Sunday, July 15, 2018

In which the pond spends quality time with a diabolical duo at climate science denialist central ...

There are some days that the pond just has to summon up the courage, lie back and feign pleasure, and the sight of this diabolical duo of climate science denialists hooked up together in the lizard Oz meant that this day the pond would have to do its duty …

It might be all it could stand for the day, but duty would be done.

The pond should actually be a bit more precise. 

Each time the dog botherer bobs up, it's worth remembering that beneath every word that he scribbles is a full-blown climate science denialist, with scientific qualifications up there with those of Moorice. 

Lomborg is a little cleverer, disingenuous and dissembling, as he pretends to acknowledge that climate science might involve some actual issues, but then proceeds to downplay, distract and dither, offering contradictory suggestions and an enormous amount of blather. 

The net effect remains the same however, so it was right of the reptiles to present the diabolical duo together, though being patriotic, the pond decided to let the dog botherer have first dibs …

The pond doesn't have to provide any commentary. As soon as the dog botherer leads with "the futility of climate gestures", it's enough of a reminder that he's an unreconstructed climate science denialist …and actually a worthy companion to the onion muncher, though the way he pretends that he's inside the tent is to label the onion muncher a fringe dweller.

It's a sordid tactic from a fanatical fringe dweller, but as to be expected ...

Indeed, it doesn't tell the whole story… the whole story would have included a bit of full-blown bout of dog botherer climate science denialism of the Moorice kind … but instead the denialism this day will only turn up in the penultimate par with idle chatter about "climate consensus" ...

Well there's no point spending any more time with the dog botherer because Bjorn has been stomping up and down the corridor waiting his turn, and what better way to introduce him than to show emissions of some kind ...

Whenever the pond is confronted by Bjorn, it always heads off to other pastures for a reminder, as here, with active links ...

It means the pond doesn't have to pay any attention to the latest iteration of very familiar themes …

What's more remarkable is the way that Lomborg's reduced status and relevance seems to mean he's only turning up as an occasional reptile correspondent.

Once upon a time, if the pond googled his pieces, they'd turn up elsewhere on the intertubes, but this time the only reference that came  up was a lizard Oz Facebook posting, copying a tweet urging punters to bash their heads against the paywall to get their dose of weekend climate science denialism ...

That's very modest business - probably what you get when you fear social media, and yet try to use it as a way to troll readers into meeting the paywall - and outrageously one of the commenters had the cheek to provide a link to Skeptical Science … but the suggestion that actual science should be mentioned outraged the pond, so it plunged back into the fantasy world of the Lomborg ...

The pond was reminded that the blithe, airy way that Lomborg waves his hands and dismisses concerns has precedents ...

That nifty pic comparison came here, with some nifty text where the links are live, including ...

Yes, deep down the onion muncher and the Lomborg are one ...

At this point, the pond need only refer back to previous observations of Lomborgian contradictions … you know, solar and wind are useless, what we need is dinkum coal, oi, oi,  oi, that'll sort out the emissions and solve world poverty, and why not invest in completely unidentified green solutions, because that's certain to be the way forward …

Oh and scribble it with a well-meaning smile ...

It's all bullshit of course, prime quality bullshit, of the kind to be expected by Australia's very own reptile home for climate denialism.

Where else can you find someone diligently explaining how green technologies are a waste of time, so we should invest in research and development in green technologies so that in some distant future, we might click our heels three times and end up in Florida …

Oops, maybe Kansas would be better … it seems as Florida begins to sink beneath the sea, some Floridans are getting a little tetchy ...

Never mind, we've got stacks of time according to the Lomborg hour glass, though sadly, the reptile sands in the reptiles denialist hourglass have this day have resulted in the pond resembling a three minute egg ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “If we don’t act, the damage will reach 3 per cent to 4 percent early next century - a significant impact, but still nowhere near catastrophic in a world where climate models expect the average inhabitant to be 500 per cent richer.”

    Where does Lomborg get these figures from? Why would climate models make assumptions about the wealth of future generations? Why would they need to?

    Total bullshit.


    1. "Bullshit baffles brains", DW, and, as you've noted, Lomborg is nothing if not a steaming pile.

      But of course, the Murdochian universe has no brains anyway, so "bullshit" actually becomes the delivered truth - as passionately espoused by the Doggy Boverer.

  2. Actually, you know DP, the world is running out of sand:

  3. You gotta laugh out loud, speaking of bullshit brains there is an item on the Fairfax website describing how the well known war criminal and lying rodent is coming out of his relative silence to assert his "immense authority".

    The blog of the former deputy John Anderson was also mentioned. Surprise surprise his blog features all of the usual loons, both home grown and from yankee doodle land too.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This sort of sums up the level of analysis in most of these pieces:

      Original here

      It's rather obviously a rear guard action to protect vested interests. Despite all the talk of market solutions it's very clear the market will make choices very undesirable for the fossil fuel lobby, hence the need for political interference.

      I don't know why this always surprises me, I should know that talk of market solutions shouldn't be taken seriously. None of the players actually want to compete, they just want to collect the rent and paying off the politicians and press barons is just a minor expense.

    3. Talking about "market solutions", Bef, I was impressed by the robust state of the market in India:

      That'll do Adani no end of good.

    4. Yes, I see this reported everywhere else but not in the Murdoch press. The Adani empire is in a bit of trouble and a big write down on Australian assets is the last thing they need (Abbot Point needs Carmichael - a nice game of dominoes).

  4. This American loon is featured on Anderson's blog under the title "education" for the elites.

    1. The pockets of yanqui Wingnut Welfare are very deep. Just ask Elon Musk.


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