Monday, December 19, 2016

In which it's revealed the lazy reptiles are doing their best to ruin the pond's competition by trotting out dropkick losers like Kev ...

Bah humbug indeed, fellow Newtonian, and how reassuring and joyous it is to see your sign get hung out each year ...

... because just as the pond's competition was supposed to be hotting up - the one to see which commentariat cuisine would reign supreme at the pond over the Xmas-New Year break - key players have left the field, picked up bat and ball and keyboard, and toddled off into limbo ...

Where's the Oreo issuing stark warnings about western civilisation?

Where's the major Mitchell, when Order of Friendship hunting should be all the go?

After decades of shrieking "The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming", when the Russians are actually coming and everyone's enjoying a good SNL, the major Mitchell goes missing in action?

What does the pond have left? Just losers, try hards, tosspots and second rankers. Oh no doubt they try hard, but they're plodders, plodding away without much in the way of inspiration or stunning Oreo insight.

There's 'Becca the urbane tending her usual fields ...

That's rich ... all 'Becca does is rage about those who dare to be different.

But if that's disappointingly tedious, look what's at the top of the tedious digital opinion page ...

Henry looking for the hole in the bucket, and Hudson trying a little equivocating hand-wringing trying to pretend it's a joint blame game, when everyone knows it's Zinger Bill's leftist fault?

The spiteful, meanie, vicious reptiles seem determined to destroy the pond's competition and its reputation ...

Actually bird in the bush Bushnell frivolous legal actions - or even Eddie Obeid pissing oodles of money against the wall protesting his innocence - prove diddly-squat about anything, you silly twit, and as for Dame Groan doing another line about kicking the can down the road ...

How many cans will the reptiles click before this metaphor collapses into silence in the gutter?

Oh sure there's one try-hard wannabe who makes it onto the digital front page ...

But Kev's pretty much a dropkick loser, always blathering on while pursuing his Judeo-Christian agenda, and besides the google splash sounded an ominous note for the pond ...

What's that?

Does the pond have to apply the old apostrophe rule? 

"Given it is old-style statist view of education ..."

No, that can't be right. Is there a simple rule to avoid embarrassment and getting flamed in blogs?

That simple rule here, but it meant that the pond couldn't read poor Kev and hear what he was saying.

Instead every ounce of energy, concentration and focus just had to be devoted to waiting for "it's" to pop its ugly head up ...

Nope, no "it's" there, nor even a mention of Gramsci, just the usual blather about Marx and a bit of climate denialism for good measure, and talk of the prospect of failure, because calling people losers and dropkicks is the only proper way to move ahead in society, and in this competitive world.

But deep in its heart, the pond knew that Kev would show how the prospect of grammatical failure held no fear for him, and he would somehow manage to drag in Gramsci.

After all, when writing for the Catholic Boys' Daily, it's possible to mislay an apostrophe, but it's simply not right to ignore the fiendish Gramsci, who, it goes without saying, is much more diabolical than Vlad 'the impaler' Putin ...

Sublime really, that Kev should talk about 'provider capture', while celebrating the joys of Catholic indoctrination ...

Or perhaps it's not sublime at all, just the usual second rater loser dropkick blather of a try-hard wannabe trying to steal the pond's competition on a lazy Monday when all the top reptiles decided they'd go on holiday, depriving the pond of the very best of neo-Catholic politically correct kool-aid inspired group reptile think ...

It's not fair, the pond is inclined to chuck a Tamworth tanty ... though the pond always lives in hope, because tomorrow is another day. Will the Oreo turn up to save the competition and save the day? Is the field clear for Planet Janet to scoop the pool while kicking the can down the road?

Deserted by the Oreo - here no treat, no treat here - and by the major Mitchell, and losers proving the epic failure of the education system to teach the difference between 'it's' and 'its', and abandoned by the infallible Pope and the immortal Rowe in its hour of direst need, what's left?

That'll do nicely Mr Green.

Please, Kev, take your Marxist Gramsci jackboots and shove them down your Catholic education throat ... and yes, details matter. Its a fact ...

And aren't we all lucky that Vlad 'the impaler' Putin isn't an actual Marxist commie peverted swine, just your average dictator in bed with rorters, plutocrats, cronies, Rex Tillerson, Bahamas-based US-Russian oil companies, and Russian oligarchs ...

And now, since the Davids seem to be on leave's a hint for the major Mitchell to get cracking ...


  1. I suffer from it too, Dot. What's it called, that obsession with pinning down the apostrophe you just know is lurking out there?

