Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 100 of MUC and day 53 of MOC, and the pond leaves no Stone unturned ...

The pond was delighted to see the reptiles disinter an ancient mariner, so long in the tooth that the pond had almost entirely forgotten he existed ...

The mariner stoppeth one of three this day to teach them an urgent lesson ...

Of course "Throw No" Stone has been throwing stones routinely at The Spectator, but the pond rarely goes there ... what would be the point?

All that could be done is simply regurgitate the entire magazine as a sublime example of extreme loonishness.

Besides the cartoons are terrible, looking as if they've been scraped from a 1950s edition of Punch magazine or perhaps a Readers' Digest someone purloined from their dentist's rooms ...

But if you ventured into that turf, you could have found a thunderous Stone laying down the rules about what to do about that cad Turnbull, who is definitively not a Liberal and in no way deserving of anything, except perhaps a stoning. Certainly not a voting...

Indeed, indeed, but back to the casting of Stone in the lizard Oz ...

But sadly this ancient relic stops short when it comes to explaining how to administer a sharp lesson, and so the pond had to revert to The Spectator ...

Indeed, indeed. Who can imagine anyone better than Bob Day to stand up for proper business practices - Bob Day defends Huxley Homes record as customers demand action - and what better way to strike a blow against Satan with the backing of Anti-gay marriage group Adelaide Arise ...

And so on and so forth, but the pond's real objection remains.

What is it about these ancient relics that they've retained no sense of humour?

These are the cartoons designed to make them laugh at The Spectator ...

Dear sweet long absent lord, pass the Rowe and the Pope and the Moir, please ... and waiter don't forget the pond likes its balsamic vinegar shaken, but not stirred ...


  1. I've just been browsing Roy Morgan figures on magazine circulations ( it's amazing what you do when you are home with the flu) and I can't find any figures for the Australian Spectator.
    I did find that "Fast Fours and Rotaries" has increased its figures by 30% and now reaches 0.3% of the Australian population.
    Congratulations, boys and girls, your fixed up relics from the 1970s and 80s are better performing and more appealing to the people of Australia than the Spectator's reheated leftovers!

    1. The UK sales are tragic, beyond the valley of the pathetic, remembering there are some 65 million in Britain ...

      It's a fair bet they'd be even more tragic down under.

      Flu shot next year GlenH!

  2. Prattling Polonious the 2nd.Jun 29, 2016, 3:35:00 PM

    Message for John Stone, Your vote is no more important than mine and of much interest to me as mine is to you.
    Miranda Divine is not a journalist's bootlace, she is a right wing sewer rat muckraker who only got the job because of her old man (like Pia Akerman).
    Like so many other mad right wingers you have had your nose stuck in the tax payers' trough all your life and never taken a risk.
    So piss off you old fool.

    1. Well said! Dud Head of Treasury, active supporter of the dud "Joh for Canberra" campaign (that alone should disqualify him from being given any political or economic credibility) and dud short-lived Queensland National Party Senator. Over 25 years afterwards, and he's still blathering on - and he actually expects anybody other than his fellow residents of the Adam Smith Home for Elderly Neocons to pay any attention to him?

    2. What I don't get is why all the pre-kinder "minds" like Stone seem to cling to a Holy Writ view of the Prime Ministership. It's just awarded on the vote of a bunch of elected MPs, it isn't brought down from the mountain on clay tablets.

      The Bromancer and the other reptiles I can get; they're just using it to shut-stir, but the likes of Stone really do seem to take a muddled party-room vote as somehow delivering the Holy Word of Yahweh.


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