Friday, November 11, 2016

In which the pond reads the bromancer and immediately sells out to China, as the only sensible way to avoid the Alan Morans of the world ...

Already the stupid are rushing to be with stupid ... because stupid is as stupid does ...

Naturally the Murdochians are at the forefront of the exercise and softening up and making palatable and easily digestible the patently bad-for-you indigestible ...

Yes the reality TV show has already kicked in, and naturally the reptiles of Oz joined with their Queensland brethren in the presentation ...

Well the pond doesn't have the slightest interest in the House of Trump, or meeting any members of the House of Trump ... 

Instead, in situations like this, when there is talk of houses, the pond routinely reverts to KJV's talk of houses ...

Oh the pond likes the sound of that, the throwing down of great buildings, and what joy as a bonus to hear the bleating of the lambs as they're lined up for the slaughter ...

And speaking of reptiles turned to sheep this is the top of the Oz digital page this day ...

Yes there it is at the bottom: the bromancer urging the pond to give Trump a chance. 

It immediately reminded the pond of Groucho Marx's "Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?"

But there they all were, all bleating away ... like John and Yoko urging the world to give peace a chance...

Yes, apparently we should all give the Donald a chance ... a chance to fuck up not just the United States, but the planet ...

Right there and then, the pond knew what to do, and turned to China. 

Way better food for a start. 

Sure, it's a dictatorship, with a fascist streak, but how's that different to the Donald? A few people will get rubbed the wrong way, like the psycho killer currently in charge of the Philippines and the hardline Commies that rule Vietnam, but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

After all, if climate science is a Chinese conspiracy - as the Donald tweeted to the world - then perforce the pond is with the Chinese. 

Call the pond any time you like comrades, we can work out a deal ... but meanwhile, we just have to finish with the barking mad bromancer, half delusional quisling and half delusional lickspittle fellow traveller in waiting ...a Chris Christie, if you will, ready to shut down a bridge if it'll provide the right sort of payback, and to hell with the suffering citizenry ...

Take a chill pill? Have a breather? With Sarah Palin given a portfolio, along with a cabinet of deplorables? Fuck that for a meaningless bit of gratuitously stupid advice ...

And as for the reptiles making things better ... they're in exactly the same climate denialist camp. Lo, see who is top of the digital opinion page this morning ...

Remember Alan Moran?

In his day, Moran was the IPA's front of house climate denialist, routinely publishing the climate denialist news for them ... until even the IPA baulked at him ...

But not the reptiles. 

There's no part of the gutter they won't drop in to for a good time and for a little of the standard denialist rhetoric ...

Now the pond understands where the angry old man anger came from that fuelled Trump's rise to power. The pond's own father was inclined to what in the old days were called "fits of temper", a polite way of describing bursts of uncontrollable white hot anger.

The anger usually burst on the world when the world refused to behave the way the pond's father expected, and it was often on view when any kind of craft activity was required. 

Unlike his father, skilled with his ahnds, the pond's father was singularly inept (and so it has to be admitted is the pond, since genes will out). The result was invariably Homer ...

Never mind, it can always be turned into a modern art piece, and perhaps out of the desolation in the United States we might get a little modern art of the ruined buildings kind (and more Pope here)...

But understanding the source of the anger and frustration doesn't ameliorate monstrous stupidity of the Moran kind ...

And there you have it. 

Climate science is an expensive Chinese conspiracy foisted on the world ... apparently we're well shot of it ...

And that's why the pond has gone Chinese ... and to hell with the reptiles and their Morans and the house of Trump ...

Give Trump a chance? That has as much chance as giving peace a chance, or giving a snowflake in hell a chance, or angry macho men pissing into the wind with the expectation and hope there won't be any splashback ...

In the process, the pond has returned to its bible-thumping days as the apocalypse and the rapture get ever closer ....

The pond hasn't reached flee to the mountain stage yet, but dammed if it'd be buying real estate next to the ocean right at the moment, and more to the point that bit of Mark nicely sets the pond up for a David Rowe cartoon (and as always, more impeccable Rowe here ...).

You see, for all the delusionals and optimists out there, if Trump doesn't go ahead and deliver his promises - completely impossible to fulfil as they are - his base will be mightily displeased. 

If he tries to wriggle out of them, he'll be just another politician. Scales will fall from eyes, the delusionals and the deplorables will wake up, and there will be much anger in the land.

But any time he attempts to enact some of the more important bits of his monumentally silly ideas, the more he will antagonise those who maintain some semblance of rationality. There will be much anger in the land ...

Welcome to the Trump House, home for reptiles perhaps, but not for the pond ... and so it's off to the bunker for a final day, knowing that when the pond returns for the weekend, the apocalypse will have taken on a Rowe-like fiery glow ...


  1. Will this wind be so mighty as to lay low the mountains of the eaaarrrth?

  2. RoweandPope :-)

    That headline in today's Oz about Trump's 'Outsiders' highlights the utterly wilful disregard for truth by sections of the media. The 'outsiders' are all INSIDERS. Rudy Guiliani, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich .....

    And it seems that TrickyTrump, the scourge of Wall Street, is going to appoint a Goldman Sachs personage to an important post.

    Sheridan cannot be tolerated even when offered free of charge at your smorgasbord, Dot. His words are unpalatable. Congealed and flavorless.

    How dare those commentators and Liberal politicians coo at Trump. Those champions of unfettered free trade, deregulation etc etc are now fluttering their lashes at a man who claims to be opposed to all of that.

