Monday, May 09, 2016

Day 49 of MUC and Day 2 of MOC, and the pond takes time out to munch on an Oreo ...

Today is Oreo day in the Oz, a wafer-thin slice of rabid nonsense ...

But the pond has to confess that it has only one genuine reason for spending time with the Oreo ... you see, The New Yorker ran an edition recently featuring an array of Trump cartoons.

You can find the full assortment of biscuits here

The pond always thought a few might come in handy, as ballast and as a distraction, and truth to tell, it would be completely impossible to get through the Oreo biscuit without them ...

Oh okay, duty calls ...

Now the pond will leave it to others to work out how weird the Oreo biscuit tastes... egregious and delusional as that creamy weirdness might be ... because we've got a few more cartoons to chew over ...

The one thing you can say about a pack of Oreos is that there's plenty of wafers to go with the waffling ... because, you see, it's all the fault of Obama ... who encouraged birtherism by being born a socialist Muslim in Kenya and then refused to admit it ...

Now as best the pond can work it out, this means we must excoriate Obama, who if nothing else could have a nice career post-Presidency as a stand-up comedian  and who puts the likes of Larry Wilmore completely in the shade ... while celebrating the freedom of Donald Trump to make cretinous and offensive remarks with wild abandon ...

Because we've all got to live in a prison fortress ... it's the way to free thought and speech. And remember, the bigger the prison wall is, why then the freer the speech and the thought is ...

But the pond is fair. Anyone wanting to hear a delusional speaking with biscuit-laden skill on totalitarianism ... while ignoring the dangers of the populist totalitarian standing directly in front of her ... can share the ignorance by using that email address ...

The pond would rather run a couple more New Yorker cartoons ...


  1. DP - have you seen O Lucky Man? a 1973 film by the old stirrer Lindsay Anderson. It seems to be an allegory of the Turnbull generation, and has a great performance by Malcolm McDowell and some excellent music by Alan Price (whatever happened to him?)

    1. Just a little extract from the Wikipedia entry for Alan Price, Anony:

      ... In 2014 Price started a YouTube channel, where he posts home videos of some of his solo work. In addition, Price performs with his band, mostly at his long-established monthly spot at the Bull's Head, Barnes, London. ...

      Yeah, O Lucky man was a great film and also a great musical release.

      But as well as a youthful McDowell, we should also credit some other fine players in the movie:

      Ralph Richardson
      Rachel Roberts
      Arthur Lowe
      Helen Mirren
      Graham Crowden
      Dandy Nichols

    2. The pond also recommends the more rarely seen earlier Lindsay Anderson This Sporting Life - it explained so much of thugby league life in Tamworth - and while in the area The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and since we've mentioned Karel Reisz, something a little lighter with Morgan a Suitable Case for Treatment, when you could end a movie with a garden in the shape of a hammer and a sickle. But if push came to shove the pond will stay with Ealing comedies thank you very much ...

    3. Ah, DP, those grand old days when the Pomsters still had a film industry and could donate 'kitchen sink' movies to the world. I still recall 'A Taste of Honey' fondly, and even 'Room At the Top', but I think you're way ahead of me.

  2. I'm going to vote for a hung parliament. Or in Jackie Lambie's case a well-hung parliament.

  3. The Oreole says: "It recalls the worst episodes of the 20th Century where totalitarian regimes rose to power by dismissing democratic principle and denying dissent."

    Now where have I heard something like this before, I wonder ... oh, I know:

    McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means "the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism."

    1. There you go again GB, but it might just be that right wingers make the best fascists ...

  4. There are Oreo sprinkles and Oreo pops and you can dip your Oreo pops into Oreo sprinkles and it's all sweetness. But all that didn't help me get past the first paragraph in the gobbet.

    She says there are two firing cylinders - and that doesn't sound good - Trump a two-stroke? And then next thing there are policies. So in Oreo land does a cylinder equal a policy.

    And she "warned against underestimating". Who did she warn? I wasn't warned. If only she would publish more so we could keep up and I might understand how those cylinders that are really policies have debts or owe something so it turns out that they *are* the actual fundamental pillars of Western Civilization, and the free world. Which world is that, that is free?

    She does not write well. The cartoons are hilarious Dot. Thanks.

  5. DP, you may have glossed over the part of the Intro where Jennifer writes "... I warned ...". Not "I commented" or "I observed" or "I took a wild guess", no, none of that tame guff. See, she took a leaf right out of Trump's playbook. Hadn't we better sit up and take notice, since we have been warned?
    When her Time comes, I can see Jennifer as Boudica, or as bare-boobed Marianne on the barricades.
    That lecture may give a clue. I'm pretty sure the attendance will be boosted by corporate sponsorship to keep the entry fee low enough to attract members of the middle class.
    Never mind all that, though, maybe it's just Ol' Roop having a bob each way.

  6. Quite right GB. It is a showpiece of British acting talent. I always love Graham Crowden's growling impersonations of startled Colonel Blimps, and one of Helen's first screen appearance, and wasn't Dandy Nichols Alf Garnett's wife?

    One of her great lines was in a Christmas special, where Alf said of the holy family 'they couldn't even find a B&B." Elsie's reply was "Well they wouldn't would they? It was Christmas."

  7. An anti-elite who describes Trump's followers as "The Masses"?.. right


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