Monday, July 18, 2016

Trust in Order of Lenin hunting by a certified Order of Lenin hunter? Sure can ...

The Order of Lenin hunter is at it again today, in the lizard Oz of course, and no doubt a few might be wondering why the pond refers to his abilities as a medal man, a kind of Pokémon Go of his time, so for those who came in late to the story, here's Tom Clark in The Conversation...

Ah yes, the immortal Currish Snail, and was it true, what did the Press Council find?

Of course Clark was writing back in 2013, and his full piece, with active links, can be found here, and since then, Mitchell has gone on to be put out to pasture, and now writes smugly righteous nonsense about the media.

Clark's piece, inter alia, included these comments:

At what point in Australian public life is a powerful publisher compelled to account for its mistreatment of individuals or groups? Or to withdraw its support from journalists who embark on personal campaigns of victimisation? For those who cannot litigate, the answer to date has been never. 
I have no particular wish to hurt Chris Mitchell or his co-conspirators, as hurtful and unfair as their actions have been to my family. 
But simply ensuring that the rulings on professional ethics of the Australian Press Council (or some equivalent peer authority) had an enforceable standing would act as a brake on such abuses of power.

Well that nicely primed the pond, and put it in the right frame of mind to trot off to the lizard Oz and get a dose of the reptile Mitchell ...

Yes, there's a fair old number of Treasure of Sierra Madre ironic laughs in that pile of dissembling tripe. What a pity time travel isn't to hand so that Mitchell might help ancients with their copy in relation to cock-fighting and bear-baiting.

The conflation of ABC footage and PETA, the conflation of greyhounds and live cattle, the refusal to address the legitimacy of what had been discovered by government inquiry about the greyhound business, and so on and so forth, and it all might sound mysterious, with some sort of agenda at work. What could it be?

But there's a punchline coming in the disclaimer, and so we must trudge through much more dissembling tripe before we arrive at it ...

Yes indeed, and the pond will overlook Mitchell overlooking the many splendid commercial radio stations on offer in the mid-north coast, or the splendid chance to watch NBN (not to be mistaken for a copper network), just so he could go into a standard rant about the ABC.

Instead the pond just pauses to ask, why would such accusations about a Order of Lenin become a legendary hunt, or a story, as Christ Mitchell might ask ...

Well he might ask, if he was as much of a fan of the bible as he seems to be of celebrating the right for all to be Islamophobic, or at least ABC phobic and Fairfax phobic ...

Disclosure: the pond has no axe to grind in relation to the greyhound industry, but does grind its teeth regularly in the presence of reptiles and cant.

Never mind, waiter, can you bring out that medal for the presentation ceremony?


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “We all went on to run our own newspapers, Col famously as editor in chief of The New York Post for 15 years. Col had a habit of asking the news desk and young reporters a question more news executives should ask: “Why is that a story?””

    I presume Col asked that question whilst pissing into the sink in his office;

    Still maybe the more interesting story is how and why Mitchell and Allan managed to keep their jobs for so long whilst racking up such staggering losses. In any normal shareholder company they would have been out on their ear years ago.


    1. So many unanswerable questions, so little time DW. Flashback to 2007:


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