakes he has made on matters foreign ...

If only history had a more useful function than consigning the bromancer to irrelevance, because that's the easiest job of all ...

And so to a Rowe cartoon, and more Rowe here ...


  1. Now if you pay careful attention, the Bromancer is showing just how to run a political campaign when he says:
    "[Britain] ... the fifth biggest economy in the world - the most dynamic in Europe and generally one of the fastest growing of the developed economies "

    In one short sentence we have one small fact and two big lies. I'm sure you can all work out which is which.

  2. Although early,the polls were wrong,the bookies were wrong and naturally Sheridan was wrong.He is such a fuckwit!

    If Pope doesn't win the Walkley for toons,I'll eat my hat.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    Well the UK is going to be pretty dynamic now that the little Englanders have voted to leave one of the biggest trading blocs in the world.

    The pound is in free fall and the markets are set to be a blood bath and where that is all going to end is anybodies guess.

    Scotland voted to remain as did Northern Ireland. Scotland will push again for independence and the opportunity to stay in the EU, they will get it too. Northern Ireland might want to join with Southern Ireland and we could have a resurgence of sectarian violence (the Prod counties voted Brexit).

    This is not going to end well.


    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister for Scotland, has now outlined a second referendum for independence within the next two years in order for Scotland to remain within the EU.

      The likely outcome will bring about the end of Great Britain and the Union Jack will then become an anachronism which will strangely be still a part of Australia's flag and that of many other commonwealth countries.

      Strange days.


    2. Given that all of London, but for a few boroughs on the outskirts, voted "remain", I wonder if they might also want to secede? Perhaps they could annex the part of Kent that the Eurostar runs through to maintain their physical link to the continent, and simultaneously severing Little England's connection. They all hate London anyway, so it sounds like a win-win-win to me!

    3. Which would fit in perfectly with the strange Abbott days, DW.

  4. Goodness me, it was perfectly fine for the British to invade and rule heaps of countries - America, India, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, etc, dispossessing their inhabitants and overruling their laws, but once 'foreigners' came and settled in England, oh, dear, that was no good at all....

    1. Well they probably remember the Norman settlement of England ... or maybe even the Angle-Saxon-Jute settlement of Britain or even the Norse/Viking settlement of Angle-land.

      Oh, so many fine settlements to praise.

  5. So Sheridan thinks Howard was 'shrewd'?

    Cunning as a shithouse rat, I say. A much more accurate description of the devious prick.



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