Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 85 of MUC and day 38 of MOC, and the pond offers the Bolter a few fellow reptiles he could channel ...

The Bolter channels Breitbart:

The Bolter channels the bromancer ...

Strange that the Bolter and the bromancer didn't channel Kevin Donnelly ...

Yes, the left choses Islam over gays ... except gays are of the left and are pursuing a gay leftist agenda.

Well we cut Kev short, so we could find others for the  Bolter to channel.

Strange that he and the bromancer didn't channel Angela Shanahan ...

Yadda yadda, we cut Angela short, so that the Bolter could channel 'Ned' Kelly ...

Yadda yadda, and we cut that short so that the Bolter could channel his climate science mate Cory ...

Fuck them all, fuck all the bigots and the homophobes with their talk of the gay or the homosexual agenda ...

Fuck them all, the long, the short and the tall, and especially the Bolter, trotting out the indignant bullshit he never lavishes on his fellow bigots ...

The pond assembled that yadda yadda about the gay agenda in just a nanosecond.

If anyone was brave enough to get down into the sewers for an extended amount of time, what a festering of rats and smells they'd discover ...

Time instead for a few relevant cartoons ...


  1. Michael Koziol, National political reporter, SMH
    "Words matter, and labels matter. The way we classify stuff is a window into our motives, our agendas, our prejudices. And so a white guy who massacres dozens in Norway becomes a madman, not a terrorist. And a jihadist who murders homosexuals hates freedom, not gays..."

  2. Paul Barry is just a shill for the dinosaurs. The sooner all the so-called 'journalists' who are merely bribed recyclers of press releases from business interests and shady political groups, are forced to find real jobs the better.

    They're whining because people don't want ads shoved down their throats? Bugger off and go the way of the aggrieved horse traders who were done out of business by the internal combustion engine.

    Egotistical pricks, deluded by an enormous fantasy of their own self-importance; wasting their column inches by screaming at each other, and at anyone who doesn't agree with them; and still sucking up the dwindling goodies from their medieval onanism.

    Fuck 'em. In this day and age they are increasingly irrelevant and deluded.

  3. Chris Kenny Verified account ‏@chriskkenny
    Had lights for Paris, now it'll be Rainbows for Orlando. Grieve we must. But sadness won't do unless we face up to Islamist extremist evil.

    So what is Kenny’s view of Timothy McVeigh who killed 168 people and said he "sort of lost touch with" Catholicism and "I never really picked it up, however I do maintain core beliefs."?

    And Anders Brevik who killed 77 people who called his religion Odinism?

    We then must, according to the principles of Kenny, face up to the extremist evil of Catholicism and Odinism.

    1. Shit. I've been a practising Onanist for years.

    2. It takes a lot of daily practice to get it right, doesn't it.

    3. Woody Allen (Love and Death I think)

      Q. Have you ever made passionate love to a woman?

      A. No, but I practise a lot

  4. Angela Shanahan:

    "Joyce ... runs Australia's national airline."

    "... to profess the tenants of Catholicism ..."


  5. From the irrepressible George Fishman:

    Under a Trump presidency we can be sure that an Islamic terrorist outrage like the one in Orlando will draw a greater response than simply "Je suis LGBTI".

    What a turkey.

  6. Seems the Libs winner of the Bruce Forsyth look-alike competition is in trouble. Bolt has turned against her!

    "Oh, yes, and from Andrew Bolt, the conservative columnist from the Herald Sun who is so keen to stick the boot in to Ms O'Dwyer that he actually linked to his blog, apparently approvingly, a story from The Age, an organ he has dismissed previously as "far left".

    The Age's article, "Shock poll result for Kelly O'Dwyer. Is Higgins the 'Indi of 2016'?" revealed that a recent poll showed Ms O'Dwyer's primary vote had collapsed to just 44.1 per cent, potentially making her vulnerable to an assault by the Greens.

    "Karma comes calling on yet another Liberal to have turned on Tony Abbott," Bolt blogged waspishly on Tuesday."


    Seems eating your own is all the rage in Liberal party circles.


    1. Oh dear. And that's the electorate which, since its creation in 1949, has been home to Harold Holt, John Gorton, Roger Shipton and Peter Costello before being handed over to Kelly in 2009.

      It's the only Australian electorate to have had two PMs (and one weak-kneed wannabee) as members - and here we were thinking this meant that KO'D was meant to also become PM. not be ko'd.

      Oh such are the days of their lives.

  7. Maintain the rage Dot.


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