Sunday, May 29, 2016

Day 69 of MUC and day 22 of MOC, and the pond had to struggle past the blonde sex bomb sting to get to the dynamic duo of Peta and the Devine ...

It's official.

Only hours before the great debate - which assuredly the pond won't be watching - the Terrorists have abandoned their specialist "black hole" front pages and reverted to genuine Penthouse Pet sting bombing form ...

It's left to their noble commentariat much lower down the page to raise the spectre of Bill and Marxism ...

This election campaign is so dull even the Sunday Terrorists have gone with the Penthouse Pet and Put Peta Down The Page ...

By golly, already the pond can feel a deep ennui, a black fog of indifference curling around and rubbing its back upon the window panes ... what was the story of the day again?

Ah, that's more like it, a sexy come hither look, tropical winter getaways ...

Sorry, where were we? Ah, that's right, lining up for a simplistic explanation of simple things by Peta ...

Even Mark Latham! Well he and the taxi-driver's arm would surely know a thing or too.

And how shocking to learn we're being crushed by mortgage debt. To the barricades, comrades, destroy the banks, shatter the trickle down capitalist swine!

Oh wait, perhaps the pond took the wrong message from that remarkably fatuous and silly analysis, comparing households to the national economy and urging us all to tear up our credit cards ... or else. 

Hey ho, hey nonny no, on we go ...

Mmm, four legs and John Howard good, but how good to be reminded that Malware speaks "endless guff." And how good to care about everyday workers ...

This from the mindless land of the mindless three word "built the moats" slogan.

Could it get any richer? No, but anyone with an interest might care to read Repeat after me: the Australian economy is not like a household budget ...

...Government expenditure today is not limited by taxation or borrowing but by inflation risk. Government expenditure in 2030 will not be limited by taxation, borrowing or previous debt but by inflation risk. When you’re first presented with these facts it can seem like a magic pudding or a perpetual motion machine but that’s just because we’re used to thinking about finances from a household or business perspective. 
National governments with their own currency bear absolutely no resemblance to a household or a business. All of the frequently used analogies give a distorted picture of the reality of government finances. To get a clear picture you need to peel back all the layers of finance speak, and look at the real economy.

Bah, humbug, pettifogging economist, what we need is a simplistic explanation of everything by a patronising Terrorist columnist trotting out the same childish nonsense as she had her puppet do during his short stint at the top of the wall-punching onion munching brigade ...

But wait, for hardened pond veterans, there's more, because right next to Peta in training wheels was hardened Miranda 'hang a greenie from a lamp post, sniff out a Marxist' Devine ...

This day the fundamentalist Catholic bigot was on a roll, and naturally the pond rolled with her ...

Apologies, the pond had to jam it all together. If it's unreadable, this typical rant, so much the better, and yet there was still more ...

Oh it tore at the pond's heart ... no doubt about it. There's nothing like the sight of a fundamentalist Catholic bigot recycling the views of ancient old men, married to Christ but prone to night emissions, running a 'men only' club and calling it the Catholic church to remind the pond how much better things were in the good old days ...

And even worse, the pond discovered that the Marxists have taken over Canberra, which no doubt explains the national penchant for running gulags and getting divorced ...

Eeek, more here, and is it time to become a fundamentalist Catholic bigot and thereby save the country?

See what you've done, gays, you've ruined marriage and reduced it to Marxist Soviet rubble ... damn you and your bullying ways. Kneel down and kiss the ring of the Pope.

Or quick, have a whiff of this parfume ... it'll pick you up and put a spring in your step ...

And now, in celebration of the impending debate, the pond was pleased to see reports circulating on Twitter that street art was alive and well in the inner west ...

But don't worry if you miss the debate. Anybody who made it through both Peta and the Devine and reached this point have done their duty for their country, and are as tough and as brave as anyone who went over the top to be confronted by shrieking, wailing, keening, caoining banshees ...


  1. Hi Dorthy
    I am sorry to say I do not have the stomach to read the rubbish these right wing extremist write I prefer to read your summary of their rants.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Devine failed to mention that the perfidious Soviets also gave women the vote in 1917. In fact under communism women in Muslim Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan gained full Sufferage long before their counterparts in Britain.

    How anti-family can you get, letting women have a say.


    1. And long before their counterparts in the USA and even much longer before their counterparts in freedom loving, democratic, capitalist Switzerland.

      But some fairly long time after several Australian States (eg SA in 1895), New Zealand in 1893, but NZ was still a British owned Dominion) and eventually Federal Australia (1902 - the first sovereign nation in the world to grant female suffrage).

