Thursday, August 02, 2018

In which the bromancer speaks from his leather chair ...

The pond makes no apology or excuse …

Whenever the bromancer scribbles, the pond jumps to attention, salutes, polishes up its old military record medals with as much attention as a big Trev, and gets ready to follow the armchair general's orders…

Yes, suh … oh yes sirree … because whoever scores the Lobbecke of the day is blessed with cult status and magical powers ...

Global warming nut?

It's for this sort of rigorous, incisive scientific analysis that the bromancer is justly celebrated around the world … and as this day the short of breath are warned to stay inside their Sydney doors, what better time to arrange for a bonfire?

But enough of those wild-eyed scientific nutters, the bromancer can sort out everything ...

There is no sign of US decline?

There's nothing like taking one quarter and imagining an eternity … but that's the power of Lobbecke cartoons and magical thinking ...

As for China, here the pond must do a detour and confess to having splashed breakfast porridge all over its quaint hard copy of Jiayang Fan's story for The New Yorker, available outside the paywall for the moment as How E-Commerce is Transforming Rural China

Sometimes it's fun to read someone who's actually been there and looked at things, as opposed to just taking in more bromancer drivel ...

The pond recalls hastily driving through Soviet-era missile building towns, for fear of being taken for a spy, and wonders what those depressing factories now look like, while the United States now seeks to emulate the Chinese way of dealing with information …

Luckily, the pond happens at this moment to be seeing and reading the bromancer, so it's a tad reassuring to know it's not what's actually happening, and that civility can still rule the roost …

Okay, enough with the lame excuses for a few cartoons, it's on with a final gobbet of bromancer gold ...

And after reading all that, per the bromancer's cheerful advice, the pond is now ready to throw many European countries under the bus, though strangely it doesn't seem to occur to the bromancer that if European countries can be thrown under the bus, what's to stop Australia copping a handsome set of tyre stripes?

But then, that's what happens when you read a not so closeted Trumpist deep into all sorts of delusions, and with it can come a sense that dementia is now the only way to respond to the world …and it seems the pond isn't the only one affected this way ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “If you’re a global warming nut, that’s the thing to orient policy around.”

    Just like this bunch of nutters;


    1. It's just the 'Deep State' out to get him again, DW.

    2. Hi GB,

      It’s not just the military succumbing to global warming hysteria, even the weather men are going insane with their so called observations and science.

      Here’s the executive summary from the “State of the Climate in 2017” by those crazies at the American Meteorological Society released yesterday.

      If your interested in reading the whole conspiracy you can download it here:


    3. You see this trend everywhere. Actuaries, local government planners, energy companies, agribusinesses (wine for instance) and many others have to allow for future outcomes. They might even be legally liable if they don't take into account known risks.

    4. Working my way through the summary document, thanks DW. It is sufficiently information dense that I don't think I'll graduate on to the full bulletin.

  2. Bro: "...Australia should substitute increased Asian engagement for the US alliance, or follow whichever particular policy prescription has long been favoured by the commentator involved."

    Oh, absolutely flawless self-insight there, Bromancer. You really do know your own mountainous failings, don't you.

    However, here comes another based securely on 'Trump truthiness':
    "The US right now is the fastest growing big developed economy [if you don't count China (6.9%) and India (6.6%) and Indonesia (5.1%), of course*] In the second quarter of this year its annual growth rate was more than 4 per cent."

    Ok, you see that's a fine example of Trumpiness as in “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening” because the real inflation and seasonal adjusted US GDP growth is actually 2.8%, just a tad lower than its average over quite a few decades of 3.2%.

    See: and click on the first 'Related Resources' FRED Graph. of Real GDP Growth Rate.
    * Also see:

    And here's a real Bro beauty: "PPP dollars are fantasy dollars, they have no application in the real world".

    Sure, you can't actally spend a PPP dollar, but what it means is that countries with high PPP rankings get more for their real dollars than do countries with low PPP ratings. In short, if the Chinese economy, in PPP dollars, is the same size as the US economy in PPP dollars, then the Chinese get as much product (including home-built warships) from their economy as the Americans get from theirs. In short, a Big Mac sells in China for half of its nominal price in the USA.

    "...with it can come a sense that dementia is now the only way to respond to the world"

    You said it, DP, you said it. The Bromancer is rapidly joining Ned kelly in shouting at clouds from inside them.

    PS, Bro: how many ships should Australia have in its Navy, and where should it sail them to.


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