Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Day 79 of MUC and day 32 of MOC, and it's Dame Slap day at the Government Gazette ...

Perforce the pond must do its duty.

Today is Dame Slap day, and so the pond must do its duty ...

The pond will do its duty, but with a tear and a sigh ...

Dame Slap knocking the Billistas for indulging in class warfare, targeting the rich and acting like combative class warriors?

Where's the fun in that?

Is this why the pond got out of bed for today?

And then there was the distraction of reader comments. 

A chance to head back to the good old days of Barry Goldwater's wallet and the fold-ins ...

Look closely now - the pond can still remember seeing this one way back when in Tamworth - as other more serious types will no doubt now turn to pondering the ineffable mysteries of Dame Slap ...

The pond apologises. As predicted, there's nothing new to see here, though the froth forming around Dame Slap's mouth is at least picturesque, and no doubt it will soon turn into a foaming frenzy ...

But even Eric Lobbecke's clearly feeling the pain. Bill Shorten as a Mad Max warrior?

What silliness, what painful nonsense, what a slander of the real MM's ... chocolate or George ...

But did you get it, did you remember the inn Miranda and the tedding and the spreading of the straw for the bedding and the fleas that tease on the high Pyrenees?

Oh okay, that should be enough to get the waiverers and the weaklings through the next gobbet ...

Shorten is skilled at using emotional words to sell his message?

At that point, the pond realised that hysteria had really taken over the mind of Dame Slap and she had transformed into a Chicken Little ...

By golly, the reptiles must really be in a panic, they must really think the election is on a knife edge ...

Why else attempt to demonise the Billista by giving him fiendish rhetorical skills that even a nanosecond's listening would sweep from mind?

Never mind, the pond decided it would keep stepping back in time ...

Ah dear, the good old days ... but now with a wrench, it's back into the time machine and a return to the present and the yammering Dame Slap for a last, mercifully brief gobbet of fear mongering ...

Poor old Marty Fergo the coal man, so much suffering ... 

But why is Dame Slap returning to the past, and Hawkie and the French clock man, like the pond ferreting through the remains of Barry Goldwater?

Is there a reason? Did she just feel like it after getting out of bed?

If only if it were so whimsical, if only it were tricky or complex.

Dame Slap writes for the Government Gazette, so QED, she must do her duty and clean out the latrines and polish up the belt buckle until it gleams ...

Indeed, indeed, so all the pond has been reading has been a paid party political announcement dressed up as a Dame Slap column ... and the ghosts of Hawkie and Keating haunt us all ... but isn't it strange to be using aged Labor leaders to berate current ones?

What next? A reminder that Malware perhaps might not be Ming the Merciless, or even, heaven spare us, a replica of Viscount Stanley "Spats" Melbourne Bruce ...

Well enough of that already, because it's time for a Rowe cartoon, and more Rowe here ...

Put it another way ...


  1. Meanwhile, and relegated to 'also ran' by the Australian media, PNG police are reported to have shot dead four students and injured dozens more in and attempt to stop a peaceful student protest By University students in Port Moresby.

    Bishop's response? She 'urges restraint'. Can't upset the Butcher of Port Moresby in Australia's failing attempts to keep the Manus concentration camp open.

    1. Julie would be all over that unexpected incident wouldn't she being foreign minister and all? Living the dream she said?

  2. Jeez, I'm tired of this old canard...

    "...the top 1 per cent of taxpayers pay more than 16 per cent of all income tax..."

    ...because they earn 9.7% of all income...

    "and the top 10 percent of fund almost 45 per cent of government spending?"

    No, they don't. They pay 45.4% of all income tax, and income tax is slightly less than half of all government spending.

    Again: that's because they earn 31% of all income.

    And here's something I didn't know until a few days ago. It's the rich barstids who aren't living within their means.

    Small wonder the poor darlings whinge about how much tax they pay.

  3. "Shorten's little voice"? Doesn't Dame Slap mean Shorten's little penis? Isn't that what she's really saying, in true Trump style?

    Planet Janet is not that far removed from the evil of the Devine. La Devine swooned over Abbott's manly appeal and hairy chest, Dame Slap thinks penis size is relevant to ability to govern. See how she belittles the man.


    1. "Huh?"

      She's so cool.

  4. Simple really. If tax cuts were good for the economy in 1993, they must be good for the economy in 2016. Same economy after al, isn't it?

    1. Yes, that is true, in 2026-27.

    2. Hmm, now let's see Anony: Jericho reckons "The OECD argues that if you lower company taxes, you should do it while also raising the GST."

      Well now, that wonderful OECD echo chamber would reckon that, wouldn't it. Who cares whether a tax is progressive or regressive provided that it is "efficient". Certainly not the OECD.

      But I do, because as a pensioner, any regressive tax bites heavily into my life, and I can't even invest in some bit of 'negative gearing' to offset it, because you can't offset a GST, can you.

      Read my lips: I have grey hair (what's left of it) and I vote.

  5. BTW, DP, loved all the Goldwater stuff (especially the Au + H2O button badge) and the Mad memorials too.

    Aah, nostalgia.


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