      But the thing is, DW, who could those Azerbaijani and Uzbekistani women vote for ? Could they vote for women, or just for the dominant paradigm males ?

    2. Hi GB,

      It would appear the Communist Party did encourage female Muslim representation in politics but it was only partially successful. Though I would think that in the West female politicians were in even shorter numbers prior to WWII.

      "During the Russian Empire, the participation of women in public office was not possible in Muslim territories. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union ruled after the Russian Empire, and the first women were elected to local and central governing bodies because of its new policies. This representation was low, however, until the end of the 1930s. In Turkestan, fewer than half the elected female delegates in 1926 represented the Muslim population.[32] In 1925, Soviets worked to create more opportunities for women to participate at all levels of public and political life. The Communist Party took steps to enable Muslim women to be active in public and political life. One requirement was increasing female representation in public office. Throughout Soviet history, only two women were appointed to the position of minister (culture and health). The Communist Party gave women secondary positions rather than top positions, so although their participation was increasing, their roles were not as important as their male counterparts. Only Yadgar Nasretddinova was able to achieve the highest levels of power in the Soviet system from the 1940s to 1970s. Yagar occupied Chair of Supreme Soviet in Uzbek SSR and Chair of Upper Chamber of Supreme Soviet of USSR. Women appointed by the Soviet government were not appointed for their educational or professional abilities, but rather by their social origin. This led to many non-professional women and men in positions of power, and as a result, women in politics and in power were seen in a negative light. Women in general were stereotyped as incapable of making decisions. Actual equality never was achieved, but the goal of changing historical traditions where women were not allowed in power was met. Despite its successes, this process, called Sovietization, had a lot of hidden barriers and regulations for women. The quota system practiced by the Soviet regime was abolished in 1989 and as a result many women lost their positions in the government. 26% of the members in the Turkish parliament during the post-Soviet period were women.[32] 9.9% of the parliament in Uzbekistan was also women.[32] 14.9% of the Tajikistan parliament was women in 2000.[32] Equal rights and opportunities laws have been drafted in most Muslim countries of Central Asia; however, women are still stuck in secondary positions because of traditional patriarchal views of women."


    3. Hmmm. It would seem, DW, that 'glass ceilings' have existed, and still exist, everywhere and everywhen. Still, at least the Soviets said that women, and especially 'alien' women, could be elected right from the start, which was also true of SA and, I think, NZ, but most definitely not of Australia as a whole.

      Federally, Australian women living in States which had granted female suffrage (ie SA and WA by 1903) were also permitted to stand for Federal election, but "native" (indigenous) women could not even vote federally until 1962 (though they had the vote in SA in 1894).

      The very first female of any kind, so Wikipedia assures me, to be elected to an Australian parliament was Edith Cowan - to the WA Legislative Assembly in 1921. But another 22 years before any women were elected to the Aus Federal parliament.

  3. According to Peta, '....spending more money has reduced literacy and numeracy..' Astounding someone would write this knowing it was going to be published in a newspaper.

    1. All one can do, AB, is emphasize the Backfire effect and urge you to note who most proudly displays the symptoms thereof. Petas and the Essesnce of Vitriole would be right up there at the top of the list.

      But in at least some ways, she is absolutely correct: even if we had spent an extra $1billion on educating Peta and the Essence, it wouldn't have made any improvement, they'd still be asinine, ignorant, gormless, feckless ning-nongs (and not alone in that, either - just consider Peta's current and former bosses for instance).

  4. Oh, and just in case anybody is contemplating taking the Asinine Devine as even a tiny bit knowledgeable - re, for instance, her rant about the Soviet Union granting easy divorce (long time before Whitlam) and thus destroying the family and tipping millions of Russian children onto the streets forming criminal gangs - then here's a bit from the Wikipedia entry on why Russian had lots of orphans:

    "At certain periods, there were huge numbers of orphans in the Soviet Union to handle by the state, due to a number of turmoils in the history of the country, from its very beginnings. Major contributors to the population of orphans and otherwise homeless children included World War I, the October Revolution followed by the brutal Russian Civil War, famines of 1921–1922 and of 1932–1933, unprecedented scale of political repression, massive forced migrations, and the Soviet-German War theatre of World War II." [See ]

    You reckon, as The Essence does, that a bit of "easy divorce" outweighs all of that ? Which is something that even a brief search by The Essence would have found if only she had been educated well enough to know that.

    Besides, if nowadays you mention deserted street kids and gangs and such, the obvious places are Brazil (particularly Rio) and Mexico - both very (Catholic) religious, capitalist places. So what does that tell us ?

