Friday, December 16, 2016

In which the pond remarks, with internationally acclaimed climate scientist Moorice, on one of Malware's rare mis-steps ...

This time of year, it's all about distractions ... 

Apart from the distraction of poor bear with little brain Sharri, driven from the lizard Oz and now scribbling for the Terrorists, what a tremendously distracting line she produced with "PM Malcolm Turnbull made a rare misstep ..."

Rare? If the pond ordered meat Turnbull rare, the barbie would be roasting it all day about not mentioning a rail line in relation to the airport? Nope, that's not rare, that's infrastructure touchdown as usual, Malware style ...

But enough sublime stupidity, because it's time to turn to the unseemly sight of two fawning politicians arguing over who can slip cash into the paw of a Hollywood studio and DC comics, as if the buggers are short of a quid ...

$22 million?

Stupid people flinging money at bloated pirates touring the world shaking down governments, and succeeding on the basis of flimsy multiplier effects, which the pond confesses to having peddled in another lifetime of waste and folly and delusion ...

But speaking of pirates, that brings the pond to the recent triumphalism of doddery old Graham Burke, wanting the cartels to get back to the golden years ... Burkey was once reported as being worth $153 million, but you know how it goes with the greedy, they can never get enough ...

Sorry Gra Gra, by definition, the pond is now an investor in Aquaman, and it will download it for free in due course. 

It's likely that the pond won't actually watch it - recent DC Comics into film have turned into steaming piles of shit, like that recent humungous pile of crap Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, which had the biggest Friday to Friday drop ever seen when the word of mouth spread that it was more tedious than watching paint dry ...

It makes the routinely silly ScoMos talk of jumping on board a success even dumber than usual. Shaken down by DC, and too dumb to know it ...

But now the pond must turn to more serious matters, and fortunately we have the world's greatest climate science turning his expert vision on important matters ...

Okay, okay, the pond confesses the only reason whatsoever to feature Moorice on the NBN folly is to be able to run an associated cornucopia of Pope cartoons ...

Before getting on to the main meal, let's warm up with a couple ...

And so to Moorice ...

Now that yarn about the coaster on a plane is a nice one, and we have been down that path many times before ...

Here, but actually the NBN wasn't conceived on the back of a beer coaster, though the pond can say with some certainty that Malware dragged his singular love of copper out of his arse ...

Of course the remarkably incompetent Conroy made any number of basic mistakes - from pork barreling the roll out to grandly talking, in the manner Burkey wanted, of a great big internet filter for everyone.

The worst part of the pork barreling was that the NBN rolled out to assorted areas without rhyme, or reason and without commercial sense. 

The way to have done it was to have upgraded high traffic areas, generated cash flow, and then moved on to more remote and expensive locations requiring ongoing subsidy.

And yet such was the inept planning that the remote areas have also been short-changed ... listen to the deafening wails about the speed and data caps on remote services which make them as irritating as dial-up.

As a result of all this, NBN has become hated in rural areas and gazumped in many city areas.

So the pond's son has both NBN and a rival commercial supplier providing fibre to the basement services, while the pond makes do with a choice between HFC - in urgent need of replacement - and sodden, corroded copper ... with the now exiled Optus doing absolutely nothing to maintain its service, and the NBN recoiling from the too hard to fix copper lurking in the inner city trenches.

All this was known, all this could have been planned for and acknowledged, but those in the know explain that Turnbull is a right tosser, singularly up himself in thinking he knows all there is to know about such matters ... and even now wrapped in the delusion that he steered the right course ...

Time for a little more Pope ...

The amusing thing is that far right loons and hysterics like Moorice have finally got around to realising that Malware didn't fix Conroy's follies, he doubled down on the delusional aspects ... and ruined whatever chance the nation had of obtaining a decent agile and innovative connectivity in the next couple of decades ... at least without expending further vast sums of money to fix up the assorted Malware fuck-ups ...

Actually there doesn't need to be limitations to capable government. 

The Snowy River scheme was perfectly competent, cities have been supplied with water and sewerage and electricity and roads and hospitals and schools, and the record of private sector rip-offs and failed private public partnerships would dent the hubris of anyone except a malevolent Moorice looking for the next main chance ...

Of course all this is just another attack on Malware, thinly disguised as a concern for getting decent broadband without the Malware built-in early obsolescence, which as already noted, has made his version of copper to the nation vulnerable to competition in high traffic areas ...

But it was the onion muncher and his minions, who treated nation building as a pawn for their political ambitions, that set the NBN on the road to doom ... and Malware on to the designated path of pawn and abject servile fop carrying out ably his designated assignment of destroying the NBN ... and in turn, Malware now refuses to admit his role as snake oil salesman ...

It's impossible to imagine how the Snowy River scheme might have ended up with this sort of abject, base politics, and yet now, years too late, expert climate scientist Moorice has arrived with the belated news that Malware - thanks to the onion muncher - has fucked it up ...

What to do, what to do?

Well the pond looks forward to pirating Aquaman at a very slow speed, and now can run a heap more celebratory  Pope cartoons, with a reminder that the immortal Pope can be found at papal HQ here ... 

Surely the NBN disaster has resulted in one of the richest veins in political cartooning since the time of federation.

Of course it's not the same has having decent FTTH in the pond's lifetime, but it's a compensation and a consolation ...


  1. Christensen wants to fire up the Duterte thing here ...Katter's Adler shotgun loons?

    ...and like a shot out of a gun the Bolter has fired off fellow delcon Moorice:

    and perfectly confounded as intended by NBN / nbn(tm) a sample Bolter reader Richard comments "The proponents of FTTP shouted to the rooftops that wireless could never deliver the speeds of the NBN. Yet here we are, with the NBN not even near completion and a wireless system 10 times the speed is announced. Gee. What a surprise."

