Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 85 of MUC and day 38 of MOC, and the pond should disturb the red backs ... and pay for bigotry?!


No, wait, beyond the valley of the pathetic.

That's Media Watch sending out an urgent plea because Eric Beecher's got another fit of the wobbles over the demise of Crikey, though it was never mentioned by name and merely remained the mouse in the room. Sayeth Paul Barry:

There’s probably close to 1 million people watching this program. 
So, if you care about it, you can help. Put your hand in your pocket and stop it from happening before the media get to that cliff. Buy a subscription, think before using ad blockers. Don’t kill the media that you need. (here).

So the pond should put its hand in its purse - careful with the redbacks - and pay to help the reptiles conduct a crusade against Safe Schools, bullying, gender identities, SSM and all the other wretched campaigning that makes it read like a front for Daesh bigotry when it comes to gay rights?

The sooner News Corp goes out of business, the better. And Fairfax isn't much better, though in a different and pathetic click-baiting way ...

The pond would subscribe to this newspaper ...

... but we don't happen to live in New York, so we subscribe to the NYRB and The New Yorker instead.

Here's the thing. You have to provide a reason for someone to want to put their hands in their pockets.

Running a column by Patrick Cook explaining how he wants to keep telling Irishmen and Scotsmen walking into the bar jokes (shouldn't that be Scotchmen to suit the antiquated Cook?) does absolutely nothing for the business model.

The reptiles have made their bigoted, prejudiced, crusading bed of climate denialism and minority bashing. Let them lie in it, and if the blankets are getting threadbare, let them feel the cold.

The pond wouldn't get out of bed to subscribe to Media Watch either, but that's another story ...

Instead the reptiles offered the beyond the valley of the predictable response the pond reads every day ...

What? Obama dares not speak of the hate that litters the reptile Oz and other News Corp publications? 

Well the pond's not going to play the game of hate this day, though Pope - one of the few reasons to tinkle the till for Fairfax - does suggest one thing the pond would pay for ...

But who will pay for a wall around News Corp?

Moving right along, today is also the day for the Caterists to get out and about and do their very best to provide copy for the Government Gazette with the usual misrepresentations, distortions and taxpayer-funded nonsense. 

Yes, the government helps with a grant so that the Caterists might continue to supply copy in support of the big end of town ...so should the pond pay for the reptiles to publish a Liberal press release already paid for by the government?

Organising an unpleasant life? That'd be as opposed to Meriton and stacking the rats in small apartments all over Sydney ...

The Caterists won't be happy until there are no unions or unionists, zip, zilch, nada.

Of course there's other reading material available this day:

....it's awfully hard to appear duly sympathetic to victims you yourself have been victimising for years. 
It was sick-making to see one hypocrite after another offering up thoughts and prayers for the LGBT victims, when for years their thoughts and prayers have been fervently directed towards oppressing and even terrorising them. You might imagine that it would be exquisitely difficult, even painful, to square that circle, but Donald Trump was not the only massive idiot willing to try. One after another, conservative lawmakers, flush with funds from the gun lobby, lined up to offer their useless 'thoughts and prayers' and to drag everyone's attention away from all the dead homos and onto the killer's invisible friend, Allah. ( more here, with forced video in the Fairfax manner).

But the pond is consigned to reading the Caterists patiently explaining how it's unseemly for the farm animals to want a little more of a share and so we must complete the chore of the day ...

And this is what the pond should subscribe to?

It's ironic that Paul Barry suggested it might come to the government paying to keep newspapers alive. The pond could almost hear Eric Beecher toting up a tidy bill.

But the federal government already does it, it pays the Caterists to write for the Government Gazette, though it's dressed up as a grant to the Menzies Research Centre ...

Never mind, as we mentioned climate change, here's another reason Fairfax is a better bet than News Corp, and more Moir here, though the pond does wonder if you can build a successful business model out of some excellent cartoonists ...

Oh that sets the scene for Patrick Cook wanting to tell another scintillating joke about a one-legged gay whale and a bearded polar bear walking into a bar ...


  1. Cater: “We can confidently assume the CFMEU is bankrolling Labor’s campaign with a seven-figure donation as it has in all recent elections. Perhaps that explains Shorten’s apparent indifference to the union’s unlawful behaviour.”

    I have yet to read a comment by Cater on Parakeelia Pty Ltd where:

    "It makes & sells a piece of software called Feedback which MPs and senators purchase for $2,500 using their taxpayer funded office allowance. This allows the party to collate constituent details, requests, issues, etc.
    The company makes large yearly donations back to the Liberal Party, effectively laundering taxpayer money. A search of the Australian Electoral Commission shows donor records dating back to 1998-99."


    1. Oh c'mon Anony, it just proves the Libs point that they're really good with money, especially everybody else's money. Much better than the Labs, anyway.

      Except when some provincial Lib Party HQ gets dudded by a light fingered Director of their own choosing (but then, Conservatives have never been in favour of product evaluation reports).

    2. If you ever find such a par Anon, it probably happened in the same dream where you thought you won the lottery.

  2. Cater has confused me. Isn't selfishness a core value of a Neoliberal? "Public Good", for the good of the nation, is a nonsense according to the IPA's Chris Berg, for instance

    1. I think we have to distinguish here, TR, between "enlightened self-interest' - which is what neoliberals have - and "selfishness" - which is what we progressive liberal Lefties have. But not "rational selfishness" because that's just Ayn Rand's name for "enlightened self-interest".

      Can you see the difference now ?

    2. Ah, of course! what was I thinking, GB?
      Now can you explain "Bigotry Good" versus "Bigotry Bad"? (I daresay an argument along similar lines)

    3. Ah well I haven't gotten into that fine distinction quite so deeply, TR, but my recall is that it's something along the lines of 'Bigotry good' is basically "principled upholding of traditional and righteous values against Marxist culture warfare" versus 'Bigotry Bad' being "those Marxist beliefs that the Left clings to".

      Something along those lines ... I would research this more deeply but for all the Marxist beliefs that tell me I'm correct (phew, I nearly said "right") anyway.

    4. ...and so on until the cultcha wars are over

    5. Not in our lifetimes, good sir, not in our lifetimes.

      And you know that at the moment of my death, the entire universe disappears ? It's just that I won't be around to see it.


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