    Miss pp

  3. That Mark 13, on how the presented houses would shape up in the future, was written with 20/20 hindsight. This other prospective piece on 'House of Trump' also seems to be old fashioned. But then stylings such as 'House of Windsor' still sell well - a Queensland state.

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    As usual Sheridan's analysis of what President Trump (I still can't truly believe I've just placed those two words together) will bring to the world's table is as usual an echo of Sheridan's own biases and wishful thinking. I think we can do better.

    Trump's inconsistency as to what his policies are, make it difficult to know what havoc he will sow whilst in office but as the RNC have now moved squarely behind their unexpected winning nominee it looks likely certain Republican dreams are going to be realised.

    With the GOP still controlling Congress, it is a given that their delaying tactics have worked and the next Supreme Court Justice picked by Trump will be right wing and pro big business. Bad luck if you have a womb and wanted control of your reproductive rights.

    Trump and the rest of the Republicans will also be in lock step over the environment. The EPA is going to get a kicking and any chance of any US led climate change mitigation is now dead in the ever rising waters. Bad luck if you were hoping to stop a mass extinction event.

    Immigration and border control should be common ground too for Trump and the RNC but there are significant differences. Trump based his whole campaign around building The Wall and vilifying Mexicans. This played well with his supporters but for the senior republicans and their backers, illegal immigration pushes down wages and maximises profits. Expect a lot of fudging around this issue, some grandstanding but little solid change. No change for Hispanics they are still just a piƱata to be beaten for political expediency.

    The big source of antagonism will be free trade vs protectionism and the TPP will be a major bone of contention. Trump's major appeal to the blue collar, rust belt denizens is that he will reverse globalisation and bring back industry and well paying jobs back to the masses. For the GOP and its rich 1% backers this would be a nightmare. Trump will begin to lose major skin with his supporters if he doesn't move the US to a more protectionist stance but the markets will have fit and the chance of yet another recession would be high. Worse yet it could trigger a major trade war. For students of history the 1930's is a sobering thought. Again Trump will attempt to change the conversation. Bad luck if you are Muslim, Black, Mexican or don't truly want to 'Make America Great Again'.

    After that it's very difficult to predict what Trump's unique personality will bring to the job of POTUS. It's very likely his forthright opinions and outspoken attitudes will make the life of the US diplomatic Corp interesting and foreign relationships will be tricky although our own sycophantic pollies will grin and bear just about any humiliation.

    All of the above predications seem fairly safe but I will make one wild speculative bet.

    I very much doubt Trump will be able to differentiate between a deal that is good for him and his company and one that is good for the USA. My guess he will be facing impeachment within three years.

    Interesting times


    1. (I still can't truly believe I've just placed those two words together)

      "Sheridan's analysis" - agreed, they do jar

  5. "Bad luck if you were hoping to stop a mass extinction event."

    Ah well, Malthus (and the Club of Rome) were always going to have zymurgy.

    "I very much doubt Trump will be able to differentiate between a deal that is good for him and his company..."

    Based on his past practices, I very much doubt Trump will be able to even recognise a deal that is good for him and his company. His deal making record is just abysmal - except for his remarkable talent for rapid recovery from bankruptcy.

  6. Dorothy, may I suggest you add the jottings of Georgina Downer to your stable. My mum used to refer to a smallish table as an 'occasional table' and so are Georgina's pieces, one of which delighted us in the SMH this merry morn.

    Georgina is another youngish spawn of the IPA, a Liberal MP in waiting.

    Her article comprised of right-wing cliches strung together like pop beads.

    She is indeed a worthy addition to the Loon Pond banquet.

    Miss pp

    1. Are you sure, Miss pp ? Downer just seems like a lesser Oreole as far as can see (and it takes some effort to be lesser that The Oreole).

      Like Rita Panahi is just a Devine epigone at best.

      Good to have 'em on the reserves bench, but are they really up to being promoted to be players ?

    2. Yes please. Georgina is well worthy of loon status.


    1. It must be an acquired taste. Yes it's inserted in there like everywhere, or you could just avoid that particular horrid circle, FB, and go straight to your chosen piece of unfun hell without FB:


      That's right My Faithful Evildoers - I'm Back!!!"

      From a non-entity, non-existence. I don't believe it. How?

      Still below the fold I've read fun things as weird today:

  8. "(China) the psycho killer currently in charge of the Philippines and the hardline Commies that rule Vietnam, but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs."

    Now, now, settle down, Dot. Without interruption there's been a "psycho killer currently in charge of the Philippines" at any particular time for a very long time. Duterte publicly associating himself with it is the only difference. During the period when Amerika was in charge, the killer psychopathy then extended to millions and genocide was explicitly and officially called for based on the profitable Native American exterminations (septic tanks, especially Clintonists: always with "the price is worth it")... even allowing for whatever psychos are in charge of enforcement from psycho Rome from time to time, the Amerika psycho killer period is probably mostly why the Philippines has continued so thoroughly fucked up. Duterte thinks so.

    1. A collection of thoughts about American foreign policy The Anti-Empire Report #146 By William Blum – Published November 6th, 2016

      A few small points of many that Blum makes, sans reference hyperlinks:

      Since the end of World War 2, the United States has:
      1.Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically-elected.
      2.Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.
      3.Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.
      4.Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.
      5.Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.*
      6.Plus … although not easily quantified … has been more involved in the practice of torture than any other country in the world … for over a century … not just performing the actual torture, but teaching it, providing the manuals, and furnishing the equipment.

      *See chapter 18 of William Blum, “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower”

      On October 28, 2016 Russia was voted off the UN Human Rights Council. At the same time Saudi Arabia won a second term, uncontested. Does anyone know George Orwell’s email address?


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