Sunday, May 01, 2016

Day 41, and a late update on the Bolter Devine meow factor ...

The Weekend Parrot runs with the Terrorists ...

And the Bolter runs with Peta ...


Whip them into shape!

And as for that other dreadful woman featured by the Terrorists, and so featured in the pond earlier in the day with a meow?

Why she can now be cast out into the outer rings of hell ...

It will be fondly remembered that Dante devised the sixth circle for Heresy and Heretics ... such as Epicureans who say the soul dies with the body ... and women who play the gender card.

The sort of women who routinely offend teh Donald ...

Vile, wretched women of the Devine kind ...

Who is this strange woman? You may tell yourself this is not my beautiful Terrorist columnist, this is not my beautiful unified house of Murdoch, but reptiles scratching and clawing and tearing at each other in the monstrous dark ...

Strange that the Bolter didn't find the time to tackle the Devine over her filthy, vile calumny ...

“Tough to write,” tweeted Murdoch on January 28 last year, the day after I wrote a column urging Abbott to replace Credlin to save himself, “but if he won’t replace top aide Peta Credlin she must do her patriotic duty and resign.” 
Conservative criticism of the Abbott government by that stage included Peter Costello, John Roskam, Tim Wilson, Dennis Shanahan, Greg Sheridan, Janet Albrechtsen, Alan Jones, Chris Kenny and even Bolt, who went further than anyone to call Abbott’s gonging of Prince Philip “so damaging that it could be fatal”. 

Would you prefer a serving of Lincoln or Mark with your heresy?


  1. It may be true, as Abe said that a house divided cannot stand... but I wonder if he realised just how much fun it can be to watch it burn to the ground, as the erstwhile inhabitants try to throw each other back into the flames?

    (And Lordy, what would poor old Abe make of the modern Republican Party?)

  2. DP - you missed the best bits from yesterday. It was International Masturbation Day and the Sex party managed to pull off a Wankathon. And Christopher Pyne has decided to give carp herpes.

    I'm not sure if the two are related.

    1. thanks Anon, with this invaluable contribution, you have made sure the pond didn't miss the best bits.

      And surely any mention of the poodle and a wankathon is intimately related ...

  3. The Government is to employ private security agencies to protect police stations.

    Where's Robocop when you need him?

  4. 'Delcons' sounds remarkably similar to Scientology jargon. Is Bolt 'clear'? Is Miranda a 'suppressive person'? If so she can 'blow' and be 'disconnected.'

    Perhaps we should attach E-meters to their genitals to reveal their true Engrams.

    1. It's a Miscavige of justice!

  5. What a fascinating little love-triangle this is: the comely Miranda has clearly set her cap for the superficially resistant Bolter who is pretending that he's really after Peta and is thus resistant to The Devine's obvious infatuation.

    What fun these "he said, she blushed" schoolkid romances are.

    1. Hee-hee -
      "Miranda and Andrew,
      sitting in a tree;

      Oops, I think Im about to make myself vomit.......

  6. I can't help thinking that this apparent falling-out-among-thieves is a clever ploy by whoever has the misfortune* of being the News Ltd commentators' Editor. (I refuse to call the likes of Devine and Bolt 'journalists'.)

    "Listen, kids: the public is getting wise to the fact that we're the Liberal Party's Pravda. We have to make it look like there's more diversity of opinion in our rags. So I want you to start attacking each other, OK?" (Or words to that effect.)

    *...though they're probably being paid a fortune for the 'privilege'.


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