Sunday, July 03, 2016

In which the Devine is devined ...

Continuing with the pond's brief bout of schadenfreude, today sees the Bolter frothing and foaming and demanding the end of Malware forthwith - all tedious and predictable - but what of the Devine, co-joined with the equally tedious and predictable Peta Credlin in a bid to prove that the Sunday Terror still has some sort of feasible business model?

Well it's all very sombre and sober stuff, without a hint of hanging a greenie from the nearest lamp post ...

All the Devine, wherever and whenever you want it?

Still, it's impossible not to be moved by her description of the suffering of the 'leets ... and so to the schadenfreude ...

Here was the Devine, only on Wednesday, scribbling furiously and triumphantly in her blog about seminal clashes ...

A decent, loyal party man, and he wins points for that?

Oh dear, did someone mention Lindsay?

Well there's nothing else to do than turn back to today's Devine ...

That's it, that's all she's got to offer?

A jibe at the ponce from the eastern suburbs, the toff unable to muster a decent array of T-shirts?

Well, it's stating the obvious, but at last the Devine has caught a whiff of essence of Devine fallibility ...

Del cons are go ...


  1. Continuing my practice of slow, close reading (well you would to if you were hard of seeing and the light level was lowish - which it always is unless it's midday sunlight on a bright day) of your 'guest contributors', DP, I noticed in The Devine Blove above that a paragraph beginning "Kelly, the former Liberal MP for Lindsay ..." appears twice.

    Now since you are using a photocapture, I thought it was unlikely that you were responsible, so I looked up the Devine's blog (and I may have to seek specialist attention to recuperate from that) and lo and behold (or low and be holed, whichever you prefer) it was truly repeated in the Devine's blog.

    Yep, that's quality subediting for you. Someone here on a 457 perhaps ?

    1. Sadly GB the pond is lazy and does photocapture, and in the original story, headed by a fetching Suicide Squad Photoshop job, the repetition doesn't appear. The advantage of the blog however is that it compresses essence of Devine into short-hand form so that it might be passed over by all but the diligent, such as you ... but let us not blame 457s who are usually here to work. It's more likely the work of the hipster 'leets who saunter into their Surry Hills bunker and focus mainly on the quality of their coffee ...

    2. Gracious me, so the repetition was introduced by the reptiles in transferring from the online version of the dead tree rag into the Devine's blog. Yes, that does reek of their level of "capability".

      I do agree that not all 457s are unmerited, but I think a fair number are here on false pretenses - not their own, to be sure, but lovingly arranged for them and 'blind-eyed' by an incompetent or corrupt, or just plain missing inaction, supervision regime.

  2. And while I'm on about 'slow and close', I read the little intro under the pic of Peta the Beta - which strangely you omitted to comment on, DP - where she says: "Australia faces three years of weak and directionless government ...".

    Well you can't ignore a prognostication like that from an expert in the practice, can you. There's rarely ever been such a "weak and directionless" government as Abbott's, unless it was Turnbull's. Three more years of 'take 'em nowhere, give 'em nothing' from (presumably) the 'leet toff.

    But at least we'll have Australia's very own Dan Quayle (aka Barners) to focus our hearts and minds.

  3. That "decent, loyal party man" would, certainly, know a "good sort" when he sees one, or two, if the pic above is a verisimilitude.


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