Tuesday, December 06, 2016

In which the pond either the pond or "the Optus the" must leave the scene ...

Fellow Australians, if you see this, it means that the pond has been murdered ...

Or the pond has murdered Optus ...

However it plays out, there will be blood, there must be blood.

One way or another there is death in the air, and the pond is making substantial alterations to the way it connects to the world of Malware's Queen Victoria-approved copper narrowband ...

Speaking of which ...

Yes, the surprising thing is that only 801 people thought it was terrible ... how on earth did it manage to garner one and a half stars from 1,040 reviews?

By golly it's heart warming to realise how many tolerant, kind, benign people there are still in the world in these Trumpian times.

This is possibly the last time that the pond will be able to make its inexcusable "The Optus The" joke - say it like Sideshow Bob in fluent German and you'll understand ...

On the other hand, the pond might be stepping into another ocean of hellfire.

Who knows, but the pond will be unwired tomorrow, and perhaps the day after that, and then, the long absent lord willing, it will return to have the pleasure of the company of the reptiles of Oz ...

Well some of them. Hopefully it's farewell to this cute dinosaur ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Good luck with the change over.

    Can it be any worse than Optus?

    We gave up in them but it's still the same old local cable and wires no matter who yo choose.

    All the best


  2. That Hanson vid is so funny. I had quite forgotten it. Thankyou for prising it out of the vault. I have forwarded it to others for their enjoyment. The ref to 'fellow os tray ennnnsssssss' is particularly enjoyable. Love it.

    Miss pp

  3. Heard Morrison trying to re-arrange history by saying that little Johnny co-operated in legislation to better the economy. These Bastards are beyond belief and unfortunately they are never challenged by the useless lot of journalists we have in Australia.

    1. That's funny because that's what a bunch of people are saying about the useless lot of journalists they have in America - regarding Trump though, not Pauline.

      It must be some kind of Anglo-Saxon disease that's contracted in Journo School ... or in a Murdochrat media organisation, possibly.


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