Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 93 of MOC and day 46 of MOC and the reptiles are in fine form as the scare campaigns mutate into many bad films ...

The pond wept to think of the many jail sentences and criminal records compiled by fundamentalist Christians during the pond's lifetime, for parading their beliefs, in the very same way that gays scored criminal, cultural and societal humiliation for expressing their sexuality ...

And then there was the mutton Dutton maintaining strict operational onwater secrecy, for fear of encouraging people smugglers, except this day, when onland operations required a scare campaign. 

Naturally News Corp papers deplored the obvious nature of the scare campaign ... by running wild and free...

Here they come, suggesting the mutton Dutton is an abject failure, but no, it's only because the smugglers want to help defeat the ALP. Or they want to support the ALP and are too dumb to realise that they'll turn up in a scare campaign ...

Meanwhile, the Devine was enraptured at Terrorist bunker in 'leet inner Sydney:

The Devine's objectivity might be assessed by that wonderful television commercial for the Terrorist's failing, flailing business model.

Well played, now back to flogging Sydney to developers ... as is only right and proper, and in the natural order of things ...

Meanwhile, over at reptile HQ, Dame Slap discovered the golden age of French clocks and Paul Keating, a golden age that passed many reptiles by at the time it was happening.

Ah the rosy coloured glasses of memory ... though they only make willow whistle through the air more vigorously when confronted by naughty buttocks that don't belong to Keating ...

Indeed, indeed, and why did the Liberal party once oppose the cutting of company tax? And joined with the Greens to do it?

But let's not trouble Dame Slap with the puzzling back flips and flip flops that infest both sides. When a cheerleader, there can only be one team, and ancient references to Exorcist II suggest the desperation of a cheerleader in search of ancient metaphors.

Worse still, this is hotly contested turf, and Dame Slap does the discussion no favours by stepping past such gems as Batman and Robin - surely a tribute to the Abbott era - or should that be Speed II? - and what of such masterpieces as Hannibal, Son of Mask, Jaws: The Revenge, Alien 3, and Staying Alive?

There are many, many more, and many nuances here, and by refusing to acknowledge the complexity, Dame Slap brings her entire metaphorical edifice to the point of collapse.

Never mind, there's something about the urgency and the hysteria that suggests that Dame Slap is feeling the heat and the fear, and so must indulge in a fear campaign of her own ...

Now that's a measure of the tradie ad. Even Dame Slap can't go there. Yet the splash suggested that the Dame was agitated about this ...

And so to the closing gobbet, wherein Dame Slap is scared of the impact of scare campaigns, which surely means she's scared that the scare campaigns about suffering fundamentalist Christians and boat people might not have their old charm:

Yes, yes, because think of the suffering fundamentalist Xians and poor old ScoMo ...

So there it is, the hoppy toad of fear ..."a canny campaigner."

Quick, kill the beast, stomp on the toad, squash it, and by whatever means possible ... and then we might have, if not pulp fiction, at least an eight week election campaign as dull and as bloody and as tone-lowering as The Hateful Eight ...

And so to a meme which echoes a previous pond posting. By golly that Cory is fit to be making a comeback at the top of the pond's page ...

“We keep being told that Islam is the religion of peace and yet we continually hear about these Islamic hate preachers coming to our country whether it be the global Hizb ut-Tahrir conference or Sheik Hilali or Farrokh Sekaleshfar,” Senator Bernardi told The Australian. 
“There’s one thing that binds them all together – they are adherents to Islamic doctrine. When are we going to wake-up and recognise the problem within our midst?” 
“I’m sure it is not lost on many when we hear of anti-abortion advocates being banned from our country or elected politicians like Geert Wilders experiencing visa problems and yet we allow this bloke and attendees for the hizb ut-Tahrir global conference to come and spread their poison in Australia.” 
“(Sheik Sekaleshfar) is a person who has advocated violence. He is not welcome in this country and there’s no way in the world that we should be encouraging him or his ilk to have anything to do with Australia,” he said.
Senator Bernardi concluded his comments to The Australian by revealing he intended to deport himself forthwith. "People like me are simply not welcome in this country," he said, "and we shouldn't be encouraging me or people of my ilk to have anything to do with Australia."

Well said, insightful gay hate preacher ...


  1. Reading Dame Slup today, FrankD, reminds me of just how perspicaciously accurate your description of The Cater was. Just modifying it slightly to make for gender accuracy: "(She's) kind of like one of the blind men with the elephant, drawing epically wrong conclusions from (her) tiny scraps of understanding. Would be tragic if it wasn't funny...".

    What more needs to be, or indeed actually can be, said.

  2. Oh and since we're reminiscing and revisiting, re the Oreole's thesis about the sexuality of young children, I came across this post today:

    For More Children, Puberty Signs Start at 8
    Researchers find more children appearing to hit puberty earlier; higher risks associated with faster start.

    See it at

    And remember that JonBenet Ramsey was a 6yo.

  3. One of the best all-time bloopers just aired on Channel 9. (Hope it has been taped).

    The sports report is covering the State of Origin. Finchy says "We'll be watching the Blues carefully, as they haven't had much sex in State of Origin in recent year. Oops, I meant success."

    Collapse of all commentators.

  4. Gerard "Prattling Polonius" HendersonJun 22, 2016, 5:05:00 PM

    I note that Ms. Parker, for indeed a Doctor she is not, at the Leftist blog Loon Pond made a grave error, in stating that today is Day 43 of MOC, when in the real world of the Western Suburbs of Sydney and Geelong in Victoria it is in fact Day 93.
    This is not the first time Ms. Parker has so blatently misled her only too eager band of poncho wearing, latte drinking, basket weaving, elite band of sandalistas who follow her. I recall as recently as the 23rd of October 1958 her claiming claiming that Sir Percy Spender's middle name was Owen when in fact it is Claude.
    This type of malicious bending of the truth is all to common in what passes for Journalism these days.

    1. Oh dear, Gerald*, it seems you've fallen victims to Muphry's Law there (or, as those like myself with longer memories may prefer, Skitt's Law; the latter predating the former by three years - quite a long time really, considering it is a greater period of time than that served by the greatest living Prime Minister as holder of the highest office in the land, executively and politically speaking of course, not constitutionally; his time as Australia's de facto head of state will come in time, when, perchance, some new torch-bearer of the ilk of a Tim Wilson ascends to the august role of Prime Minister).

      While you upbraid our kind hostess and purveyor of quotidian (but never pedestrian) lunacy, for her purported "malicious bending of the truth" vis a vis the correct count of MOC days, you yourself engage in a reprehensible degree of looseness with the truth. While some acknowledgement is warranted as to the accuracy of your observation that it is not, or was not at the time of writing, Day 43 of MOC, your claim that it is (or was) in fact day 93 is entirely erroneous. One would not impute malice of course, were it not for the fact that you yourself had already opened that particular Pandora's Box of inference. It is (or was), in fact Day 93 of MUC - Malcolm's Unofficial campaign.

      Surely your visits to Father Wallbridge's office for six of the best taught you something of human decency? As one of the leading lights of the true Australian intelligentsia, a scholar and torchbearer of the high values of B. A. Santamaria, I think it behoves you to issue a retraction of your unconscionable fraud, and an apology to Ms. Parker.

      Her "elite band of sandalistas" can get stuffed though.

      Did I do that right?

      *I know, I know

    2. Oh sheesh, Gerard, the pond is honoured by your presence, and never mind the carping of Frank D, and we have corrected the typo, though as you would know yourself, it is simply because the hired help these days and those damned New Zealand subs are simply not up to the job in the way we visionaries are ...


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