Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 60 of MUC and day 13 of MOC, and lo and behold, Jeremiah returns with a Jeremiad, and the pond is redeemed by the Moorice ...

Admirable ...

You'd swear, looking at the reptile headlines, that it was the ALP that was guilty of Malware fucking up the NBN, instead of some kindly anonymous wanting to make the actual facts known to the world ...

How much of the ensuing fuss will focus on Malware's copper intermodal agile nodal cock-up?

Probably not much, but at least the pond has a consolation this day ...

Yes, the Jeremiah is back with a Jeremiad, which is just as well, because the pond had Moorice on a countdown and a third warning.

We'd already prepared a new banner, featuring Sophie, because we've never had Sophie elevated to the top, and let's face it, if reading, recycling the ABC in The rise and fall of 'the queen of mean', is any guide, she's not going to be around much longer ...

Heck, we might just run it to teach Moorice a lesson, which is that the pond is fickle and flighty ...

What's more, Moorice's latest outing is disappointing ...

Only at the very end does he begin to hit his doom-laden prophetic Jeremiah straps in good Moorice style of old ...

Indeed, indeed, and such was the noble pain on the noble brow, that the pond was irresistibly reminded of Jeremiah at the Sistine Chapel ...

Or maybe not ...

Maybe this ...

But the pond shouldn't underestimate the pleasures in the opening to this "a plague on both their poxy houses" jeremiad, and its ritual invocation of the wall-punching onion-muncher ...

First there was the sight of Moorice playing the role of a petulant teenager.

You want me to vote? Why bother? Like, whatever ...

And then there was the mourning, still running deep, the worm in the rose, the canker in the core, the ashes in the mouth at the fate of the onion-muncher ...with the noble Abbott government's brief interruption now interrupted, and the socialists and the rent-seekers carrying on business as usual ...

It is in its own way the very model of a fundamentalist jeremiad.

Having been spurned and cast aside, Moorice would now be extremely happy if the whole damn thing blew up in everyone's faces and the world fell apart ...

Maybe he's actively working to get teh Donald elected ...

There, that'd teach 'em all a good lesson. Cast the onion muncher aside? Take that, you damned 'leets and welfare dope dealers ...

The resemblance to a petulant teenager is strong in this one ...

Oh the pond couldn't resist repeating the most succulent passage in the holy text.

As it is written in the book of the words of Moorice the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the onion muncher, make his paths straight.

And never you mind if that means the world must fall apart ... that's just the price the world must pay for spurning Moorice and his idol ...

And so to a cartoon, and the pond couldn't but admire Moir's effort, and more Moir here ...

The pond had a sneaking feeling it had seen an image a little like this before, and might even have run it ...

Yes, that felt right, same as it's always been ...

Naturally it led to a short piece by the bouffant one, chortling and dancing in the streets at the way that all this demonising was for the very best ...

Perhaps because we needed Malware returned so that the fucking up of the NBN might be completed in fine style ...

Or perhaps because really aren't there enough funny-hatted SBS viewers munching unpronounceable food already running around in the country? Dammit, what's wrong with onions?

Oh okay, we just flung that one in so we could run a relevant Pope cartoon, and as always more Pope here ...


  1. All this talk of Sophie caused me to look at your banner differently DP. And I noticed something for the first time: there are no female loons.

    Are you not an equal opportunity provider?

    1. The pond heard your cry of feminist pain Mercurial. The Moorice has been deposed, the pond is all for equal opportunity, but for how long ...

    2. Thanks, DP. What a beautiful clown she makes!

    3. Yeah, good start, but I think you're going to need a third row if you're really going to be 'equal opportunity', DP.

      And you do remember that the Great Germaine (aka "the GG") utterly reviles the idea of 'equality feminism'.

    4. What about that lovely snap of the ménage à trois? The Onion Eater, Mdme Kerro and Sophie prenuptial.

  2. If only there were a Schumpeterian disrupter available to the nbn, the kind who could perform all kinds of restructural and financial wizardries, and transmute any nominal revenue-generating venture into a veritable loss-making machine, for the sheer glory of creative destruction and the right emolument.

    1. Very relevant links Anon: We could also add this one I guess.When it comes to the House of Reptiles,the more termites in the bearer beam or maybe grubs in the apple...the better.Guthrie is not adverse to blowing the odd billion either.

  3. Moorice is just about as good a financier and economist as he is a climate scientist. He says, ever so forcefully: "Australia's personal debt is the highest in the world". True, but he neither explains why nor gives the whole balance sheet.

    But you can read (Here: that good ol' Oz isn't doing so bad.

    We rank 3rd in the world for personal wealth:

    "Australia is falling in the global rankings for wealth per person but it still has a bigger proportion of people enjoying a middle class lifestyle than anywhere else.

    Australia dropped to third position from second with average wealth per adult at $US364,900, according to the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

    This is a 13.6% deterioration from $US431,000 in just 12 months but much of the fall can be put down to the rise in the US dollar and the subsequent fall of the Australian dollar.

    The institute, in its sixth annual Global Wealth Report, focuses on how the middle class has developed since 2000.

    The size and wealth of the middle class globally grew quickly before the financial crisis but this has since subsided with rising inequality squeezing the share of wealth."

    Thanks, Moorice, for your attention to detail.

    1. Agree with all you say, GB, but what on earth does that pic at the top of the Business Insider article have to do with it?

      "We Aussies are fabulously rich, but we're ignorant pigs who are all jihadist Muslims at heart, and just love to wear our medals on the poop deck while sharing a glass of champagne with a pert blonde."

    2. And I wonder where the various countries would sit on that ranking if median had been used rather than 'average' (mean)?

    3. I have to make this confession, Merc, that I just don't have lifetime enough left to spend it on doomed curiousity. I took one quick look at that picture and heeded my subconscious when it said "you will never know out what this means unless 'somebody' explains it to you".

      But then I oftern feel the same about Rowe.

      Otherwise, yes, "they" always use mean when median is a much more honest indicator. Every nation's score would be somewhat lower, I think, but by how much ?

  4. Turnbull supports Dutton. Dutton repeats his comments about illiterate refugees.

    Someone should do a send up of Mal singing "Stand By Your Man".

    Sometimes it's hard to be a PM
    Giving all your love to just one man
    You'll have bad times, and he'll have good times
    Doin' things that you don't understand
    But if you love him, you'll forgive him
    Even though he's hard to understand

    Here's Tammy, bless her.

  5. Daytime TV is mostly recycled crap US made-for-TV movies and talk shows. But sometimes you get a goodie. NITV is showing Wrong Side of the Road at 12. It's a sort of early Sapphires from 1980.

  6. Yes what we need is a modern day disrupter or a hands on advocate of "creative" destruction as depicted in this image, the bare-chested central figure of which was/is reincarnated in the form of Tony Abbott (at least in the Australian context)

    To room for touchy-feely Sacred Art inspired by the Celestial Virgin.


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