Monday, May 14, 2018

In which young Adam fills the late arvo void …with more void ...


The reptiles have been working terribly hard to pump up the leftist-dominated twitterati volume on young Adam this day, but with the greatest respect, the pond can't see it.

Young Adam doesn't seem to have the right stuff, the right level of crazy, to produce a truly out there bit of epic reptile ranting. He's not even in the same arena as dashing Donners, and it seems as if it might have something to do with the Oreo going missing this day …

Last week, she was doing over renewable energy in a way that the reptiles know and love. 

And this week we're given young Adam doing over "leadership"? That's just not right, that doesn't ring true, people have been carping about leaders for centuries, and young Adam is just another in a long line of carpers …

Now clearly the reptiles took this outing seriously, because young Adam was blessed with a Lobbecke, as an infallible sign of being touched by the long absent lord as a burning bush …

But taking a pot shot at leadership is a bit like taking a blunderbuss to have a go at a blimp … and so the pond was glad it had marked down young Adam to the late afternoon slot where no-one would pay any attention … and yet the pond could honour the reptiles intent, to find a new young columnist leader ...

It's terribly easy to mock people's aspirations, and most unkind. 

The pond was overjoyed to see that news of the Caterist's latest grant had come through at Finance, but what would young Adam say about  about the verbiage accompanying the cash in the paw?

Now don't get the pond wrong. The pond understands that the Caterists, in a Walt Whitmanesque way, can embrace Napoleonic abilities with the backs to the wall courage of a John Curtin, but is it fair for young Adam to mock a fellow reptile and his desire to conduct round tables, build most excellent websites, conduct lavish research, and incidentally expend a little of the cash in the paw on general expenses, in a generally expansive way?

After all, what's wrong with a passion for talking about social and political policy issues, provided the taxpayer foots the bill? 

Shouldn't the Caterist roundtable be an essential plank leadership platform, nay be made a compulsory roundtable, for today's aspiring leaders?

Indeed, indeed, there's no doubt that Friedrich Nietzsche, laden with syphilis and incapable of forming a relationship with a woman, let alone a plurality of women, was a fine example of humanity's finest specimens, and thank heavens young Adams gives not a fig for honours or distinctions or awards or such like meaningless geegaws, showy trifles, baubles and trinkets ..

All that said, the pond will agree that importing a leader or three might help fix things …

Why not look to the United States? Perhaps Chairman Rupert could be persuaded to come back home, or perhaps we could make a reverse takeover bid for the reptiles' much-loved American finest …


  1. Their Creighton is indeed a tad lacklustre and trite, even for a reptile. But I did wonder, if we were to add "Leader" to the Skilled Occupations List just where we might find a plethora of ready and willing people who meet the criteria. Just which parts of this world have a surplus of "Leaders" that are anxious to come here.

  2. Young Adam’s spot on. The sort of leadership of days of yore that brought us world wars, racist immigration, suppression of women, degradation of troublesome blacks, servility to Poms and her Maj, well, we definitely need loads more of that. I want to be led again by stout yoemen, Carruthers! Ring up Scotch and Melbourne Grammar and see what likely lads they’ve got coming through the perfect ranks. What’s that? All Asian? Blast! Better call London and break out the £10 notes.

  3. Yeomen, yoemen, whatever. Just so long as they look right, speak proper and have balls.


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