Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 70 of MUC and day 23 of MOC, and the dog botherer scratches around in the litter box ...

Poor hapless reptiles ...

It swiftly became clear why they'd held the dog botherer back ... while attempting to suggest his offering was of more interest than the ning nong nonentity from the north ...

The pond often notes how the right wing commentariat attempt a sense of humour and lamentably end up sounding more like dicks than pythons ...

There was of course an irony seeing the Chaser cheek by jowel with the dog botherer, and then the pond made the fatal mistake of actually plunging into the dog botherer's attempt at jocularity ...

Now the pond gets it - there's nothing like a satirist sending up stupid people by sounding stupid, but in the end, the pond simply walked away thinking ... now there's a really stupid man, more Adelaide than he realises ...

With apologies to the sensible and sane people who manage to live in Adelaide ... assuming they don't yearn for Norman Gunston and Aunty Jack, or if they do, know they've long been out in the digital domain and only a prime doofus wouldn't know how to find them ...

Oh wait, that's the whole satirical thrust of the stupid man ... sound really stupid, and people will think you're full of sharp, cutting wit ... as opposed to a dog botherer scratching around in the litter box of life...

And yes, that's also assuming the good folk of Adelaide don't insist, in true cretin style, that all the full to overflowing intertubes is only good and useful for the magic spiral of doom while watching entertainment ...

When really it's bringing end days to this sort of tree-killing nonsense ...

Meanwhile, more Moir here ...


  1. The conservative magazine of ideas and opinions, Quadrant, is crying for public funding. Should we help? Yeah, when pigs fly.

    1. Somebody - maybe Tom Switzer - should tell 'em that it's a Right Wing Moral Imperative to live within your means.

      Besides, it only requires each and every buyer/subscriber, all 6000 per month of them, to pay a once off extra $10 and Quadrant will have the $60,000 that the Australia Council won't give it. Or maybe the quadrantians could persuade Nick Cater to donate $60,000 from his annual government handout to support a right wing cause. Surely Nick would see the moral imperative of that.

  2. Oh DP - Who forget Orson's great sermon about hubris from Moby Dick.

  3. DW I actually think he doesn't know. The internet for Kenny would be:
    The Australian
    Daily Telegraph
    and of course

  4. Tom Switzer is such a twerp, as a prize exhibit of the right-wing commentariat. Here he is in Anniversary a reminder real leadership is wanting.
    His special insight is
    For today's leaders, however, a more poll-driven and polarising political culture and a relentless digital media environment make it more difficult to sell complicated reform.
    Polarising? Who would be responsible for that? Perhaps someone who just wrote
    Indeed, those on the left even think living within one's means is a moral outrage.
    What a tool.


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