Saturday, July 30, 2016

In which Malware cops it coming and going, and will continue to cop it until he's gone ...

(Above: found here, and more there).

Who can forget or forgive the behaviour of the viper former chairman Rudd during the Gillard years? The leakings and the betrayals and the back-stabbing...

So of course Malware's going to cop a pounding for his recent decision on the matter of Chairman Rudd's delusions, even though it's obvious enough that the former chairman is delusional and narcissist, and not just because Kristina Keneally says he is.

Get your average Labor party numbers man speaking anonymously in a back room, and even they'll be backing Helen Clark over the chairman, while recognising that she's also probably a long shot up against the usual forces at work ...

Naturally the Kiwis see Malware's Captain's Call (as such things are now called) as a sign of hope for Clark, and naturally only a few days ago, the usual conservative forces were shouting from the rooftops for the right decision to be made ...

Would you like an avocado with your reptile opinions?

But of course once the decision was made, the old rule - get Malware coming, get Malware going - was followed and the reptiles launched into full-scale assault. 

If it wasn't for the Queen Victoria copper-tinted NBN, the pond might have felt a tinge of sympathy for Malware, but as it was, the pond laughed and clapped hands and danced with glee ...

Yes, it was the bromancer, no doubt channelling the onion munching wall puncher, storming on to the front page alongside the news of a righteous Rudd ...

And so to the shock and the horror and the outrage ...

Hmm, so Tony Abbott never told the Ruddster he was unsuitable for the job, never indicated that the Australian government would prefer to support Helen Clark as a candidate?

Why didn't someone tell the Bolter that before he took to his blog yesterday?

Tony Abbott had actually solved the problem for him?

What sayeth the bromancer to this in his final few whimpering lines?

Yes, they're going to keep on getting him, coming and going, until in the end, worn down, harassed and bedraggled, ankles well and truly bitten and ravaged, he will be gone ...

This is but the first step in the long campaign. Soon enough there will come the ugliness of the plebiscite - another gift of the onion muncher - and more talk about it being all about his leadership, and all the pond will be able to do is laugh, dance and clap hands with glee, and brood about the NBN a little more ...

Now just for the record, for completists and masochists, and perhaps for sadists too, here's the rest of what the Bolter scribbled a few days ago ...

And now that Turnbull hasn't backed Rudd, can we just check again on the bromancer channeling the onion muncher?

But was the Bolter placated as he tracked the news yesterday?

Of course not, they'll keep at him, coming and going ...

Coming, going and in due course gone, and the pond's not the only one to clap hands, laugh and dance with glee ...

Pity the poor onion, and if you can manage to forget the NBN and think of Malware as an onion, pity the poor Malware ...


  1. I guess we can now just politely refer to Malware as ...Ankles.

  2. Oh..please..stop it , stop it!...the schadenfreude is too much...the wettex is sopping from mopping up the excess and the eyes red from weeping with there EVER going to be a release from the stomach-churning guffawing and howling laughter...please. I beg you all in the Reptile Park to give us all a break!

  3. Yes the schadenfreude is gleeful, and I really don't have much time for Malware. But we need to ponder the same question as disappointed Bernie-crats: could we stomach the alternative? Whoever it might be, it wouldn't be pretty....

  4. How pathetic and petty of Turnbull. Off he runs to his new best mate, after making up during election campaign, Alan Jones to give Rudd the thumbs down, basically because Rudd is an ex Labor P.M.Rudd as P.M. showed generous bipartisanship by appointing Tim Fisher ambassador to The Vatican and Brendan Nelson to head the Australian War Memorial. I am still not aware of what qualified these two for these appointments but they were appointed.Turnbull did not even have the courage to inform Rudd face to face, he used the time honoured coward’s option, the phone.I am no fan of Rudd, but he did show more stature and class than the shameless Turnbull pandering to his extreme right wing party.Turnbull is Abbott minus the onion munching and budgie smugglers, though I am sure if directed by Alan Jones and the right wing liberals he would munch the onion and don the speedos.Turnbull is a mere party hack dressed up as a silver tongued silvertail.

    1. Well like you, and DP and countless others, PP, I carry no particular banner for Rudd-Gillard, but then, from the Bromuncher's fevered imaginings, I read this:

      "... Labor at its worst in the Rudd-Gillard years - ill disciplined, rancorous, incapable of producing or sticking to good process, making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, essentially paralysed."

      Well, having watched how the repetition of slimy lies and insinuations has been used against poor old Hillary, I took immediate exception. So I looked up the "official list" (ie claimed by Rudd, of his government's achievements and found a version of iy on the now quiescent blog Larvatus Prodeo. It goes like this (it's long, but worth the reading time):

      Rudd at his final press conference:

      "I was elected by the Australian people as prime minister of this country to bring back a fair go for all Australians and I have given my absolute best to do that, I’ve given it my absolute all. In that spirit I am proud of the achievements that we have delivered to make this country fairer."

      Below, paraphrased a little by Larvatus Prodeo, is the list of the Rudd Government's achievements as given by Kevin himself:

      1. We kept Australia out of recession. Had we not, half a million people would have been out of work.

      2 We got rid of WorkChoices and restored decency to the work place.

      3. We stared to build the nation’s infrastructure including the National Broadband Network, which will transform the economy in ways we have yet to conceive.

      4. We began the education revolution – 300,000 extra computers in classrooms.

      5. We now have trade centres built to service every one of the nation’s secondary schools.

      6. New school libraries are springing up across the country, often in schools that have never had one.

      7. We now have nationwide early childhood education.

      8. We now have a national curriculum.

      9. We now have 50,000 more university places and have invested so much more in our universities, in our research.

      10. We have reformed the health system; a national health and hospitals network. He said that the new funding arrangements will be seen as a “very, very deep reform.”

      11. We are building 20 regional cancer centres right across our country.

      12. We now have a National Organ Transplant Authority.

      13. We have restored decency to the aged pension. The $100 extra is the biggest increase ever.

      14. We now have paid parental leave.

      15. We are on track to halve homelessness in the country.

      16. We are adding 20,000 additional units of social housing.

      17. We signed the Kyoto Protocol.

      18. We boosted the renewable energy target to 20%.

      19. We tried three times to get an emissions trading system through parliament.

      20. We now have a Murray Basin Authority and for the first time in our history have a basin-wide plan and a basin-wide cap on water.

      21. On the global stage Australia is now at the table of the G20. We lobbied hard and long for that. It is a good achievement for Australia for the future.

      22. We are closing the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

      23. We greeted the Stolen Generations.


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