Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 80 of MUC and day 33 of MOC, and it's time for the Bolter to do a little Malware bashing ...

It should go without saying that it gives the pond absolutely no pleasure to report the energetic way that the Bolter is doing his level best to ensure that a Shorten government is installed at the snail's-pace-approaching election ...


But someone has to do it, and if dancing on the grave of the gutless wonder known as Malware is what's required, should the pond join the Bolter in the dance?

Tin-eared, eastern suburbs ponce with the face of a gravestone?

All that and more ...and as for that satirical, completely unfair and adolescent-pleasing picture, could we see it again please?

Sure, it's just petulant abuse from a paranoid, petulant, foot-stomping prissy boy, bemoaning the Leftist ABC yet again, as he struggles to interest a crowd and worries about an audience locked behind a paywall that'd be smaller than would turn out to watch two dogs fucking in a Sydney street ... (well unless they bunged on some fireworks to celebrate the occasion).

But still, but still ... how is this helping the reptiles carry out their duties as diligent workers for the Government Gazette?

The pond has noticed there's a deal of confusion in News Corpse these days, conflict, fear and loathing, and even the resident tranny is beginning to have doubts ...

Now doubtless the pond will cop a bucketing for drawing attention to Catherine McGregor's transgendered status.

After all, that has absolutely nothing to do with her capacity and ability to write a newspaper column, even if said column takes pleasure in Malware's failings (almost as if channeling Tony Abbott) and gives the Billistas a shortened set of odds ... while toeing the conservative line in a churlish sort of way.

It would, in a curious way, be roughly the equivalent of a writer citing as a qualification for political commentary, "man", "woman" or "human bean" ...

And yet here's the curious thing ...

After a long and tedious detour into cricketing arcana - the pond has zero interest in going there - how do the Terrorists sign off on their columnist?

No, no, no.

Not the desperate ploy of being a finalist - not after a line about winners laugh, losers do as they please - and why the need for the label "transgender woman" ... is it boasting, is it defiant, is it meant to be inclusive, is it as try-hard as that 'finalist' note, or is it an attempt at being descriptive?

But if descriptive, what's the point, when surely it should simply be irrelevant?

Would we expect a qualification for a political commentator to read "a heterosexual woman" or "a homosexual woman"?

The pond's transgender friends take a view on this sort of labelling ... and it isn't positive.

The pond is all for flexibility in gender identity (in sexual identity too), but in this case identifying the gender identity has got absolutely nothing to do with the ostensible matter at hand ... which is to mock Malware as a potential loser and an up himself ponce...

As the immortal original Dorothy Parker might say, that's a game anyone can play and sex has got nothing to do with it.

The pond suspects it was the Terrorists rather than McGregor that produced this editorial flourish, but perhaps she should have a word in their ear about this sort of carry-on.

After all, heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common, common as muck, and if you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to ... and don't look at me in that tone of voice ...

Never mind, there's just time for a Moir cartoon and he seems to have caught the Bolter/McGregor zeitgeist ... and more Moir here ...


  1. Amanda Meade in the Graudian reported that the audience for Shorten's appearance on the Very Few People's Forum on Sky was 34,000. Turnbull's audience on the Leftist ABC was 800,000.

    The only surprising thing about that is - 800,000 leftists? In Australia?

    (By the way: where is this 'Leftist ABC' on the broadcast spectrum? I re-scanned the stations on my TV last week and all it found was the usual Rightist ABC.)

    It looks like Turnbull is on a unity ticket with Senator Ludlam regarding Sky.

    1. "... 800,000 leftists? In Australia?"

      Spot on, JJ. I keep trying to find out just who this fabulous "Left" is in Australia, but nobody seems able, or willing, to tell me. Is Martin Ferguson "Left" ? Was Mark Latham "Left" when he was Labor leader ?

      I kinda know who is the "Right" - the IPA and anything even minimally Murdochratian, but I piteously plead: can somebody please tell me who is this "Left" ?

    2. The "Left" is anything that used to be in the centre until Uncle Rupert shifted the Overton Window to the right through sheer repetition. Or to put it another way, the "Left" is anyone any given commentator disagrees with.

      Monsieur Malware may be occasionally gauche, but to label him as "left" is to zoom straight though post-literacy into asemia...

    3. Wikipedia: "With the nonspecificity of asemic writing there comes a vacuum of meaning which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret."

      Yep, that just about says all that needs to be said. Though it seems to differ from standard deconstruction only by degree and not in kind.


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