Friday, July 22, 2016

A message from the bromancer, straying from the bunker ...

The pond is always disturbed when any of the reptiles attempts to leave the bunker. Inevitably it evokes memories of shaking hands, quavering voice, and pencils being flung around as a map is contemplated  and Steiner is berated...

With the chairman mounted as the stuffed symbol presiding over Fox, while the mice and rats fight for the empire and Ozymandias becomes more than a poem, the bromancer is seizing the moment to indulge in a little more heretical thinking...

It's around this point that the pond must return to the faint voice of the chairman, grown dimmer thanks to his abandoning of Twitter. But before he left, the chairman offered cryptic clues, fragments, indications ...

Here the pond must confess to a deeply guilty, profoundly perverse pleasure. Every so often, the pond checks out Fox News. It remains wall to wall Trump. A psychopathic demagogue leading chants about building the wall, and the Murdochians leading the chants for Trump.

Sssh, don't mention the Weimar Republic ...

Please, the bunker will come to order. Madness? Discussion of policy? The chanting mobs, the baying hounds?

Where has the bromancer been this past year?

Has he tried to skulk off from the bunker, like a Speer? Does he imagine that anyone could tolerate the behaviour of a Himmler?

Time to get back in the bunker and follow orders ... to the bitter end, and here's hoping we all have Magda Goebbels' capsules near at hand ...


  1. This Cruz guy is clearly Eddie Munster grown up.

  2. Did teh Donald just take over the Occupy movement!
    We are truly approaching peak stupid.
    Where is Capt.Sourdough? He must be released now.

  3. Both the Democrat and Repugnant conventions have always been an exercise in mass hysteria/madness. Especially in the case of the Repugnants who have been getting more and more insane every year, in line with the fact that they are closely aligned with right-wing religion and all of its idiotic "god"-babble.
    But this years convention does not feature the ordinary garden variety LOONS. On the contrary it features the biggest concentration of fully-blown PSYCHOTIC loons. It is as though all of the psychotic inmates of all of the insane asylums in the USA have been let out of their asylums and corralled together for one big celebration of their collective psychosis.

    And of course all of that is the inevitable collective manifestation of the toxic world-view promoted by the "fair-and-balanced" Murdoch press under the helmsmanship of Roger Ailes.

  4. So Rupert is happy?

    He tweeted; "No more tweets for ten days or ever! Feel like the luckiest AND happiest man in world."

    Is there some hidden meaning here? Some cryptic message? Why would you feel so lucky and happy just because you've given up tweeting?

    I'm suspicious. WHAT AM I MISSING?

    1. He was feeling lucky because he was in an amusement Hall.

  5. Quoting Greggy: "(you tend to forget how weird so many of Trump's pronouncements are)"

    Actually, no, Bro, we're all way too aware too much of the time how weird Trump's pronouncements are. It's just you, and your running-dog lackeys of capitalist imperialism, that are catatonic nearly all the time.

  6. A message from Jon Stewart as he strays back to the desk.


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