Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 84 of MUC and day 37 of MOC, and it's time for a generous serve of hypocrisy and a distracting Oreo biscuit ...

There's nothing like the stench of hypocrisy in the morning to get the pond going ...

That's the same notorious publicity-seeking man who recently showed no shame or insight ...

That blog post link still works here ...

But the pond can only dwell for so long on fundamentalists of any stripe, and bigotry and homophobia and the free availability of weapons of slaughter - whose only purpose and usefulness is to target people - and thought instead that an argument about the future of western civilisation might be a useful distraction ...

In one corner, Matthew Paris of The Times:

In the other corner, the Oreo biscuit standing in the red corner for the lizard Oz:

Now usually the pond would intrude on the Oreo's deep thoughts, and provide a comment or two as she goes about her business, but this day, we thought that Paris and the Oreo could just step into the ring and duke it out Muhammad Ali style, though that would require a special dose of hypocrisy, Trump style ...

Yes, his slave name will apply.

Not to worry, this is all part of the pond's cunning Don King style ringcraft, of building up the tension while the punters wait in the broiling Philippines morning heat for the Oreo thriller and chiller ...

Okay, the Oreo has had her go, and without wishing to sway the judges, it's the usual paranoid hysterical rant.

Can Paris come back against her?

Well that's most unfair, labelling the Oreo part of Project Fear, a low blow, certainly beneath the belt, and we only have to read a little more paranoid hysterical Oreo, the biscuit of the pond's choice, to see just how much of a haymaker Paris threw ...

Freedom, truth and beauty. So that's what they're calling bigotry, prejudice and hate these days?

Well it's time to allow Paris back into the ring for a final shot ...

And there you have it. Of course it's not for the pond to judge the bout, nor any reader who lasted this far, unless they happen to have the right to vote in Britain.

All that can safely be said is that once more the pond - and this time Matthew Paris - have enjoyed the delights of an Oreo biscuit ... the food of choice for the pond, because it wants to keep everyone happy, except perhaps fundamentalists, bigots, homophobes and exponents of Project Fear ...


  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be part of bringing down "Western Civilization" ?

    If they follow Paris's suggestion and ask us Canadians, New Zealanders and Australians I'd vote for Brexit, just for the frisson. Wouldn't you ?

    Jeez but they all like to go overboard with the adolescent dramatics, don't they.

    1. If only they could accurately describe what they mean by "Western Civilisation".

      Are they referring to the colonial period? Not openly, of course, lest they draw the heat from the PC brigade and the, now educated, indigenes.

      Do they laud the Enlightenment period that, apparently, granted the world emancipation from slavery and the end of bigotry and prejudice? Which, of course, it didn't.

      Isn't it really a massive exercise in cherry-picking everything Western Civilisation did right whilst conveniently ignoring everything that it did wrong, or did worse than other civilisations?

      Apparently, this is the source of our moral and scientific superiority which we must defend to the death for the good of the world. Naturally, all other civilisations acknowledge our superiority, so what's the problem?

      Amazingly, this attitude will not lead to bigotry and racism because it has never happened before and, even if it did (which it did), we have learned our mistakes and it will never happen again.

      Not that we should tolerate this 'black armband' view of history. Everything we did was for the best!

      And if it wasn't, well, fuck you. Whaddaya gonna do 'bout it bitch?

      Four simple words: "We got the bomb!"

    2. Having thought about it, Anony, there doesn't seem much more or else to say.

      Just that the 'Judeo-Christian Western Civilization' was the last kid on the block - and yes, we had the guns and The Bomb (which really came when it was all over, including the shouting).

      The last, but not the least. The Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Seljuk Turks, Mongols and Ottoman Turks all showed us how it was done, and how to treat the conquered. Including, I should add, the Islamic Arabs - though the Moors, at least, were fairly civilized in Spain - from which the Spanish learned so much to help in their invasion of the New World.

