Monday, July 11, 2016

Uh oh, it's an Oreo Monday ...

To celebrate Malware's win, and to enjoy the fruits of its betting on the result - yes, the pond did well - this week the pond had intended to lie back and make it "be kind to reptiles week", with desultory posts and intermittent attention to the state of Murdoch la la land.

But some things are irresistible, and the sweet crunch of an Oreo biscuit on a Monday has become vital to the pond's pleasure centre and digestive system:

Now frankly the pond could have stopped right there and then, with that last sentence filled with creamy joy ...

We have arrived at a point in Western history where thought crimes justify a regime of codified prejudice that privileges manufactured minorities while censoring dissenters who dare cry the emperor has no clothes.

But that would be completely unfair. Look at this earlier sentence and marvel:

Western civilisation has been transformed from the love child of Christianity and the Enlightenment into a malformed neo-Marxist culture where minority groups manufactured for political purposes are bestowed with special privileges by the state.

It turns out that every sentence, every paragraph, is distilled essence of joy, and shocking for what it reveals.

So Britain - let's overlook the country being run by that Kenyan Muslim - and Australia, both with conservative governments, are Malformed neo-Marxist cultures. And the pond thought it had sole rights to Malware jokes ...

Of course the transfixed pond had to read on ...

Indeed, indeed. The pond has always thought of indigenous Australians as a manufactured minority. Damn them, it's all their fault. And after all that racial equality they've enjoyed over the centuries ...

Indeed, indeed. Donald Trump is all the fault of these damned, pesky minorities. Reptile commentariat members celebrating his ascendancy has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Which is why the pond felt the need to give equal time to a really weird and dangerous Oreo - the pond being a living example of what it's like to live in a kryptonite-laden Bizarro world - scribbling not so long ago...

Phew, if you made it through all that, you deserve a nice cup of tea - the pond is currently enjoying an extra strength English breakfast - and a jolly good biscuit ...

Remember to stock up and thank the Oreo for scribbling such entertaining stuff ...


  1. Toronto is a rather lovely town on Lake Macquarie, NSW. It's main street was graced by an avenue of 100-year old fig trees. Yesterday the main street was closed and they have chopped down all the trees! Just like Baird has done in centenial park, but worse as they have not left one tree standing. Fucking outrageous!

  2. " Oreo biscuit on a Monday has become vital to the pond's pleasure centre and digestive system:"

    She's almost a complete replacement for Paul Sheehan, isn't she: just as deaf, dumb and stupid. But not quite, we all mourn the passing of the days of expensive sourdough bread and magic water - I just can't imagine the Oreole showing that much untrammelled imagination.

  3. Apropos Oriel's discourse on Trump and the GOP, I happened to stumble on an interesting program on RN about the transformation of the party during the Reagan era from a liberal ideology to the nest of hard-right loons that it is now

    I didn't know any of this stuff, but it strikes me that there was a parallel process here in the Liberals, which changed from a fusty old protestant establishment party to a party riddled with Papist RWNJs like Abbott.

    I wonder if there's a connection?

    Love the new loon at the head of the blog Dot!

    1. Yes, most appropriate. But it made me think, DP - do you keep an archival 'rogues's gallery' of your featured loons ? Im kinda thinking maybe that many years from now, you might produce a publication with a title along the lines of: 'A Lifetime of Loons: The Magic-water Brotherhood of the Australian Commentariat Unmasked".

  4. "Well the emperor is butt naked." A statement from the Oreo I must agree with; i'm just not sure she had the same emperor in mind as I did.

    1. Who could know what the Oreole has in mind, Merc ? Consider this utterly straight-faced pronouncement from above of hers:

      "Western civilisation has been transformed from the love child of Christianity and the Enlightenment into a Mal-formed neo-Marxist culture ..."

      Now that outranks 'magic water' for untrammelled imagination any day. It is also a superb example of the 'Big Lie' technique. But it would just be overlooked amongst her reams of unintelligible dross.

    2. I think you're just envious because she's so bright, GB. That fact has been brought to our attention several times in the past. You know, 'one of the brightest' something-or-others I can't remember it was all fatuous nonsense.

    3. Well ok, maybe, Merc; but I just don't like to think about it. And since The Oreole doesn't actually think about anything, that puts me and her on a par. Yes ?

    4. And if you just don't like to think about it, well of course there must be something nasty about it, no?

      That would be thinking true to the Orecle.

    5. I bow (creak, groan) to your ineffable and ineluctable wisdom, Merc.

      You could maybe try to work it on the Oreole except I think her essence is ineradicable.

  5. Lets crumble the Oreo cookie with a bit of intelligent advice,which she will no doubt ignore.She is such a petulant little toddler!

  6. Oreo: "the rebirth of Pauline Hanson has sent the men of the left-wing men into a state of hysteria"

    Malcom Turnbull: “Pauline Hanson is, as far as we are concerned, not a welcome presence in the Australian political scene,” he said.

    “You’ve got to remember she was chucked out of the Liberal Party.”

    Boy she fits the bill nicely at The 'straylian doesn't she? a) get something completely wrong, and then b) just keep swimming against facts or logic.

    I can see a senior writer posting in the middle distance for the crunchy Oreo.

  7. It appears that the GOP folks in the USA are actually discussing whether Oroes are junk food, or whether it's only the chocolate coated ones. Just so they can determine whether "those people" will be allowed to buy Oreos with their SNAP money, and if so, which ones.

    So, fame at last ... after a fashion


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