Monday, July 09, 2018

In which the pond forsakes its Oreo for the day ...

For the first time in many a long moon the pond decided to abandon the Oreo, simply because she's scribbling furiously about matters the pond isn't well-informed enough to discuss.

Of course ignorance has never stopped the Oreo - irrational prejudice is the spur that incites her to a gallop - but there's no reason for the pond to follow blindly around that course …

Instead the pond was pleased to see the reptiles doing their usual, taking four day old copy from another source and sticking a gold bar on it …

Here it was today ...

There's a lot more, with a few more stock photos, but why bother, because look over here, lo, there it was four days ago, and what do you know, the reptiles were too stingy to fork out for the cartoon …

Well follow the link and read more at The Economist, or heck, subscribe to The Economist, it's a never no mind for the pond …

And so, for a bit of bulk, the pond turned to yet another lecture on the dangers of socialism …

Funny how there's a constant stream of columns featuring the dangers of pinko perverts, but damned few about the dangers of the Donald, unless they happen to be imported from The Economist

Childlike views reflect ignorance of economics?

But it's so much easier to shout at the young and the clouds, so on we go with the shouting …

Capitalism operates within a tightly woven fabric of legislation that provide little scope for predatory practices?

Waiter, the pond wants a special serve of that kool-aid the Sexton is on, and spare no expense, chill it and stir it extravagantly using the finest appliances, which will no doubt result in an electricity bill or two to get the agrarian socialists excited …

Yes, the plucky lads have discovered that having privatised the sector, they now have a suspicion some naughty folk might be making out like bandits …

Oh it's all a jolly jape amongst greenie nat agrarian socialist chums, and the pond can't help but wonder if all the confusion is due to too many pollies attending a tertiary institution.

Never mind, here's a cartoon to help out the Sexton …


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I’m all for capitalism as so long as there is genuine competition between companies. Unfortunately the set of rent-seekers currently suckling at the government teat are much happier “competing” as either monopolies or cartels.

    Here’s a more humorous explanation;


    1. Oh very good indeed, DW. Where did you find that one ?

    2. Hi GB,

      These guys;

      They’ve done a few more in a similar vein.


    3. Yeah, well noted, DP. But in a more serious vein - that of an old man whispering dispiritedly at clouds - this might strike a chord:

  2. More of the reptiles' brilliant Business Plan in action; patronise an entire generation or two of potential customers. Here's a tip, reptiles - your scant readership is ageing, and telling anyone under 30 (40? 50?) that they're fuckwits isn't the best way to attract their patronage. If anyone under-middle-aged was tempted to purchase the Oz - either electronically or in dead tree form - a quick sample of the regurgitated pap served up in the Sexton's simplistic sermon would surely dissuade them.

  3. Sexton: "But it [capitalism] now operates within a tightly woven fabric of legislation in Australia and other countries that provides little scope for predatory practices."

    How very "childlike" of him. Oh, but I guess he's never heard of the Financial Services Royal Commission, has he. Just another one of those things that "seems to reflect a lack of understanding not so much of politics but of economics." And in particular, of the "economics" of "robber barons".

    And to prove it, courtesy of the Courier-Mail: "Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has batted away calls from colleagues and opponents for a national inquiry into high power prices and profiteering."

    Just like he did with the Financial Services situation. But what I'd like is a Royal Commission into the total failure of the politicians, abetted by a comatose public service, who completely failed their duty to keep a close watch on such a vital service as power, and therefore let it get into this appalling state.

    1. Sexton starts out by tut tutting about imprecise language then goes on to be just as imprecise himself. It's not surprising given the changes in both academic and popular usage over time but he has chosen to misunderstand what the survey likely means. The kids aren't expressing support for a command economy, they are expressing dissatisfaction with neoliberalism. They actually observe better than Sexton how our current take on the market economy has failed to deliver the promised benefits and how more regulated markets often provide better outcomes.

      Basically a false dichotomy.

    2. What was it I said about the entire RWNJ subspecies the other day ? oh yes, something about them making various claims to actually having some capacity for rationality and honesty, that being one which breaks me up every time.

      Yep, still does.


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