Saturday, July 09, 2016

In which the pond connects with prattling Polonius and B. A. Santamaria and Franco ...

The pond is vastly relieved this day. For a time there, prattling Polonius seemed banished to a reptile gulag, a back page ghetto, there to live out his days blathering in the wilderness to the discerning few.

But there he is today with an eye-catching reference to Mao on the front digital page, and in important company, whereby it's surely established that it's all the fault of women. It's always the fault of women. Just ask Roger Ailes!

But the pond can't be distracted by Bettina's important message slagging off the femocrats, because B. A. Santamaria is personning the barricades again, and the alert Polonius has heard his call ...

Indeed, indeed. The pond is no lover of Mao, nor even Lee Rhiannon as the NSW Greens wonder where the voters went (hint, don't preference Fred Nile above a gay indigenous lawyer).

But around this point, the pond felt inclined to take a breather, and to wonder how the Fairfax cartoons, wheeling through the clouds, settled on car-based metaphors to summon up the spirit of Malware ...

Well this is all very well you say, and quite symmetrical, but we all know we can find Fairfax cartoons here, and has the pond done a click-baiting, trolling trick by dragging in the sure-fire attention-attracting, worm-like name of B. A. Santamaria and then left him dangling on the hook?

The pond pleads not guilty, and urges close attention to the final pars of prattling Polonius's sterling work ...

Now it's always pleasing to see that prattling Polonius remains a dedicated viewer of the ABC, such that he can always cite chapter and verse what's said, and decry the irrelevancy of gay rights and climate science - what nonsense they talk about climate change - but the really interesting bit comes when the naked pain of being called a "silly old bugger" by that wicked Mark Textor comes rolling off the keyboard.

And even worse, the cad called B. A. Santamaria an irrelevant historical figure. 

Por el amor de Dios, maldita sea, dios mio, this sort of heresy will not stand ...

Everyone knows that B. A. Santamaria was a major supporter of Franco and Franco was not a Fascist!

It was around this time, out of sheer perversity, that the pond thought for the first time to feature a piece by Phillip Adams ...

Now this seems a little grim, but then there was an admission from Adams right at the end ...

Adams of course, was never given to post-modern, post-ironical statements, and so we may take this as a singular admission that prattling Polonius was right, and that Franco was never a Fascist and so B. A. Santamaria was perfectly right in supporting Franco and so prattling Polonius is perfectly correct in adoring B. A. Santamaria as an important historical figure.

Take that, silly young bugger Mark Textor. How dare you call a silly old bugger a silly old bugger ...

The pond was having so much fun, it couldn't resist another little detour, to another figure sure to arouse the ire of prattling Polonius ...

Hmm, is it only the pond that sees an admirable resemblance?

Never mind, there's more of Paul Collins here thanks to those damned, pesky Jesuits at Eureka Street, and the pond has had enough of history and theology for the day, thanks as always to prattling Polonius, so there's just time for Rowe admiring the works and deeds of a most important historical figure, and more excellent Rowe here ...


  1. I was a little surprised that Henderson didn't immediately write a droning piece defending Blair (and thereby Howard)from those drawing critical conclusions from the Iraq War report. I expected this to be an attack on the attackers, consistent with his comments in 2003 about those who marched against the war being primarily motivated by a desire to experience (or relive) the frisson of the Vietnam Moratorium.

    1. God, it's always Vietnam time for these guys,isn't it? You didn't have to be exactly bright to see that the people talking up the Iraq invasion were often the same sort of people who fucked up the Vietnam War.

  2. Good to see Henderson referring to 'this month's election". Otherwise we might have thought he was talking about the election in, oh I don't know, 1986?

    1. Hmm, now Merc, did you mean Joe Bananss win in Queensland in 1986, or did you really mean the Bo Bork win in 1987 following a ... wait for it ... double dissolution ! (He beat Howard)

      Now let me see: Bork won in 1983 and again in 1984 and then in 1987 and then Keating won in 1990 and 1993. Chris Pyne was born in 1967 so in 1993 he'd have been able to witness 5 successive Labor wins. Plenty enough for him to have been able to get up on TV and state that "The Liberals are an election losing machine !"

      Funny thing is, I don't remember him actually doing it. Anybody ?

    2. I don't remember a thing about the 80s, GB. I've expunged all those memories from my brain.

    3. Probably very wise of you. For me, all my memories just up and left of their own accord.

  3. Yep, the booth I worked at in Wills was absolute abuzz with chatter about the Maoist threat. Malcom, Medicare, Maoism - you could even call it the MMM affect.

    I am really surprised that Henderson doesn't get more traction in the national conversation. He's nailed it again.

    1. I'd reckon, VC, that the vast majority of living Australians have never even heard of Mao Zedong, so who's going to be afraid of him. Or of the "red menace" either - who's Joseph Dzhugashvilli again ?

      Nope, I think we're back into the "yellow peril" days when the evil Chinese are coming over here and buying up our country (and our dried milk and infant formula too).

      Back in the days when 'yellow peril' meant the fiendishly efficient Japanese and their industrial might, well they were going to come over here and buy out our country too. Thing was, I reckoned then that we should let 'em do it: they pay each of us Aussies $1 million and we'll swap countries - we'll all go to Japan and use the money (worth a great deal more back then than $1 million now) to hire live-in Filipino servants and the Japanese can all settle in Australia. Sadly, nobody would be in it. A great opportunity lost.

  4. Santamaria was also infamous for openly pressuring the government of the day to use nukes against the North Vietnamese.
    Meanwhile Mussolini had a very cosy relationship with the "catholic" church - the recent truth-telling book The 'Secret History' of Fascism & the Church by David Kertzer is essential reading.
    And of course Mussolini was instrumental in creating the "independent" vatican state, thus giving the vatican unprecedented "official" political power in every world forum.
    But the vatican is actually the worlds penultimate parasitic entity. It runs the worlds biggest money-sucking scam. Its banks were, and probably still are, involved in laundering money for the mafia and other assorted low-life criminals, including the billions stolen from the people of the Philippines by the Marcos klepto-maniacs. It also happily received the vast amount of money and gold looted from the people of Croatia by the Ustasha fascists, which they enthusiastically supported during the war. Google ustasha atrocities.
    It also provided the finance, and rat-lines for nazi war criminals to escape from Europe, especially to South America.
    Meanwhile this reference provides some interesting behind-the-scenes information on how it scams or suckers some countries - and puts itself above and beyond the reach of the laws of the secular state.


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