Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In which the pond ignores the bromancer ...

Speaking of lies, the pond remains devoted to following the trial in the north, and the reptiles continue to oblige …

It being a matter before the court, the pond must refrain from comment, except to note that once again the Caterists are given a mention, though once again the parrot scored the snap ….

Speaking of parrots, the bromancer was at it again today … could he be thinking of making a move to do press work for the Donald? After all, he manages to sound even more Trumpian than Nikki Haley, Raj Shah and the huckster Sanders ...

The ongoing lack of empathy for what it must feel like living trapped in a gulag, with no hope, and no future, is remarkable.

Of course there are alternative perspectives available at the click of a mouse, as at the Graudian here

“She thought death was better than this life,” said Reem Abu Irmana a day after she lost her youngest daughter. “Every time she went to the demonstrations she prayed to God that she would be martyred.” Wesal was one of more than 60 people killed in Gaza on Monday as Israeli snipers fired on gatherings of tens of thousands along a perimeter fence surrounding the blockaded enclave. According to Gaza’s ministry of health, the dead included an eight-month-old baby who reportedly died after inhaling teargas. A double amputee who was photographed throwing stones from a wheelchair was also killed...

...For a decade, Israel and Egypt have imposed tight restrictions of the movement of goods and people into Gaza, and Abu Irmana said life had become unbearable for her seven children, with the family having to move every three or four months as they could not afford the rent. “May God help the people who are living here,” she said, speaking surrounded by friends and family all crammed into a tiny room under a corrugated iron roof. The family say they are from a small village they have never visited in what is now Israel. Three generations have lived in Gaza’s cramped al-Bureij refugee camp, in a section of the neighbourhood that residents call Block D.

And so on … and if it's all the fault of Hamas, they have fertile ground to persuade people to take up sling shots against snipers armed with the finest modern weapons … and every so often, the pond shifts from bemused fascination with the reptiles, to contempt ...

As for the geopolitical aspects, and walking past the stench of the Donald's pact with the evangelical devils, the pond was startled to see this turn up in the lizard Oz … and thought it must have been some sort of mistake …

Uh huh, waiter, a cartoon celebrating the Donald's and his nepotic spawn's negotiating skills …

And so back to the heresy that drifted into the lizard Oz from old blighty ...

And now North Korea has got a little iffy and sniffy, and that means more work for the tireless bromancer to do …but those images are going to take an awful lot of polishing …

And so to Rowe for a cartoon, with more Rowe here


  1. "...truth can be created by the repetition of a lie."

    Hmm, well I'm not entirely sure about that one DP, despite Charles Dodgson's excellent treatise on the subject. No, I'm more taken by the second and third Laws of Thermodynamics, namely:

    2. Entropy of an isolated system always increases
    3. Eventually - as the ambient temperature decreases - an isolated system asymptotically approaches constant entropy (ie, entropy never naturally decreases).**

    In short, over time a mixed system of truths (order) and lies (random disorder) will essentially become a frozen system of true lies. QED.

    ** Though some might prefer the neater representation of Entropy as:
    1. You can't win
    2. You can't even break even
    3. You must play.
    Next up, we may examine Emmy Noether's theorem about differentiable symmetries always having a conservation law.

  2. The laws of thermodynamics are even more depressing in the version I read:

    1 & 2 as given.

    3 - Things are going to get worse before they get better
    4 - who said things are going to get better?

    1. Ah well your 3 and 4 are a more accurate rendition of the 'real' 3rd law (my first '3'), whereas mine is more a matter of positing that the entire universe is actually one single 'isolated' (ie closed) system. From which there is obviously no escape.

      But either way, the message is: this moment is the very best we can ever get, it's all down hill from here.


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