Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Essence of Devine ..

As the pond featured this day's front page of the Daily Terrorists, even if only to mock, and hinted at the existence of a Devine column, even if deemed too tainted to reproduce, it seems only right, proper and fair to feature this Facebook posting.

And this story, which can be found at the Graudian here.

Sorry, world, you know the score.

It seems essence of Devine has wafted your way, and we all know what that means ...

And all this when a very senior News Corp executive is apparently negotiating his exit while a cloud of charges of harassment and sexist behaviour hang over him.

It's a funny old world, if you can define "funny" as Devine ...


  1. *gasp* - The Daily Telegraph making shit up? I'm shocked, DP - SHOCKED!!

  2. I thought essence of Devine would smell sharp, acidic perhaps, but now I find it just smells like shit (literally).

  3. I saw a copy of the Terror from a different print run - the headline was the more emphatic (and ridiculous) "GIRLS' SCHOOL BANS GIRLS"

  4. Replies
    1. The pond is deeply alarmed that someone should try to introduce an actual relevant document into the discussion Anon! This sort of thing must stop at once, forthwith, forsooth ...

  5. A classic example of "Truthiness": If you can't find facts to support your argument, makes something up and use it anyway

    1. How long, d'you reckon, before that becomes known, colloquially, as trumpism ?

    2. Colbert coined Trumpiness the other day, stating that while Truthiness was from the gut, "Trumpiness clearly comes from much further down the gastrointestinal tract."

    3. Well there I go, Anony, smiling smugly about being ahead of the game only to find out I'm already way behind the bleeding edge. So, "trumpiness" is the news now.




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