  2. What a good start to the week Miss.


  3. You do know, DP, that the Slavic name 'Vladimir' literally translates as 'ruler of the world'. And I said many years ago - to anybody who would even pretend to listen - that VV Putin just wanted to be the next Tsar of All the Russias. And now he is.

  4. It's said V Putin models himself on V Sviatoslavich, Vladimir the Great, St Vladimir, founder, saviour, and protector of Rus.

    V Putin certainly saved and protected Russia at the last minute from being destroyed by Bill Clinton and the Harvard Boys in the 90's!

    1. I guess that's why Vladimir can also be loosely translated as "Prince of peace".
      But let me get this straight if I can: the current magnificence of Russia is AFTER it's been rescued by VV Putin. That magnificent state being

      Russia: Population 143.4 million, GDP US$ 1.27 trillion, GDP/capita US$ 26K
      For comparison:
      Australia: Population 24.3 million, GDP US$ 1.26 trillion, GDP/capita US$ 47k

      Yep, that's some mighty rescue, alright.

    2. Well, GB, how much, say, natural wealth does Russia have. How much intellectual capital? Under V Putin Russia is a player whilst under Malware or shadow PM Snotty Australia is a patsy (or under any other PM or PM wannabe, perhaps save Keating who at least tried a little. Note the Wikileaks evidence attesting that before becoming ALP leader two-timing Snotty was a contender for being the biggest US embassy rat in history and largely running R-G-R for them)!

      Whatever Russia has/is now, it is far better than what the Clintons and Harvard Boys were intent on, and what would have been left after the carve up and takeover they so nearly achieved. Russia would have had zero left, in fact Russia would be totally busted, broken, gone, pwned, and not just encircled as now by US breaches, beginning in a big way with Clinton, of détente, Russian withdrawal from Eastern Europe without NATO advancing, and ABM agreements.

    3. How Harvard Lost Russia

      Harvard Mafia, Andrei Shleifer and the economic rape of Russia

      The Harvard Boys Do Russia
      "..Anne Williamson, a journalist who specializes in Soviet and Russian affairs, details these and other conflicts of interest between H.I.I.D.’s advisers and their supposed clients–the Russian people–in her forthcoming book, How America Built the New Russian Oligarchy. For example, in 1995, in Chubais-organized insider auctions of prime national properties, known as loans-for-shares, the Harvard Management Company (H.M.C.), which invests the university’s endowment, and billionaire speculator George Soros were the only foreign entities allowed to participate. H.M.C. and Soros became significant shareholders in Novolipetsk, Russia’s second-largest steel mill, and Sidanko Oil, whose reserves exceed those of Mobil. H.M.C. and Soros also invested in Russia’s high-yielding, I.M.F.-subsidized domestic bond market.

      Even more dubious, according to Williamson, was Soros’s July 1997 purchase of 24 percent of Sviazinvest, the telecommunications giant, in partnership with Uneximbank’s Vladimir Potanin. It was later learned that shortly before this purchase Soros had tided over Yeltsin’s government with a backdoor loan of hundreds of millions of dollars while the government was awaiting proceeds of a Eurobond issue; the loan now appears to have been used by Uneximbank to purchase Norilsk Nickel in August 1997. According to Williamson, the U.S. assistance program in Russia was rife with such conflicts of interest involving

      H.I.I.D. advisers and their U.S.A.I.D.-funded Chubais allies, H.M.C. managers, favored Russian bankers, Soros and insider expatriates working in Russia’s nascent markets."

    4. List of countries by GDP (nominal)
      List by the International Monetary Fund (Estimates for 2016)[
      12 Russia 1,267,750 millions $US
      13 Australia 1,256,640

      World Bank (2015)
      13 Russia 1,326,015
      12 Australia 1,339,539

      List by the United Nations Statistics Division
      10 Russia 1,849,940
      12 Australia 1,471,439

      List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita
      International Monetary Fund (2015)
      63 Russia 9,243 $US
      9 Australia 51,181

      World Bank (2015)
      61 Russia 9,202
      6 Australia 56,328

      United Nations (2014)
      61 Russia 12,972
      7 Australia 62,290

      List of countries by GDP (PPP)
      List by the International Monetary Fund (Estimates for 2016)
      6 Russia 3,745,081 millions of international dollars
      19 Australia 1,177,603

      List by the World Bank (2015)
      6 Russia 3,579,826
      21 Australia 1,082,380

      List by the CIA World Factbook (1993–2015)
      6 Russia 3,725 2015 est.
      18 Australia 1,489 2015 est.