    1. When the keeper is insane how is there any sanity in the asylum?

      Some Bolter comments today that are out of the ordinary run of endemic rightardling loonerphrenia are sampled here:

    2. Comments are disabled at nbn Australia - a publicly funded nbn YouTube channel.


      "Thing is PMG was requested to produce a viable plan to upgrade the countries telecom infrastructure, A plan that was to take 30 years to complete, be done in 2 or 3 stages, and last upto 100 years.
      This is what they came up with.

      Part 1 Instal fibre backhaul all over the country into every exchange.
      Part 2 Replace the last mile copper with fibre.

      Part 1 was completed by the early 90's and in the mid 90's Telecom as it was then known gave the government a plan[part2] to instal FTTH that was to have been completed some time in 2010.
      Howards Liberal's got in and immediately canned that. Renamed Telecom to Telstra and sold the the whole kit and caboodle as one, instead of splitting Telecom into two companies One Retail named Telstra and one named Telecom Infrastructure.

      Australia screwed by the Coalition No1

      Labor had the balls after some concerns and started the NBN FTTP ball rolling in 09

      Abbott's Coalition gets in 2013 and sets about screwing up the telecom sector via the NBN with Malcolms MTM model which all the experts said would be a total waste of taxpayers billions as copper is DEAD TECH.
      Both the 96 FTTH & the 09 FTTP plan's were to return a Util roi of between 5%[96] and 5<>7%[09]

      Australia screwed by the Coalition No2"

    4. ...
      "What is the total cost?
      The NBN (MTM) is now roughly $56 billion. If you are connecting in a greenfield installation, you have to pay up front. I can't remember if it is $400 or so. Now an additional $7 per month on top.
      I thought it was supposed to be cheaper. No it's not. Not to build, not to run, not to administer, not to repair, not to use and certainly not to replace.
      It was supposed to be sooner. No it's not.
      Who holds these politicians accountable for their choices based purely on opposing?
      And as for saying FTTP is crap because it was designed on a napkin, that speaks to me of the simplicity of the system. How many napkins did it take to design each and every part of the MTM?"
      And as for saying FTTP is crap because it was designed on a napkin

      Most great idea's are born on rudimentary materials. Even drawings on sand.
      People who slam the idea of making designs or drawings on napkins or similar don't really have much of an imagination and its a cop out.
      With the savings being that the government didn't have to pay for fibre from the node to every single household?

      That was the 2013 election lie – since then the true facts have emerged which has seen the FTTN/MTM cost almost double, the FTTN rollout time go from "by 2016" to "maybe by 2020" and failure after failure.

      Have a I missed some sort of business or policy decision that means they would have made more from FttP?

      FTTP costs a similar amount to build upfront, has a higher revenue potential, has lower ongoing costs and has decades longer useful life.
      Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but a lot of people seem to be saying that the original FttP would have been cheaper than MTM. Isn't MTM basically just FttN, and copper for the last 500m or so? With the savings being that the government didn't have to pay for fibre from the node to every single household?

      Fttp: pay it once, no maintenance cost, no running cost, all you need to change in the future is the laser transmitter on one end or both end.

      Fttn: Pay a lot of times, speed depends on the quality and the length of the copper from Node, running cost, maintenance cost and depreciation cost for the Node. so called G.Fast/XG. Fast in the future is just to extend the life of the copper. it can never beat the speed of light. Implementation of fast, there will be another cost.

      On top of those, last year, this gov just bought 18000km of copper to replace poor quality of copper, as they are so poor for broadband, also paid millions of dollar to Optus/Telstra for their HFC, at the end, they found out, the conditional of those HFC were to poor either.
      Those costs could have been avoided, and do not forget the gov just paid 10b to Telstra for compensation.

      Isn't MTM basically just FttN, and copper for the last 500m or so?

      Keep going, 900+ meters from the node, to the pillar, to the bottom end of the street.

      That last mile, is where most issues are that affect services and require continued expensive maintenance.

      Some people in some towns are losing perfectly good ADSL to be forced on satelite.
      So at worst, the majority of Australians are no worse off, and the last few pages has just been NBN and government bashing?

      My next door neighbors NBN had hsd more downtime and issues sice march than my ADSL has had in 3 years.

      Some people have been forced from perfectly good ADSL services onto satellite, simply due to pre-ordained "footprints"

      skinz writes...

      I read that MTM ranges from about 50-100mbit.

      If I get 30 mbit i'd be lucky, and I'd have to pay for 50 to get that

      I had planned on paying for and getting 100mbit... no chance of that now
      The costing of Conroy's NBN was a fanciful number plucked out of nowhere for the one and only purpose of making Telstra's poposal look expensive

      Huh? You're kidding, right? Is that you Donald?
      Which of the completely transparent third party costings would you care to criticize?

  2. whirlpool - Federal Coalition "NBN"/MTM policy - Part 91 (dated today)
    rick1234 Whirlpool Forums Addict comment:

    For those interested I was again asked for an impromptu interview on 612ABC in Brisbane this morning with Steve Austin.
    Starts about 8 minutes in.

    Great Interview. Loved the way Steve (the average Australian with limited knowledge of technology) was gobsmacked to find out the truth about what is actually happening.

    (p.s the interview starts at 10 min)

    ...try from 9:43 to 19:35

    1. Includes limitless broadband quota, 80 - 100 Mbps download, and "netphone" phone deal.
      "Ultrafast" iiNet Cable Plans - some locations - half price @ $39.99/month for first 12 months of 24 month term.

    2. Nielsen's Law of Internet Bandwidth

      Summary: Users' bandwidth grows by 50% per year (10% less than Moore's Law for computer speed). The new law fits data from 1983 to 2016.



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