Tuesday, November 01, 2016

In which the pond checks out the Catholic Daily ...

It's all happening today at the Catholic Boys' Daily ... 

Even the nags have had to share the tree killer front page and the top digital space with the Pellists ...

The pond only uses the term Catholic Boys' Daily out of habit and infection from other sources ...

The term seems to have sprung from one Gadfly Justinian scribbling this sort of outrageous satire, this column to be found in full here ...

Now this is outrageous and very unfair. 

No, not calling the pope a quasi-Marxist. Everyone knows he's part of the global UN conspiracy on climate science.

It's the bit about the boys ...

Lo, as a healthy corrective, the pond would like to point out the incredible work being done by the prolific and exceptional Rebecca Urban. 

Please allow the pond to curate just a few of the incredible Urban pieces that have graced the Catholic Daily of late ...


Talk about a wealth of stories, talk about stunning stuff, and that's just for starters.

The pond left that story about the importance of coal, coal, coal in the list just to placate Gadfly's keen interest in the environment, but the rest shows an astonishing interest in sex, sex, sex ...

Who better then than Urban to write about the Pellists?

Sadly, the piece turned out to be nothing more than the standard defence so richly evoked by the Daily Terrorists in relation to other matters ...

Well you won't find any of that sort of thing at the Catholic Daily, just a straightforward plea that the man who saw no problem, hears no concerns, and speaks fluent Vatican was just being scapegoated ...

Now the pond had to play that report straight - it's hard to be whimsical or satirical about the sordid child abuse suffered by so many - but it left the pond wanting more, and fortunately the reptiles had also wheeled in three of their heaviest hitters to report on the matter ...

Akerman, Akerman and Urban. 

A flock of Akker Dakkers, plus the sex specialist herself! This must be extremely serious:


What sordid stuff. 

All the pond can do is wait for the outraged defences to flow at the Catholic Daily ... with much talk of scapegoating and persecution and the silent, noble suffering of the Pellists ...

Meanwhile, the pond thought it should turn elsewhere and look at the caring, humanitarian approach of the federal government to other matters of national interest, as celebrated by the returning Pope here ...

Or maybe not ... maybe ending up in the clutches of the current government is is pretty much up there with enduring the Catholic church during its worst days ...

Will the horse race provide an alternative, suitable and uplifting distraction, as celebrated by Rowe here?

Maybe not ... maybe the real horse race happening outside Melbourne features the contemptible in a sordid, cruel race to the bottom ...


  1. For those that don't know Andrew Stafford he wrote an excellent book on the Brisbane music scene called Pig City.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    I very much enjoyed The Oreo's epic rant yesterday and could well imagine the flecks of saliva fogging the screen as she typed her screed, almost like Albrechtsen on Benzedrine.

    However it left me disappointed that I myself would be unlikely to ever use that wonderful term 'Supranational Elite'.

    Where would I find an international organisation unanswerable to sovereign states that avoids taxation by any country. Where would I find a dark shadowy group that exerts a powerful influence over elected officials and avoids investigation into the criminal activities of its own membership. Where indeed would I find an institution that demands total submission and obedience from its members so much so that its adherents in powerful media concerns will rush to its defence whenever it is threatened.

    Only the fevered imagination of an Oreo could imagine that the feeble, disorganised and impotent UN could wield such power, so I am left believing that such supranational elites exist only in the pages of thrillers and The Australian.

    On a totally different note, aren't they being beastly to that lovely Cardinal Pell?


  3. In the gallery of Catholic Boys Daily stars I was a little disappointed to see the name Kevin "Cut Snake" Donnelly missing.

    Perhaps it was because the DLP faction of the government managed to find him a job giving Pyne a replacement model for Gonski.

    It's true that he has since appeared in the Terrorgraph from time to time, which must seem even to him a little lowbrow. But perhaps he hasn't had the time time prepare his more scholarly contributions for the Catholic Daily, and has handed the task to Rebecca Urban to deliver in her Urbane style.

  4. The fat odious toad, Piers Akerman is always attacking the unemployed as bludgers, now we know why he thinks it is easy for kids to get a job, get their parents to just ask the boss to put them on the payroll. 3 bloody Akermans.
    Same way Divine got her job.
    What an inbred culture of cronyism and nepotism the Murdoch shills engage in.
    They are well rewarded for their service to the Goat Emperor.
    Same happens on Fox News with Steve Doocie's spawn getting a gig as reporter.
    The kid is so thick he calls the clown dad "Pops".
    God give me strenght.

  5. I really don't understand how Pell can be fighting for his reputation? It's a reputation of general dodginess, lack of the Christian virtues and nastiness. Who would fight for that?

    1. Erm, I thought it was all about fighting to not make Cardinal Pell a scapegoat for the nefarious activities of Auxiliary-Bishop Pell. It's the 'live and learn' thing and Pell now would never be quite so obvious as Pell then - he'd make sure to get somebody else to cop the blame, for starters.


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