      List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita
      International Monetary Fund (2015)
      16 Australia 47,644 Geary–Khamis / international dollars
      48 Russia 25,965

      World Bank (2011–2015)
      19 Australia 45,514 2015
      49 Russia 24,451 2015

      Central Intelligence Agency (1993–2015)
      10 Australia 65,400 2015 est.
      57 Russia 23,700 2015 est

      by CIA World Factbook
      Russia 142,355,415 (July 2016 est.)
      Australia 22,992,654 (July 2016 est.)
      9 Russia 146,727,405 September 1, 2016
      51 Australia 24,304,000 December 19, 2016
      9 Russia 143,439,832 , 143,456,918 , 0.0% 2016 , 2015, change
      53 Australia 24,309,330 , 23,968,973 , +1.4%

    5. Wau, Anony, what an agile, innovative and creative act of agitprop laundering that is. But you didn't mention Soyuz; surely VV's finest act was saving Soyuz from the rapacious Soros-HIID-HMC octopus.

      Hope you enjoy what remains of the Saturnalia fwstivities for this year.

    6. Oh, ok, tl;dr it is. But what of the 90's, GB, surely you didn't sleep through the entire decade?

      Try a concise history given as testimony Before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the United States House of Representatives, September 21, 1999, that sent shockwaves throughout the media, establishment, and polity at the time:

      The Rape of Russia Explained by Anne Williamson

      Janine R Wedel, a social anthropologist, and author of several books on the issues has an interesting perspective. Those in the main can be read via google books preview.

      There's really little wonder from whence Kiliary's avowed grudge against Vlad arises - money, prestige, exposure, bitter frustrations borne for nearly twenty years...

    7. Sleep through the 90s, Anony ? Of course I did - nothing of any importance happened, did it <- note: absence of ? indicates this is not a question.

      But I see that Anne Williams "was a popular freelancer on all things Russian for the Wall Street Journal and other prestigious outlets." The WSJ as a "prestigious outlet" ? Tell 'em they're dreaming, matey. Oh, and the NYT too, I see. That's the NYT that gave us Judith Miller, Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction" and the Iraq war and the destruction of the southern Mediterranean. Yeah, utterly prestigious to a fault, mate.

      And I agree that "There's really little wonder from whence Kiliary's avowed grudge against Vlad arises ...". It arises from the delusions of thee. And the murderous, anti-democratic behaviour of Ruler of the World Son of Ruler of the World Putin.

      But I'll bite (or whatever), tell me why I should take any notice whatsoever of anything that Anne Williamson and/or Janine Wedel has said.

    8. Oh, and in passing what did you think of the high stakes US court proceedings and final Judgements in the matter? What of the sentences, and findings? And what of those outside the US?

      Seems as apart from some msm it's tl;dr you are.

    9. Yeah, it's really just terribly unjust, isn't it, Anony: you work away, typing in your little 'just so' stories that have already convinced you and ... well, keep trying. By the way, who makes up your kiddy names for you: Killiary for instance. Wau, that's just so stunningly mature and meaningful. I bet people just fall over themselves congratulating you for adopting that one.

      But hey, Saturnalia is almost ended (just three more sleeps, and solstice is already almost over), so I'll bite again: What "US court proceedings" are they which you so obliquely proclaim ? Did Bill and Hill and Larry get shunted off to a Federal Penitentiary for 'balkanising' Russia ? Did Anne Williamson and/or Janine Wedel provide the eye-witness sworn testimony in court that convicted them ?

      Don't speak in riddles, Anony, speak out and spin your agitprop like you're proud of it.

      PS Agitprop is a Russian word, so you'd have to support that.

  5. Donnelly has been espousing his Catholic Boys Daily for 25 years that I know of - with no change. Same old same old.

    He should know that Jesus was a Marxist when he fed the crowd with the fishes and loaves, when he turned over the money-changers' tables and said that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus was a refugee as a child.

    Climate Change and LGBTI people are beyond his understanding. As long as coal is burnt our economy will thrive; LGBTI people need to be bullied and harassed for their sins. He has such penetrating understanding.

    Catholic boys deserve to be well supported with subsidies, he says, because there are so many of them now, which possibly explains why international testing has the whole student population in "free fall".

    Twenty-five years or more of "direct instruction" (no films, only books; no computers, only books; no books but those listed in the Western Canon...) seems to have failed, while he beats on his drum to no avail.

  6. Me thinks that instead of banging on (like a cracked record) about Gramsci and the dreaded Marxists, Donnelly and his dim-witted comrades at the Oz should study up on the prophetic work of Karl Polyani in his book The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Times.
    The Donald is of course the inevitable manifestation of that transformation.

