Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 58 of MUC and day 11 of MOC, and the pond steps into the gutter with the mutton Dutton ...

The pond was wondering how long it would be before the campaign took to the gutter, and lo, the mutton Dutton took it there in style ...

Some perhaps think that Dutton has finally revealed himself for what he is - Pauline Hanson heavy - but the keeper of the gulags long ago moved from Hanson lite into the dreadnought class ...

That he would do so with no sense of coherence in his fear-mongering argument is also not remarkable.

If refugees, innumerate and illiterate in their own language, let alone English, can land in Australia and immediately start taking Australian jobs - apparently there's no question about that - then it doesn't say much for incumbent residents or the jobs on offer.

The mutton Dutton was on safer ground doing the usual fear-mongering routine about welfare bludging, but what he's succeeded above all in doing, once again, is draw attention to how feeble, impotent and useless Malcolm Turnbull is when he tries to pivot towards the centre.

The rabid gulag keepers, knowing no other manner or style, will always draw him to the rabid right ... and all he can do is duck, dissemble, wave his hands, and smirk his unctuous smile ...

Meanwhile, in a manner almost as sublime as the gulag keeper, the dog botherer suggests that it's Labor that has produced this sort of Hansonist rhetoric and so has hit themselves with a kind of sucker punch.

Well if anyone wants to know whether the dog botherer could step into the gutter with the Hansonites, relax... when he's not dog fucking, he routinely pisses in gutters ...

Actually, what he said was that these illiterate and unskilled refugees, requiring an enormous amount of support, would somehow magically and omnipotently steal dinkum jobs from dinkum people ...

So if it's not deeply offensive, then it's deeply stupid because it's so stupidly deeply contradictory ...

But of course that's what the gulag keepers want. They need the debate to shift to the safe ground of hate and fear-mongering, and never mind the way that the entire country consists of refugees from other countries who have accumulated here over the past couple of centuries - with some 3% able to claim an ancestry with a longer tenure ...

Never mind, it's only designed to rouse Hansonite rage, and get the resident racists and bigots dancing in the streets ...

Yes illiterate and innumerate people, incompetent in their own language, will be taking Australian jobs ... and that's the truth of it ...

Of course others spoke such truths ... but Godwin's Law prevents the pond from mentioning that they happened to be Jews ...

Meanwhile, the reptiles of Oz provided other distractions this day, with Gary Johns lining up earlier to explain just how pathetic the poor in Australia are as a tribe.

Thanks to him, the pond now understands why innumerate and illiterate people, in their own language and in English, can steal Australian jobs ...

These days the reptiles don't bother to sign Johns off as a former Labor minister with a care and interest in the people, and the reason why they've dropped that bit of farcical branding is plain enough the moment the hate begins ...

Tough shit poor, but at least now you know why the illiterate, innumerate refugees are lining up to take your jobs ...

Yes, we've shown great forbearance, addicted, ungrateful poor, and please don't give the pond or Mr Johns any jibber jabber about substances being flogged to you that are designed to be addictive.

Why not just admit it. Surely now's the time time to give those illiterate, innumerate refugees your jobs ...

Well, it might be cheaper in the long run ...

Hmmm, and now the pond better head off to the clinic to get that shot while they still bulk bill.

They say if you lie down with the dogs that bark at the reptile Oz, you're certain to get up with rabies, and by golly, the pond is always getting into the gutter with that hate-infested stew of bigots ...

Perhaps it's time to go for a pleasant ski with a master of the art of a border defence that'll keep out all the job stealers who'll spend all their days on welfare ...

And more Rowe here, where you'll see he's thoughtfully revived this illustration ...

Not waving, drowning ...


  1. Poor refugees. Damned if they do (take Aussie jobs) and damned if they don't (languish in welfare).

  2. The Magic Water man has been put out to pasture. What a loss to Loon lore!


    2. Such a shame. At one stage I thought he might be destined for a place on DP's top banner.

    3. And that's about it for the old RWNJ coven at Fairfax: first the Scent of Vitriole, then the Poloniial Prattler and now the (sourdough) Bread and (magic) Water Man. Any left ? Yeah, I know, Hartcher, but he's mostly just NJ and not so much RW.

      Terry McCrann bailed out decades ago, after a difference of opinion with Kenneth Davidson (who himself is hardly there these days). Now McCrann is a real Climate Scientist, DP, pretty much on a par with Moorice.

  3. Indubitably, the raft of refugee babies on Nauru are better off remaining illiterate, innumerate, and jobless somewhere else, so that Peter doesn't have his carefully-planned future cruelly snatched away, like a broken rattle at the hands of an adult government.

  4. Those pesky 13,750 refugees taking our jobs, and if that is increased to 50,000 there may be no jobs left for the 140,000 migrants who the government welcomes each year ("The Government will provide 190,000 places for permanent migration in 2015–16.")

  5. Oh my God! Samantha has gone down!

    The Dog fucker has written her a poem...

    I'm bewitched,
    by your enchanting ways.
    Samantha, you're my love,
    embrace me with your magic,
    and take me away,
    to the moon, at the speed of light,
    wherever you go,
    you know I'll follow.

    I'm under your bewitching spell,
    you know you enchant me all too well.
    And yet, here I am a mere mortal.
    With no witchcraft whatsoever,
    but still I seem to fascinate you,
    since the first time we met at a revolving door.
    Everything about you I seem to adore.

  6. The Dutton skull shape reflects the Dutton brain. Careful phrenological measurements will be required to make the case for elimination of the degenerate subspecies.

  7. "personal choice" and personal responsibility are noble concepts but why are its loudest advocates, like the IPA, against product disclosure: which informs that choice?

    1. Since when have the IPA, amongst others, ever believed that you need factual information in order to make a choice ?

    2. well, exactly, BG, they don't even want us to know who owns our Politicians: item 23 on the manifesto: "End mandatory disclosures on political donations"


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