    1. Hi GB,

      I think The Devine is channeling a right wing meme. If you google the quote;

      "roamed the streets, starving, dying of disease, and forming criminal gangs"

      Surprisingly you aren't directed to the works of Geoffery Hosking but to places like the Quadrant online, the catallaxyfiles and bizarrely racehorsetalk. All in the last four months and all whining about the safe schools program.

      That's The Devine for you even her bigotry and manufactured quotes aren't original.


    2. Thank the long absent lord GB and DW that you still have the stomach to take it seriously. The pond has reached the stage of wandering goggle eyed through the loonatic asylum mysteriously moved by the mystical nonsense the ranters produce ...

    3. Oh yair, at my age, DP, you'd think, and I might hope, that I'd know better and let them continue to fester in their very own self-constructed cesspool.

      Well I can't speak for DW, but I probably, due to my age, have less committed time than most, and certainly less committed time than you. But you do something that my own education hasn't fitted me for, which is to collect and filter and decorate the nutcases so that we fortunate ones can simply enjoy the result.

      Besides, since I gave up smoking three years ago (after 58 addicted years), I've got to find something to do with my hands (I have a Nicorette nicotine inhaler - no, not a bloody e-fag - for my mouth).

    4. DW, you are so very right ! Nice detective work, matey.

      My search on that phraseology got exactly that quote at: dailytelegraph, quadrant, pushingrubberdownhill, catallaxyfiles, and racehorsetalk. Not that I'm going to bother to actually go to any of those sites to look it up.

      But it is amusing how such a meme spreads, but only to those who are sufficiently connected, and sufficiently idiotic in a very specific way, to be infected.

      Betimes I used to think (yes, alright) when I first encountered the idea of memes that they were like diseases - there had to be ideas (cells) that had the right connectors to grab onto the memes (viruses etc). Turns out that maybe I was more right than I knew, eg the whole modern construct of "ideas" that meld with "identity" and "tribe" aspects of human psyches and are thenceforth immune (via Backfire) to any disruption or correction.

      So it goes.

  5. Calling someone a bigot when so many of you on this page seem to be in favor of pediphilic child grooming. In ten years from now the next Royal commission into institutional child sexual abuse will be all over this page.

    1. Is that you Miranda?

      Just trawling the Internet are you, looking for more bile to plagiarise?

      See the spelling hasn't improved.

    2. So, oh nameless (a)Nonny, are you from Catallaxy ? Or maybe Quadrant or even maybe racehorsetalk ?

      Please do introduce yourself so that we can explore all your grand, shining, idiocies. For instance, which are your most favourite conspiracy 'theories', and do they involve black helicopters ?

    3. I noticed that the "Cats" - snort - and the "Kitteh's" - fair dinkum this is what goes down as cool at the cesspool called Catallaxy - have bugger all to talk about lately. It was so quiet on the front line defence of western civilization in the wee hours this morning that you could hear a beer whisperer cracking hardy, when usually there is mucho activity and usually a 'stoush' as they call it between two of the most unpleasant arsehats that I have ever encountered.

      I like to keep up with the intellectual opposition and I did notice that things might be changing a bit. There was much confusion the other week when some bod came on and claimed to be a currently transitioning male to female - an honest to God right wing trannie apparently who hates the lefties who just won't leave her alone - and that temporarily disrupted the normal run of commentary on that dead zone of bigotry hatred and ignorance.

      I've never seen Miranda there but Judith comes on strutting and spitting in her impersonation of an ocker wukka. So tiresome and this slang really makes her appear to be a genuine old slapper - slapper being the usual term they use for Julia Gillard. There was a very interesting exchange on one of Dame Groany's posts a few weeks ago, between a couple of self-described police officers describing their superannuation arrangements. Very dodgy for police officers to have been commenting on such a vile site.

      Lucky that I copy the most interesting comments into a word file, because I went back a few days later to see how the conversation between these cops had developed, their comments were all gone!!! What about 18C? I ask you.

      I have also saved some hilarious quotes from the unfortunate who hang out there and hang out is the word, who seem to have no other friends to talk to about their health and emotional problems. They all seem to have some sort of diagnosable problem.

    4. Hard yards Anon, but the pond is disturbed that we might ignore the splendid attempt at a troll ... just because an ignorant loon should use a word that the dictionary doesn't acknowledge ...

      But then the pond has always been in favour of the pediphilic child grooming conducted by Miranda the Devine's wonderful Catholic church, not to mention the exceptionally fine and caring cover up ...


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