Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 59 of MUC and day 12 of MOC, and the pond goes rat-fucking with the bromancer's false flag operation ...

With friends like David Feeney, who needs enemies? 

At a time when negative gearing and politicians' privileges are a matter for much discussion, he forgets about declaring a negatively geared $2.3 million house because of a "maelstrom of events" (with forced video)?

The only maelstrom coming Feeney's way is a gaggle of greenies in Batman ... holy Northcote!

By golly they've had some bummers. Martie Ferguson! Say no more ...

Feeney's one of those classic pigs it's impossible to pick from the farmers at that slap-up Orwellian meal at the end of the book, so the pond wishes him all the Sophie Mirabella best in his campaign ...

Sophie's doing so well that the pond is thinking of promoting her ... who else could produce a Graudian story like Sophie Mirabella losing out as Coalition gets behind Nationals Indi candidate.

But while on the subject of Labor party flops and failures, the pond could only think the bromancer was running a clever false flag operation when promoted this day to second position on the lizard Oz's digital page by the reptiles...

Clearly they've learned much from James Bond movies ...

Of course, of course, of all the things to write about right at this moment, the need to back a guy who ratfucked his party and the country to a position where he can ratfuck the world should be top of the topics for discussion this day ...

Naturally the pond bit, because, hey, when the bromancer's in full cry, epic stupidity is always guaranteed to be on parade ... and the pond, being an all-day sucker all day, simply couldn't resist a fair old suck on the prawn's sauce bottle ...

Okay, that's all the meaningless procedurals out of the way.

Now let's get on to why we should be all enthusiastically supporting the man who not only ratfucked his own government, he then proceeded to ratfuck Julia Gillard's government - and Gillard herself - into oblivion, thereby paving the way for Tony Abbott to ratfuck the country for two years ...

That's an unseemly amount of ratfucking to forget, but Sheridan handles the job with tremendous agility ...

The pond knew it. The pond just knew it had to be a false flag op.

The best the bromancer can come up with to prove Rudd is a credible and good candidate is that he acted nicely to Tim "the train" Fischer, Brendan "have I got a tiresome enthusiasm for the killing fields" Nelson, and Peter "I'm entirely useless, so let's do a street-napping" Costello?

And he speaks a couple of foreign tongues, along with his immense skill in deviousness and rat-fucking?

Now for those who object to that word, the pond must remind objectors that the pond is merely being fluent in the former Chairman's language ... as you can recall in Crikey's "Rats from a sinking summit."

As a nation we would be crazy not to offload the rat fucker on the world to see if he can fuck it up as well as he fucked Gillard, the Labor party and the country ... oh yes, we'd be crazy not to take the possibility as far as it can go ... and with a bit of luck, the ratfucker can be followed by the onion-munching wall puncher ...

Just another day's work as honourable members of the international community ... speaking of which, the pond caught Lateline last night, and a tribute to mutton Dutton ...

LUCIANO CALESTINI: These are deeply unfortunate comments that do nothing, but vilify the most vulnerable and desperate people on Earth. This is the largest crisis since World War II. I do wonder at Mr Dutton's comments. He was actually here in Lebanon just some six months ago towards the end of last year, met with UNICEF, met with UNHCR, met with some government officials. I do wonder if he needs to take a trip back because perhaps he wasn't paying as much attention as he should have when he was here. I mean, I think the world is aware, frankly speaking, of Australia's posture around the refugee issue over the past several years, and as an Australian who's been serving in humanitarian crises for the last 17 years, the last few years have not been a period where I have been proud to be known as an Australian. This is a period where it's - it's - let me say I would hope that we will emerge from this period in a few months with a very different posture. This is not helping those who are most in need. This is not helping Australia's reputation on a global stage and certainly in terms of the engagement in this humanitarian crisis, as I said, Australia needs to step up far more than it has already. (More here).

Well that's as good a segue as any, and the pond was terribly pleased to see other reptiles diligently reporting to work this day to defend the indefensible ...

Well we've done the dog botherer, so let's hear the short version from the bouffant one ...

If the pond might decode what the bouffant one is saying, it's whatever it takes, and whatever gutter is available ...

That's the gutter that the Liberal party, Malware and the gutter-loving reptiles will crawl into in their bid to stay in power.

And the contemptible Malware will line up behind his contemptible minister doing what's not so much a dog whistle as a full howl at the moon.

Crikey made the obvious parallel ...

Meanwhile, in another country, another day, another meme ...

Caught between David Feeney and Peter Dutton? May as well send the rat-fucker off to fuck the planet ...


  1. "In the whole history of the UN this is the first time Australia has had a credible candidate..."

    Sheridan seems to have forgotten one H.V. Evatt, or he couldn't be arsed to do a GHunt.

    "President of the United Nations General Assembly

    Evatt joined the diplomatic councils of the allies during World War II. In 1945, he played a leading role in the founding of the UN. He was President of the U.N. General Assembly from 1948 to 1949, and was prominent in the negotiations that led to the creation of Israel. He wrote in his memoirs: "I regard the establishment of Israel as a great victory of the United Nations." He helped draft the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission."

    1. The bromancer probably took the view that as Evatt was a dangerous communist, he was best forgotten. Of all the people that the Santamaria mob hated and demonised the most, the Doc was in the front row.

    2. Hi Anon,

      Sheridan may think that Rudd is a credible candidate for Secretary-General but that's not what the bookies think;

      When it comes to International Affairs I'll take what the bookmakers are offering over the Bromancer any day of the week.


    3. Yeah but butt, DP, Evatt was UN GA President whereas all the power and kudos rests with the UN Secretary. Just like in the good old days when Martin Ferguson was the useless President of the ACTU, but all power resided with Secretary Kelty and his good mate Lindsay Fox.

      So the Bromancer is right to disregard Evatt as being just a showfront for the real operators.

    4. Thanks GB, true colours. Hawke, Keating, the big end of town mates ... Crean, Feruson, "Secretary Kelty and his good mate Lindsay Fox"...
      Ah yes, famously ripping instalments in the continuing saga of the great neoliberal plan Labor has for labour. Never to be forgotten.

  2. DP, the ratfucker did it in Queensland first. He applied himself to "program specificity" and obsessive interference and oversight of every department and Minister after promotion from Labor premier Wayne Goss' chief of staff to Director-General of the Office of Cabinet. In this position, Rudd was arguably Queensland's most powerful bureaucrat. He soon assumed the role of chief of government. Although he was widely loathed within that government the psychopath retained Goss' favour, of course. Krudd was a substantial contributing factor to the shocking downfall of that initially popular and welcomed reformist government after only one term.

    (No rest for the wiki ruddbot ever busy in advancing a select confected Krudd of choice. Take a look at Rudd the Dud's wikipedia page revision history statistics.)


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