Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 67 of MUC and day 20 of MOC, and Kevin Donnelly is shaken and stirred ...

Admirable, completely, totally and utterly admirable ...

You see how it's done, the coming and going gotcha. 

Urge fiscal restraint, and then when the reluctant mug does a flip, and tries to deliver a dash of fiscal restraint, berate him for a lack of fairness ...

Admirable, completely, totally and utterly admirable ...

And just when did he stop beating his wife?

Hmm, that reminds the pond, must call up the Productivity Commission on the lack of significance of a Sunday in terms of a working life. 

No doubt they'll all be up at 6 am this Sunday, crack of dawn, and forsaking the church service like the eager beavers they are, they'll be heading into the office, with nary a mention of penalty rates ...

But while all this is good and just and so, the pond always hungers for the exceptional, and what luck that the Terrorists are so reliable and routinely deliver the goods ... especially on a Friday when lazy bludgers are already daydreaming and thinking about the weekend - unlike the Productivity Commission, because the weekend is when they really get cracking ...

Meanwhile, come on down Terrorists ...

Now the average gourmet, the ordinary connoisseur, might turn to Simon Benson, aged puppet of Tony Abbott's office, and even confuse Benson's use of "loony" with the pond's patent pending brand.

But this is just more of the coming and going gotcha, because the patently unfair man is in the hands of lefty loons ...  unlike the splendid Kevin Donnelly who looms up beside Benson like a beached whale ...

Yes, the whale is the sure sign that the pond is in the right turf for the real loonies ...

By golly, that illustration is good, though the pond is aware some will be wondering where the cane went. 

Isn't there usually a cripple joke that forms a part of the sensitive, caring package?

And let's not worry about that perverted wiki list of mammals displaying homosexual behavior.

Damn you, perverted kinky whales, you're undermining western civilisation.

Never mind, on we go with the Donnelly ...

Now this is all such splendid stuff that the pond has only one complaint. 

There's no photo acknowledgement of the author ...

How reassuring to realise that the author might be shaken, might even be stirred, but is a two olive man ... pip pip ...

Could he be trying out for a spot as the next Bond? After all, that's the peak of western civilisation ...

Now on we go to spot the whale in situ, in its proper place in the unfolding sun ...

Be made to recant for that splendid witticism about gay whales? Oh say it ain't so, let's crack a joke or two about lepers and club feet ... just to elevate the sensitivity stakes a little higher ...

Now around this point, it will become obvious that the pond has nothing to say about the other startling charges in Kev's shopping list of whinges. 

For example, it hadn't occurred to the pond in years of diving with whales that Donald Trump was motivated by Gramsci, Althusser and Bourdieu, but there you go, you learn something new every day, and so it was with the unholy lust to learn more that the pond dived deep into the Donnelly, and didn't expect to return to the surface ... the pond understands the technical cetacean term is breaching or lunging ...

Indeed, indeed, and how remarkable to see a paranoid deep into a persecution complex complaining that victimhood is all the go ...

Talk about a dire wailing and sackcloth and ashes and victimhood for the long suffering Catholic church, up there with the crucifixion itself ...

So where does all this lead to, this moaning and whining?

Well some might say ...

But we do things differently down under and much prefer a bull in a china shop, as so vividly conjured up by the papists - and it has to be said that David Pope is a more reliable papist than Kevin Donnelly, so you will find more Pope here (though yet again he fails to appear in Chrome, thanks to the Canberra Times. Sheesh, you try to give them a few hits and this is the result?)


  1. Loon is 'patent pending', DP? What have you been doing all this time??

    1. Patenting good things is so Commercially Correct.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Istanbul 28°11′E
    Jerusalem 35°13′E
    Baghdad 44°26′E
    New Delhi 77°13′E
    Hanoi 105°51′E
    Beijing 116°24′E
    Melbourne 144°58′E
    Sydney 151°13′E

    Kevin Donnelly is waging a war on geography.


    1. Well I don't know about Kevvy waging war on geography, DW, but he sure is waging war on honesty, decency, truth, beauty, motherhood, apple pie and the Anglerican Way.

      For instance, his little waffle about chanting "hey, hey, ho, ho, ... etc). Well, if we consult a book written by one John K Wilson and published in 1995, titled 'The Myth of Political Correctness: The Conservative Attack on Higher Education', we find the following
      For many people the decline of Western Civilisation was symbolised at Stanford University in 1988 when, as Dinesh D'Souza describes it, "Jesse Jackson led a group of protesting students who chanted "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture has got to go". This ominous chanting would be repeatedly cited by Stanford's critics, including Education Secretary William Bennett and NAS founder Herbert London (who, apparently mistaking Jackson for one of Snow White's seven dwarves, accused him of chanting "Heigh-ho, Western civ has got to go")

      However, Jackson never chanted anything - and the students who did the chanting were attacking not Western culture but the Stanford class named Western Culture which they wanted replaced with a class that would permit non-Western texts to be presented alongside traditional Western texts. Like the myth of the chanting reverend, the attacks on Stanford's curriculum reform and on multiculturalism across the country are based on imagined conspiracies and inaccurate information.
      So, who are we going to believe ? John K Wilson, or the grossly prevaricating Kevvy Donny - especially when he quotes the convicted serial liar Dinesh D'Souza ?

      And when KD says that we "... want to abolish the current exemptions faith-based schools and organisations have ..." then he's way off the beam. What we really want to do, is to abolish faith-based schools and organisations entire.

  3. Dearie me, poor old Jobson Groawth seems to be getting a hammering. Can't Mal learn that we are not as stupid as Barnaby? (cows and loth)

  4. Times must be tough for the Photoshop platoon at the Daily Totalcrap. These days they're only allowed to plagiarise royalty-free clipart.

    Dr JohnI is a Colander Research Chappie at the Australian Pastafarian University


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