Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 65 of MUC and day 18 of MOC, and perversity says it's the right time in the count down to celebrate Dame Slap ...

Things must be really tough in reptile town, the way the reptiles have been forced to give over the top of the digital page to "Freedom"!

They were still at it later in the day ...

Talk about a fizza, talk about many, many temptations for the pond ...

As for the book, it seems pretty straight forward ...

The ironies were too vast to contemplate. 

Oh sure, the pond could have brooded about Graham Lloyd pretending for a nanosecond that he cared about the "ETS light" or climate science ...

Or the pond could have brooded about the package for the dairy farmers that lasted for a nanosecond before the complaints started ... 

After all, it would have provided an easy cue to a Pope cartoon, and more Pope here ...

But if there's one thing the reptiles have taught the pond, it's infinite perversity ...

And perversity says that the pond must line up to take another dose of Dame Slap, belated as she is arriving at the scene of the mutton Dutton dead cat on the table ...

What's ironic is that it's likely the Slap will spend a fair amount of time warning the world about the far right in Europe ... as if there's no need to warn about the far right that took over News Corp long ago ...

Yes, yes, but what's this got to do with one of the great paradoxes of modern science?

Well we'll get there, but first of all we have to endure Dame Slap apparently being shocked at the rise of the far right, as if we should recoil from her European sisters and brothers ...

Finally we can see where it's all heading. 

Embrace the mutton Dutton or get a right winger of the European kind ... a kind of logic so weird and peculiar it could only live on Planet Janet ...

Straight talking? Like they're stealing our jobs and they're so innumerate and illiterate they're stealing our welfare?

And somehow this is distinct from the rabid populism of the right on view elsewhere in the world?

Talk about muddle-headed wombats ... only Dame Slap could come up with this sort of insight.

Perhaps they do need to read that book about Freedom ... or will it make them think that Freedom from Logic is the right way to blather on about 'leets from their lofty 'leet attic ...

Ah well at least Rowe had some fun with scientific concepts these days ... apparently you need rubbery numbers of discover the way the universe bends ... and more Rowe here ...


  1. 2010's - Muslim refugees - they'll take our jobs & our welfare.
    1980's - Vietnamese refugees - stop the asian invasion.
    1950's - Greeks - Stop the wogs.
    1900's - Chinese - White Australia Policy.

    The never ending rhythm of populist bigotry.

  2. I'm sure there is plenty of materiel here for some political satire. Particularly 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra'.

    1. Forgot the link to the trailer.

      BTW Capcha has gone berserk.

  3. The "book about Freedom", DP? You don't means Exodus, I guess, so maybe it's the one by Jonathan Franzen. Where the main character ended up building a fence around his little patch of sanctuary for the Cerulean Warbler, to save them from the neighbourhood cats?

    Clock onto the latest Rowe, and the fine print on BJ's milk carton.

  4. Oh dear. I think the Borg needs a collective upgrade.

    1. Where's Mal's sonic screwdriver? Unfortunately he was downloading the Windows 10 version and the NBN couldn't deliver in time.

  5. DP - "as if there's no need to warn about the far right that took over News Corp long ago ..." that's swallowing their ABC.

    An LNP, Foxtel, Uhlmann, Murdoch get together in the Secret City

    Per Their ABC at 9:08minutes: "...The timing of it is absolutely perfect. I mean it will run every Sunday night for the last month or so of the election campaign leading up to July 2... "featuring a Labor minority government with "drama" and "subterfuge".

    Little wonder Rupe's production "got amazing access to Parliament House.." !! Tell me again, who's is the current speaker?,-game-of-thrones-and-time-travel/7436640

    Perversity? Perhaps it's just me freaked and seeing Ol' Rupes electioneering hiding under the bed.

  6. Kelly O'Dwyer, the Libs Bruce Forsyth lookalike and Assistant Treasurer has spoken.

    Q. "Do you concede that $800 million is very different to $19 billion?"
    A. "Well no"

    And everyone can now afford a toaster worth $6,000.

  7. Oh Barnaby - like the magic pudding you never cease to give! The Indonesians have taken notice. Barnaby Grudge perhaps?


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