Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 100 of MUC and day 53 of MOC and the pond gives the dangerous fickle 'leets a good Johnsing ...

The pond couldn't resist another dose of bashing the 'leets. And what better way to get it than from a man who was once a federal minister, now a poverty-stricken pensioner who knows the dangers of meddlesome political 'leets.

No doubt Johnsie would give the dangerous young 'leets a serious hosing down.

As everyone knows, the young - those who could bother to drag themselves away from a pint of fish and chips and warm baked beans - were the least likely to vote to leave (Young people are so bad at voting) and so they almost ruined it for everyone with their dangerous Eurocentrism and 'leetism.

Thank the long absent lord these 'leet meddlers mostly stayed at home so that angry old white men and Johnsie could shout at clouds and Europe and climate science:

Indeed, indeed, and perhaps Rowson summarised the state of play with a cartoon (and more Graudian cartoons here ...)

But back to the shouting at clouds and 'leets and Islamics and dammit a Norwegian judge, because it really sticks in the craw, the way they administer justice in Norway, and dammit, that's all the fault of the EU.

What's that you say? Norway's not in the EU? Dammit, if that doesn't prove Johnsie's point to a T, what on earth will? They run everything, even when they don't run everything! Next thing you know people will want to let the UN treaties take effect, and next thing you know, black bloody helicopters!

By golly, the pond's gut has been gnawed to the bone.

Lauran Orda.

Elites beware. Glocks talk.

Froth and foam.

Re-set wash cycle to extended suds.

Never mind, there have been some real tragedies and the pond feels them deeply.

Where will Steve Bell be without David Cameron to draw as some kind of effete, elongated condom?

Why hasn't he heard of former federal government minister Gary Johns and blessed him with a drawing? Pressing, pertinent issues at the fading of the light.

Get on board young people, and remember old raging people upset at the dying of the light rulez ...(And more Graudian cartoons here ...)


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Praise the (Time) Lord


  2. LOL - a "scholar", or more correctly a propaganda hack for the CIS which is a fully paid up franchise of the Mont Pelerin "Society" writing about the alleged baneful influence of the "elites"?

    1. I've thought about this comment of yours, Anony, for a couple of days now and all I can say is that you showed supreme economy: two short lines to say all that could be said about this sad little agitprop gnome. It will make a fine memorial inscription on his headstone one day.


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