      But now we have the Chinese, and possibly the Hindus, so, will they be next (after the Japanese tried and failed not so long ago).

  2. I remember when the UK joined the EU under Ted Heath and the religious freaks wailed and gnashed their teeth claiming this was a sign of the end times.

    Now they've come out of the woodwork again, claiming that the UK must leave the EU as it's predicted in Revelation.


    WHY? Well the short answer is because God has said it will be so, it is a matter of Bible Prophecy spoken some 3000 years ago!

    Geopolitical alignments among the nations at the time of the end ie. before Christ Returns has been clearly revealed in the Bible.

    Now for the long answer which comes from a study of Bible Prophecy.

    To understand geopolitical alignments among the nations at the time of the end, we need first to understand who the King of the North and South is in Daniels Prophecy.

    More than 2,500 years ago both the prophet Daniel and Ezekiel described worldwide events that would lead man to his final conflict in what is referred to in the Bible as the “battle of Armageddon”. In describing the events that would lead to this last global conflict they foretold how the geopolitics of the nations will be divided in a north and south alliance around the nation of Israel.

    This alliance means that Bible students have long expected Britain to leave the European Union, and current events are fulfilling this Bible Prophecy before our very eyes."

    And there are dozens more sites like that one.

    1. Fervently repeats self: "Jeez but they all like to go overboard with the adolescent dramatics, don't they."

      Besides, we've already had Armageddon, it was called World War II - and if that wasn't enough to "end Western Civilization", then why should a teensy little British hissy fit walkout manage it.

      Is there some kind of universal memory block that nobody can seem to remember WWI and WWII ? And how they both threatened "the end of the world - not just pissing little European 'civilization' ?

    2. Northern and Southern alliances facing off at Armageddon?

      Prediction is easy, especially about the past...

    3. Why would God obsess over an insignificantly small archipelago in the North Atlantic? Is the UK gunning for a position in the Kingdom of the South, along with all those other Zinoophiles?

      And why should 'north' be 'up'? It could just as easily be described as 'down'. Just invert the globe. Surely God, being everywhere, had no sense of up and down - especially when it came to the earth's position in space?

      There - with a nice still life.

    4. Stop it, Anon, or you'll go blind!

  3. I noticed that the Oreo refers to the East German-born and raised Merkel as a "former Communist". Its lucky for Angela that she was born after WWII, or the Oreo would probably be calling her a "former Nazi".

  4. Truth and Beauty in the reptilian rag - oh my golly gosh.
    Recently came across two essays which summarize both the historical and current situation of Western "civilization".
    This Is Our Neoliberal Nightmare by Anis Shivani

    The White Christian Burden on an eclectic Christian website titled An und fur sich. Which, by the way is leftish in its persuasion and they regularly regularly feature some excellent essays re the state of the world created by the neo-psychotics)

    Then of course there is always the book Britain's Empire by Richard Gott - a suitable subtitle would be how to keep the "darkies" down with maxim guns.
    And this website too

    And speaking of toxic child-rearing practices in her various books Alice Miller describes how the uber toxic child-"rearing" practices which were common in Germany for a very long time were very much responsible for the rise of Adolf. Toxic practices which were based on copious use of the famous ROD, as in spare the rod and spoil the child. Alice describes how Adolf managed to tap into a hell-deep reservoir of collective rage and anger.

    Never mind of course that using the famous ROD never ever teaches anyone to be good or happy.


  6. "I think what happens is you've got a friendly government who's put all their eggs in this particular basket," he said."

  7. I reckon Lyle's okay, if a bit misguided. What Lyle still needs, though, is a way to positively identify all those threatening Lyle's pure recall of historic perils, say, little cloth triangles, pink for manly degenerates, and black for the deviant rest, so that there were less confusion about the pressing need to stand up and be counted as a vanguard member of Lyle's confrontationalist movement.

  8. Here is a vid of Stevie Ray performing the Oreo Cookie Blue.


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