Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The pond is taking a break ...

The last the pond heard, Jeffrey Bernard, James Bolam, Peter O'Toole and sundry others, including no doubt the original Dorothy Parker, have been unwell, and so too is the pond, and it's time for another break, with business to be resumed when some form of wellness returns.

There's always a danger in reptile handling and the pond has succumbed yet again … but for those up to the task, no doubt the reptiles will keep on giving ...


  1. Come back to us as soon as you are able, DP; the world just isn't the same without the Pond.

  2. Get Well soon DP we will miss you.

  3. Gawdspeed DP.

    I've been travelling the world for a few weeks. Good to come back and see a strong media focus on Tony Abbott. Comforting to know Australia still heading nowhere in particular.

    Perish the thought, but if any reader should grow tired of him, as soon as you are clear of our borders, he actually no longer exists.

    Remarkable eh? Whole countries making do with none of his thoughts or advice.

  4. I hope you return soon - but take all the rest you need. I have been a non-commenting reader of the loon pond for years, and it has been a significant contributor to my remaining sanity. Best wishes.

  5. Best wishes to the lass from Tamworth, from the gang at Ballarat.

  6. Yes - I hope it's a minor issue.

    Not sure I am game to stick my own hand into the glass box, I will probably have to await your return for an update on all that slithers.

  7. I am hoping you get well very soon. Your blog is not just appreciated but needed. I always read it last so that I can get back to approximate normality after reading the toxic hate that passes for "Opinion". Your selected cartoons always cheer me up,too.

  8. Greetings from Jersey,
    As Defender of the Dinkum your followers need you to return as soon as possible. Even here in far off Jersey your minions eagerly await your next saucy missive full of roistering,toddy seeking, cod-dangling politicians and gormless futtocks of all stripes.
    I have one small request, could you in future use the titles of the various Oz politicians you reference as it is sometimes hard for your American fans to follow.
    Hang in there pally,
    Jersey Mike

  9. I think I'm losing my sanity. Come back soon please, Dorothy.


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