Tuesday, July 17, 2018

In which the pond enjoys a postprandial Caterist disruption to its usual torpor ...

The reptiles continued during 'the day' to attempt to cope with 'alternative reality', like 'Russian spies' , but the pond felt the need, with the sun over the yard arm, for a hit of distilled essence of Caterism …

The valiant lad, taking a break from sucking on the teat of the Australian taxpayer, was blessed by a Krygsman which distilled the essence of Caterist thinking …floating in mid-air ...

The pond has no idea why anyone might be agitated. Sue 'em!

More Graudian cartoons here ...

It is of course above the Caterist pay grade to provide a detailed explanation of "a hard Brexit that works."

The task - the feat - managed to defeat Boris and his cohort, and they abandoned ship rather than offer a solution, so it would be a tad optimistic to expect the Caterist to manage the task, especially when he has important applications for taxpayer loot to write …

… though to be fair, he might have minions on hand to deal with the tedious details …

And there, it might seem, is the reason noble England is so comprehensively fucked. 

All the brightest minds have fled to the colonies, and each week the lizard Oz enjoys the boon of Caterist wisdom, and perhaps the only regret is that experienced by Australian taxpayers …

Never mind, another Graudian cartoon will help the digestion … that or a stiff after five drink …


  1. Hi Dorothy.

    “It’s better to have a hard Brexit that works”

    Well good luck with that;




    1. Yair, myself I'd rather have the "fudge in the middle".

      But then, there's this:
      "... gross domestic product has risen for eight successive quarters and the financial services sector has grown 10.6 percent. Retail spending is up by 8 per cent and car sales by 9 percent. Unemployment fell from 4.9 per cent in June 2016 to 4.2 per cent last month."

      By heck it's good to be the "executive director" of a world famed "Research Centre", because it means you can pull lots of dodgy numbers straight out of the air (or somewhere). And you don't even have to say where the numbers came from because "You just tell them and they believe you".

      Things are obviously going so well in the UK, I wonder if the Cater could be moved back there. After all, can't selfishly waste such a great one on ourselves, can we.


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