    Polyani was a classic European scholar. He was very actively involved the Workers Educational Association.

    Never mind too that the highly politicized word Judeo-Christian only appeared, or was invented in recent times as part of the right-wing culture wars. A gambit which covers up or ignores the fact that traditional Christian culture has always been deeply anti-semitic. The base line trope being that the Jews were "christ"-killers.

    Furthermore Donnelly and co should also read up on the work of Tony Judt, especially via his book Ill Fares The Land. The land and the planet altogether will of course become very ill, even possibly terminally so when the Trumpian yahoos take over next year.
    They should also read Gulliver's Travels for a satirical characterization of the YAHOOS.

  7. Watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert? A smirk in an echo chamber in a bubble still preaching to the dopey loser chorus.

    Fuck me, talk about symptomatic of why Kiliary, the Dems, and that piled on so called liberal media lost! They'll continue to lose until they get what Michael Moore, for one, has been telling them. A similar thing will likely play out in cronies-are-us neo-labliberal Australia.

    You want YouTube news? A clear perspective? Get an earful:

    Bernie Sanders Schools Clueless News Anchor On Why Hillary Clinton Lost

    Hillary's Loss Makes Perfect Sense After Hearing This Man Speak

    Coal Country Voter SHREDS The Alt Right

    Wealth Concentration Is Clogging The Heart Of The Economy

    Noam Chomsky Explains Why Dems Are Suddenly Scared Of Putin

    1. Fuck you and your dumb fuck socialist feel the Bern nonsense, the Bern lost and will continue to lose, you dumb fuck and meanwhile, the Donald rules thanks to you, in just the same way that we scored George W thanks to drop kicks, and while the pond's at it, fuck dimwit, dumbfuck Putin lovers too ...

      Call back in a year's time and we can marvel together at what dumb fuck clueless Bern lovers gave unto the world ...

    2. They got Dubya because of a dropkicks named named Clinton and Gore, and an institutionalised lying piss weak duopoly. I see I hit a nerve, eh? Well, it's too bad about facts. To be expected, but just the same it's a shame that like Kiliary you're so up yourself you can't hear the plain message that the waffle fast food worker being interviewed and the other shit-kickers from hillbilly coal country were delivering so clearly in three of those videos. Did you even listen to that guy, or like Kiliary you didn't need to 'cause you know it all, it was your turn, and they, with no where else to go, ought knew their place. It doesn't even register that along with Kiliary it was you too opposing a lousy $15 minimum wage. So many fucking breaking points, dipshit, and all unregistered.

      The fix was in and the Bern was robbed, but, sadly, he'll be dead before he runs again, dickhead, as dead as, happily, the rotten Clinton epoch is now. But there's going to be a Clinton-Trump Tweedledee-Tweedledum duopoly stimulated cleanout and awakening. The little people are getting active again. They're fed up, not stupid. They want a new deal, and they're mad as hell.

    3. BTW during Nobel week last week, in discussion on stage along with Angus Deaton, the 2015 Laureate in Economic Sciences, was Patti Smith. Have a listen to her take on the US election campaign directed to you bloody well know who for two minutes, but worth listening to from the start.

      A few salient points mentioned by Patti: "..understand that you're speaking to all the people, not a faction of the people.. and especially you've got to speak to people who are dissatisfied, feel marginalised, and there can't be an elitist concept in democracy."

    4. Do you know what a 'delcon' is, Anony ?

    5. Oh you pathetic dribbler of piss weak nonsense, piss off out of here fuckwitted lover of billionaires as the solution to problems facing the good folk of Tamworth. Every so often a complete jerk visits these pages, but you're by far the jerkiest and the most deluded of recent times ... go jerk off elsewhere ...

      Too bad about facts? You wouldn't spot a fact if it was a 22 wheeler coming at ya ...

    6. Anonymous (frequently)

      Hillary won the popular vote by a country mile. Trump won in the dust belt. Trump promised he would get them jobs. Bernie asked Trump what his plan was. Trump said he would stop Ford from going elsewhere. Ford said they had no intention of going elsewhere. Such is Trump's flaky policy-making. Trump is a narcissistic twit.

      Was Trump not talking to a "faction" of the people? While the "little people" might be "active" and wanting a "new deal" and are "mad as hell", it will impossible for the Republicans to turn things around. Trump's presidency is like putting the fox in charge of the hen-house.

    7. An intelligent comment? That's not quite in the spirit of the pond Anon...

    8. The pond regretfully felt the need to delete a comment endorsing a KGB thug and dictator who thinks nothing of assassinating people ...

