Thursday, July 07, 2016

In which the reptiles clamour to "reform" Medicare, and Moorice berates the reptiles and their vile Newspoll ...

That's the way the reptiles of Oz preferred to present the headline - well the war mongers, up to the necks in their complete disgrace would do it that way - but the pond preferred this one ...

Thousands marched against the deputy sheriff and the war monger reptile commentariat cheering on him on, and we're still living with the consequences ... and yet they know no shame or remorse, and still haul down a generous stipend from the Chairman ...

And speaking of consequences, what's this on the front page of the lizard Oz?

Say what?

So it wasn't a scare campaign, it was true?

They really do want to "reform" Medicare, which is to say, degut it and make people pay ... what sayeth the digital front page?

Yes, yes, it's true, if the bouffant one says we must stand firm against Medicare, already the plans to "reform" Medicare must be under way ...

What sayeth David Uren?

Yes, yes, and we all know what "reform" means, and we're not talking about a bit of back room billing machinery ...

But enough of pleasantries, because today there is a matter of urgent importance demanding the pond's attention.

Yes, the reptiles have brought forward Moorice's Friday presentation, because it's terribly important that he be given the space to slag off the wretched Newspoll that routinely features on their front page ... only a few days after the Order of Lenin hunter celebrated the joys of Newspoll!

Okay, that sounds remarkably like Bob Ellis raging at Newspoll, what's the real agenda?

Oh of course. Bring back the onion muncher ... because the polls ...

Has there ever been a more sustained assault on Newspoll and the dangerous 'leet reptiles of Oz?

Plus Marxists in the schools and the attics!

And so we must wend our way through the final gobbet to get to the ultimate agenda ... bring back the onion-munching wall-puncher, because he did so well last time ...

Oh so alienated, so alone, such a humble wanderer, lonely as a cloud, and not a golden daffodil in sight.

Such weariness, such despair, Ozymandias done down by bed wetters, the one credentialed benighted knighter of knights lost to the tradie demographic, and all that can be said is that it remains to be seen.

Remains to be seen?! Even the gnomic one, even the prophet can't deciper the runes, the entrails and the tea leaves?

The pond felt mortified, felt the need to comfort the gnomic visionary, the prophet alone in the desert reptilian wilderness, the one true voice ...

These beauteous forms, this sublime onion muncher,
Through a long absence, have not been to me 
As is a landscape to a blind man's eye: 
But oft, in lonely rooms, and 'mid the din 
Of towns and cities and reptile newsrooms, I have owed to them 
In hours of polled weariness, sensations sweet, 
Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart; 
And passing even into my purer mind, 
With tranquil onion-sweet restoration:--feelings too 
Of unremembered pleasure: such, perhaps, 
As have no slight or trivial influence 
On that best portion of a good man's life, 
His little, nameless, unremembered, acts 
Of kindness and of love. 
A knighthood here, a knighthood there. Nor less, I trust, 
To them I may have owed another gift, 
Of aspect more sublime; that blessed mood,  
In which the burthen of the mystery, 
In which the heavy and the weary weight 
Of all this unintelligible uselessly polled world, 
Is lightened:--that serene and blessed mood, 
In which the affections gently lead us on,-- 
Until, the breath of this corporeal frame 
And even the motion of our human blood 
Almost suspended, we are laid asleep 
In body, and become a living soul: 
While with an eye made quiet by the power 
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, 
We see into the life of things,
And the onion muncher's restored
And with it the harmony of blings ...(the actual Wordsworth here).

Never mind, as we're talking of scare campaigns this day, perhaps we should just have a papal insight for dessert, and more Pope here ...


  1. And what syndrome better describes so many executives at Enron and WorldCom and on and on, who have enriched themselves while ruining their employees and investors and country, and who still feel as pure as the driven snow, no matter what anybody may say to or about them? And so many of these heartless PPs now hold big jobs in our federal government, as though they were leaders instead of sick.

    What has allowed so many PPs to rise so high in corporations, and now in government, is that they are so decisive. Unlike normal people, they are never filled with doubts, for the simple reason that they cannot care what happens next. Simply can't. Do this! Do that! Mobilize the reserves! Privatize the public schools! Attack Iraq! Cut health care! Tap everybody's telephone! Cut taxes on the rich! Build a trillion-dollar missile shield! Fuck habeas corpus and the Sierra Club and In These Times, and kiss my ass!

    1. I'm sure this has been quoted before;


      We're fucked.

    2. Kurt did a bit of touring about that time in those years shortly before he died. Kurt often told us then, for example, when 'interviewed' by Phillip Adams, that humans had "missed the bus" on climate change decades before even though they had the timetable. That being what they are, behaving as they do, they always would have missed that bus. They were going to die and take much of life on Earth with them. A decade later now, and it's even more obvious humans have missed that bus. Furrowed brow with puzzled smile, I should laugh. It hurts. I can't cry either. Transfixed with wonder, and skewered. So it goes.

    3. Would some ice-9 help, d'you think, Anony ? Or will only a chrono-synclastic infundibulum do the job ?

  2. Funny that Moorice doesn't mention that there was a swing of 3% against T Abbott in Warringah.

    1. Now, now, is it not enough that he mentioned groupthink. Tones assuredly will be listening to the electorate, listening to Moorice, and not watching polls...

  3. I'm just glad the egregious Louise Markus, of the Hillsong church, was defeated in the seat of Macquarie, in NSW.

    1. What, with the omniscient, omnipotent, immanent creator and moment by moment controller of all the entirety of universes on her side and she still can't manage to win a pissant little House of Reps seat ?

      I wonder what frightful sins she has committed then and whether she understands that as a serious sinner, she won't be going on to the eternal choir ?

  4. "Dale Carnegie"? Care to explain that reference to anyone under 70 - cultural historians excepted - Moorice? It's funny how these little asides reveal more about the Moorices of this world than their thousands of words of windbaggery.


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