Monday, May 02, 2016

Day 42, and the pond is all at sea with the Francophobe Bolter ...

Whatever else - and there's possibly not much else - the Bolter is a great hater.

And once he develops a phobia, a passion, the hate is relentless.

Anyone, anything in the path of the hate cops a hearty dose of collateral damage. Even as good a hater as Miranda the Devine is no match for the Bolter when his dander is up and his furious fur is flying ...

Which is why the pond must once more trudge through the wasteland of the subs that so rivets the Malware haters ...

Typically, the Bolter doesn't worry too much about any of the real issues.

Instead he lathers up a fine form of Francophobia, paranoia and fear-mongering ...

Now that bit about the French-built Mirage jets in Vietnam is worth a moment's cogitation, thanks to Trove - well at least thanks to Trove for the moment, while the Malware government slashes and burns one of the great contributions to Australian culture and history ...

Now the pond understands where the Bolter is coming from ...

But shouldn't readers of the Terror and the HUN expect a little better than farting, fear-mongering and tricolore paranoia?

What a remarkable conflation, and how disturbing that the Swedes should have so cunningly prevented the Collins-class submarines from participating in many wars ... as opposed to the under-performing, under-staffed, noisy subs not being up to much at all ...

The point of course is that the Bolter, as an ethnicist and a racist, always refracts policy issues through this particularly dark set of fieldglasses ...

Next week, he might just as easily have penned a piece about the perfidious Germans - ssssh, don't mention the war or Volkswagen, or the perfidious Japanese - ssssh, don't mention the war or the lurking Samurai spirit...

By concentrating on the perfidious French, in his own inimitable way the Bolter manages to miss the real point of the lengthy delivery schedule.

He wouldn't have needed to look very far afield to find real discussion starters, such as the Graudian's New Trident submarines doomed by drones of the future, says new report ...

And so on - there's links and more at the link - and that story concludes this way ...

Just as ASW technology evolves, so will measures to counter that technology. At worst, the UK could resort to the ‘bastion’ strategy followed by Russia, to deploy ‘boomers’ under extensive air and sea protection to make them as invulnerable as possible. Ultimately, the same questions will remain: whether the UK should have nuclear weapons at all given their huge and indiscriminate destructive power and the unlikelihood of ever being used, and whether the country can afford to put so much reliant on a weapon whose reliability can henceforward never be taken for granted.

One of the pond's favourite sayings - generals always fight the last war - comes into play here, but all the Bolter's got as his main card is ethnic bigotry.

There are bigger cans of worms around in the defence industry than ethnic bigotry ... but you wouldn't know it from the Bolter.

The hapless French are in fact just substitutes, bystanders, caught up in the Bolter's rage against Malware ... a rage that grows by the day and in relation to almost any decision that Malware's government makes.

The pond suspects that if the Germans had got the gig, the Bolter would have delivered a similar sort of rant ... only the Japanese, pre-approved by the onion muncher, would have escaped his wrath, and never mind that the same strategic, build and delivery questions would still have been on the table. Was it so long ago that the Pig Iron Bob tag did the rounds?

But once the Bolter takes a set, like a terrible two, he maintains the prejudice with a deep, fierce, unwavering hostility and anger ...

... almost any other likely supplier would be a safer bet ...

Is this dumb, or what?

It's that sort of profoundly stupid generalisation that gives the game away, and helps explain the reason for the ethnic bigotry.

How far will the Bolter go in his desire to destroy Malware?

The Bolter's rant is a weird opposite to the parochial, nationalistic way that the Malware government - and the poodle, in dire electoral peril - peddled the decision ...

Pin that twittering twit tweeting away!

Never mind, surely this is the last time the pond need consider the matter of the subs, in the context, thanks to the Bolter, of the perfidious French ...

Besides, only one more sleep and everybody has been promised all kinds of prezzies.

Thank the long absent lord all that reptile talk about how none of us needed any more prezzies has been forgotten.

Let the largesse and the pork barreling, in a seemly and stately way, begin ... and more Rowe here ...


  1. But but but... we've already got a perfectly suitable submarine at Holbrook, safely situated 200 Kms from the ocean, and I believe we have an admirable Jap sub at the War Memorial in Canberra - again a safe and respectable distance from the sea.

    1. Well yeah, kinda, Anony. I have this persistent memory, however, that due to the long 'delay' getting several of the Collins class operational, we had to raid the Otway (Holbrook's Oberon class) for spare parts to keep the last Oberon (the Otama) operational for just a bit longer.

      A fairly cursory search didn't get me any obvious reference(s) to this, but I'll sorta keep looking.

  2. "Government figures with whom I have raised France's record of betraying its clients . . ."

    "I am told by senior government sources . . . "

    He's talking about Tony isn't he?

    1. Tony isn't a senior government source - he's now an elder statesman. He's passed beyond.

  3. Dorothy,

    As you know the Bolter is raving mad. The Swiss built aircraft he is referring to was probably the Pilatus Porter. Six of the Australian fleet of 19 were used in Vietnam:

    I saw them with my own eyes. They were particularly notable because of their
    high lift rate.


  4. Dolt receiving new submarine intelligence from the True Leader of the opposition?

    The Saturday Paper, 11July2015: France’s intelligence agency is listening in on Australia’s communication networks, as submarine contracts and regional relations vital to both nations are negotiated.

    “The French would be particularly keen to gather intelligence on Australia’s key economic relationships and defence contracting,” Tanter said. “They would also be very interested in Australia’s attitude towards their colonial possessions in the South Pacific, especially in the lead-up to New Caledonia’s independence referendum, which is set to be held in 2018.”

    However, the revelation of French access to Australia’s primary telecommunications links to Europe appears unlikely to adversely affect bilateral ties, which include a 2013 agreement to increase “strategic co-operation in the Pacific region … [and] co-operation on current and future defence materiel programs”.

    France is one of the potential contenders for participation in Australia’s future submarine project and will presumably be keen to gather any intelligence it can on its prospects and Australia’s attitude towards other bids, such as from Japan, Germany or Sweden.

    1. And that's just exactly the right response to being successfully spied on - complete and utter ignorant indifference.

      I just don't see what the East Timorese get so upset about.

  5. So we have Sheridan the other day lamenting Aus apparently moving away from Japan as a strategic ally under pressure from China.

    Now we have the Dolter complaining about the possibility of the French pulling the rug out from the subs in times of crisis.

    I suppose he assumes that the Japanese would not do the same if Aus didn't tow their line in the event of tension between China and Japan.

    The French deal, from the regional perspective, looks like the smarter deal in the short to mid term.

    Which, of course, just makes Abbott look stupid by giving the Japanese his captain's pick at an early stage.

    So, ironically, by bringing the issue of supply of parts etc to the surface (pun intended) the Dolter has managed to make his hero look even more like a dunce on the international stage.

    1. Japan supporting Australia in making war on the Chinese; now that would really be something to be part of.

  6. Sully of Tuross HeadMay 2, 2016, 3:21:00 PM

    Admiral Piers Akerman has also entered the fray. The man is not only a leading climate scientist but an expert on submarinal affairs :)


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