    9. You remind me quite a bit of Temujin, Anony. The bit where he said to a conquered enemy: "I am the flail of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you."

      Well, flail of God, what is your message to we miserable sinners today ? Something like "and so's your old man !" maybe.

      But to diverge slightly to another topic:
      1. yes, I do understand "rusted on" and clearly you have never lived beside the seaside.
      2. yes, I know the saying attributed to Ross Perot which in your case translates to something akin to "continually re-entering into here, hoping your shit smells this time."

      Now, what is a delcon ?

      But enough of these festive pleasantries, Julie (you don't mind if I call you a 'Julie' do you ? It's a bit more personal than 'Anony') I confess to being just a tad curious as to why you come posting in this blog at all. What is your reason ?

      You can't believe that just by the magic power of your verbalisms you are going to convert us all and have a loyal enclave at your beck and call ?

      And what exactly is the thesis you are pushing ? Something like:

      1. VV Putin is the second coming of Christ.
      2. Russia is the new Holy land - and that's why Putin filled it with "resource" awaiting his return
      3. The Russians are the new 'Chosen People'
      4. America is the land of Satan and the Clintons are his faithful servants.

      Come on, tell us all !

    10. Ah yes, that's unmistakably the work of a Julie - self interested overreach to a fault, or, in this case, many faults.

      Now I just haven't the time, nor, frankly, the interest, to act up to your playful diversions, but one of these days please do tell how you came to be in love with Vladimir Vladimirovich and in hate with Hillary. [And do note how I use the socially correct way of addressing a Russian - either by both initials (given and patronymic) plus family name - VV Putin - or just by both given and patronymic without family name. His diminutive can be either Vova or Volodya, though I understand Vova is more common. There, now you can address him without fear of committing a gaffe).

      But really, blaming Hillary and Bill for the Russian birthrate surge in the 1980s is just being altogether too complementary. However I wouldn't have put it past them to have flooded Russia with cheap and nasty (and occasionally toxic) vodka from some time before the Soviet Union breakdown - they really are that Satanic, aren't they.

      Notwithstanding, I would really like to know why you post in this blog at all. I know the fact that it's not sympatico with you is irrelevant because absolutely nowhere is sympatico with you. So, no impediments to being here, but also no particular benefits, it seems to me (feel free to correct my view).

      So when, one day, you work it out, please satisfy my small curiousity about the matter. And as to what I'm smoking, wouldn't you just like to know.


      Yes, I read that several days ago - got the pointer from Yves Smith's Naked Capitalism site. Now there's somebody who could be a composite role model for you.

      And indeed it was informative reading: just think, all those small, medium and large negative impacts on Hillary's campaign and yet she still won the popular vote by a huge margin (about 2.8 million, apparently). Poor old Bernie couldn't have done that.

    11. Though it was said with enormous seasonal good will and jollity, the pond isn't sure what is difficult to understand in this recent response to recent comments:

      Oh you pathetic dribbler of piss weak nonsense, piss off out of here fuckwitted lover of billionaires as the solution to problems facing the good folk of Tamworth. Every so often a complete jerk visits these pages, but you're by far the jerkiest and the most deluded of recent times ... go jerk off elsewhere ...

      Most would see this as a simple invitation to go take a flying fuck elsewhere ... perhaps to start another blog, perhaps to bay at the moon. Apparently the invitation wasn't understood, suggesting that the reader was a cretin, and indeed the reader's comments do invite that conclusion.

      But just so it's clear that this correspondence is at an end ...

      Oh you pathetic dribbler of piss weak nonsense, piss off out of here fuckwitted lover of billionaires as the solution to problems facing the good folk of Tamworth. Every so often a complete jerk visits these pages, but you're by far the jerkiest and the most deluded of recent times ... go jerk off elsewhere ...

      Trolling and anger, as displayed by dropkick losers also given to delusionalism and the notion that redemption is around the corner - when they'll just remain dropkick losers and angry to boot, aren't attractive contributions to the pond, which above all is dedicated to loonery of a more refined and reptilian kind ... so ...

      Oh you pathetic dribbler of piss weak nonsense, piss off out of here fuckwitted lover of billionaires as the solution to problems facing the good folk of Tamworth. Every so often a complete jerk visits these pages, but you're by far the jerkiest and the most deluded of recent times ... go jerk off elsewhere ...

    12. It seems some moronic cretins can't read, or if capable of reading, can't comprehend. Perhaps this is why the pond is enjoying a huge surge of traffic from Russia. Sad, but there you go ...


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