Friday, July 06, 2018

In which the pond celebrates free speech, Catholic style ...

After the reptiles' epic battle with climate science, the pond wanted a break, so why not take a walk amongst the bigots for a few comedy stylings?


Say what, they're not still at it, hectoring, and hating, and banning dissenters, and rabbiting on about teh gays?

Seems so, and laced with a generous dose of hypocrisy and irony ...

The pond was moved enough to push Rod Taylor out of his time machine, so that it could head back a few years to ancient times…

Yep, that'll do, that'll do nicely ...

Ah, there we go, it wasn't just the humbug Porteous …

The Fisher of hate, fear and loathing added another rich layer of hypocrisy and irony with "Catholics, like the overwhelming majority of Australians, support freedoms of religion and speech…"

Get a laugh out of that one Frank? How's your freedom to speak going?

Well if that doesn't do it, Frank, how about a Rowe cartoon, with more Rowe here …?

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  1. Yeah, that is Catholic Free Speech, DP: you can say anything you like as long as you clear it with Opus Dei first.

    I do love that 'reptile Holy Lie' though, about how:
    " one should be dragged before tribunals merely for stating one side of that [SSM] debate".

    Couldn't agree more Arch Fisher, old mate. Couldn't agree more. But then: "...fair minded readers ...would see that it [the brochure] was carefully worded and compassionate"

    So, you reckon that using terms such as "messing with kids" (note the unsubtle pointer to 'gay paedophiles') and stating that same-sex couples were not "whole" humans is actually a fine example of Catholic "compassion". Well compared with burning at the stake and other traditional examples of Catholic 'godliness', perhaps it is.

    But really, it's just another case of the Andrew "I've been silenced" Bolt lie, isn't it. He wasn't silenced, and neither were you. But then, ever since the forgery of the Donation of Constantine, the Roman Church has been reviled as liars. It really is just a wee bit like Psalm 18:26 -
    With the pure you are pure,
    but with the wrongdoer you will be deceptive
    And of course, 'gays' are really such awful wrongdoers, aren't they.


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