Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In which nattering "Ned" leads the crusading lizard Oz and the pond to tedium and beyond ...

The good news is that the leftist twitterati have become increasingly rampant and abusive, and the likes of nattering "Ned" are now copping a scolding, without any sign that any of the tweeters can be bothered to crack the lizard Oz paywall.

Generic abuse is more than enough, and a worthy sport.

The bad news is that the reptiles will be in full crusading, campaigning mode on behalf of Malware's mob, until all the by-elections are over, which means that the likes of nattering "Ned" will inflict on the pond this sort of guff ...

Oh there'll be endless rhetorical overkill about risks and the dangers of Comrade Bill and so on and so forth ...

Speaking of cynical, the EXCLUSIVE in this day's Oz tree-killer edition is another part of the crusade ...

Of course all this is faithfully echoed by their ABC, which faithfully reports on the reptile doings each morning, and so becomes an extension of the reptile crusade to set the news for the day …

But back to nattering "Ned's" litany, which is more of the usual tedious usual ...

It goes without saying that the crusading reptiles are terrified, what with anxieties and neuroses over the budget, and whether it hit the mark, and whether a ten buck a week hand-out constituted a sufficient bribe …

(Pope's taking a break, but is still tweeting here).

And so to nattering "Ned's" clarion call: "There is a powerful and systemic Murdochian campaign to be mounted against Shorten based on credibility and character. This campaign almost writes itself. Unfortunately Malware's team are singularly useless, and so the reptiles will do their best to help out."

Or some such thing. Perhaps the pond's ouija board got the message scrambled, and here's how it turned out …

There's no doubt that the reptiles are nervous, and when they're agitated they'll give anyone in the vicinity a nasty nip.

The pond is left with the tedious task of surveying the crusaders - the duller that nattering "Ned" is, the more the pond can aspire to the lizard Oz business plan of zero readers - and all that can be offered this day by way of compensation is a Wilcox cartoon, with more Wilcox here


  1. Isn't it just glorious the way these sycophantic lap dogs can moralise on other people.
    But not see how they have been guilty of supporting a war criminal in Howard,Bush and Blair who this bloody sleaze supported.
    He can moralise all he likes about Bill Shorten but his guilt will follow him and Murdoch too their greave.

  2. I am a bit confused by the focus on Shorten. Unless they have some dirt they intend to trot out closer to the election I cannot see this as much of a tactic. It makes them look as if they have no other points they are confident to argue on.

    Bill is a rather grey character who would hardly inspire fear (outside the business chamber), the TURC fishing expedition produced nothing as far as unions are concerned and the Section 44 issues are a bit of a pot/kettle scenario that don't seem to get people excited.

    Now if you want to discuss character, there is this other guy who came in professing all sort of liberal social values who's turned out to be a real dud. Still does a lot of posturing but everyone can see through him now.

  3. How's this for timing

    1. I think, Bef, this is known as "quick, make this go away before we're done openly in a public court of law with blazing negative publicity".

      Or summat like that. I wonder if the reptiles can now get Ruddskin and BoBork to repeat their anti-union agitprop yet again. Though Norm Gallagjer and the Builder's Labourers were a bit over the odds such that Mundey and the Sydney BLF couldn't manage to rescue them.


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