Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In which Hansonite Dame Slap goes missing in action ...

There was only one story at the lizard Oz today, and everybody was in on the game …


The pond was shattered to see Dame Slap not mount a defence of her hero … 

Instead, look at the company she was made to keep …

So at last the reptiles confess, albeit in an indirect way, that Dame Slap is a Hanson voter? So it seems, because not just Hanson voters support Trump. Dame Slap was there, dancing in the streets of New York ...

But enough of cowards that desert their hero and the field of battle at the moment it counts … enough of cowards who go missing in action, because at last and not least the bromancer has turned up, and it's a beauty, as flashy and as subtle as a carp in a pond …

First up there's clear proof of why having a Lobbecke or a Krygsman is a blessing. 

Sure they peddle obnoxious stereotypes and despicable caricatures, but at least it's better than an actual shot of the bromancer as an inducement to read his mighty work…

Now the pond just had to stop right there …

Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, with the support of Bill Shorten??

What's the onion muncher got to do with it? 

Suddenly he's the deputy PM? He's worthy of a coupling with Malware?

But do go on, slippery carp, show your inner eel …

Ah, that's befuddled the waters nicely … a little strange, but really the deep state is out to get him, so no wonder he's a little strange ...

Now there's a lesson for Dame Slap in the art of ambivalence.

If she'd only had the bromancer skills, she could have written about the Donald today. After all, he's admitted to mis-speaking, and he's a little strange, but really it's all political and the deep state and Mueller are out to get him, because these bloody Republicans know no shame when it comes to devious political behaviour … and if you don't believe that, just look at that bloody Republican Mueller, politicised and outside his scope and running interference…

Well the rest was just as good at carp-like, evasive eel scribbling as those opening flourishes ...

Indeed, indeed, the Donald is just a benign bumbling idiot with his heart in the right place … and now, in the final gobbet, a chance for the bromancer to distract a little by talking about nutty folk, as if the bromancer himself isn't a classic nutter ...

Yes, he's even got journalists in his camp who can scribble immortal lines about a lack of compelling evidence and overblown criticism, like…

… and see Donald enemies everywhere …

… and in a quisling, forelock-tugging way, dissemble and downplay …

Is it any wonder that the pond turns to Rowe for reliable relief, with more reliable relief here …?!


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I wonder if the communiques from Rupert to his reptile minions are becoming ever more infrequent. It’s almost as if the last message received was a “All hail Trump” from last year and since then it’s been radio silence.

    Sheridan is therefore left tying himself in knots trying to put lipstick on this particular pig knowing full well that Trump’s performance was indefensible.

    As to whether Trump is a Russian asset I’ll keep to the fish theme and quote Henry David Thoreau;

    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."


    1. Interesting about Roopie, DW: I have been watching the web and I haven't seen either any statement that Murdoch has actually recovered from his fall on Lachlan's yacht, or any evidence of Rupert himself - of which there used to be plenty, and not only twitter (which he abandoned). Google doesn't seem to find anything either.

      Does anybody know what state Murdoch is actually in ? I kinda hoped that Crooke's effort in the most recent Monthly might say something one way or the other, but it didn't (unless I've gone blind, deaf and stupid at last and missed something).

    2. Hi GB,

      Sad to report Murdoch appears to have recovered. Worse luck.


    3. Shows that prayer doesn't work!

    4. Nor curses nor spiritual bribes, Bef.

      Anyway, thanks DW, I definitely had not seen that post. Though maybe hope can spring eternal ?

      "Other diners in the restaurant have spoken to PS about the outing, revealing that it appeared Murdoch was "clinging" on to his wife's arm as they departed, bound for his limo waiting outside and no doubt thankful for a steady hand to guide him."
      "Murdoch had also opted for a pair of decidedly more comfy cushioned joggers on his feet,"

      And of course that was back in April (20th) and I still haven't seen all that much of Roopie in the last several months. Who knows, maybe he isn't all that fully recovered yet at all.

  2. Bromancer: "...a small group who have a truly grotesque devotion to Putin as a champion of Western civilisation."

    And they "have a faint echo in Australia" ? Quick, quick, send in the Ramsayites; never before has "Western civilisation" been in such need of non-nutty exposition.

  3. And the ABC has the audacity to have this fool on the Jon Faine program to discus world affairs when there are clear alternatives with a less biased ideology than a puppet from the Murdoch stable.
    If we continue to allow Murdoch to dictate our political outcomes this country will slide into a dictatorship and we will be controlled by right wing lunatics.
    We now have the take over of the ABC by ex employee's from the Murdoch empire,from what I witnessed last night they had Van Onselen chairing the program and a pommy commentator from the Daily Telegraph. I turned over to SBS as quickly as I could because what is the point of listening to a mouth piece that has to toe the company line.

    1. The Oscillating Fan is a long way from being a quisling in the Murdochracy, he pulled the pin on Sky News, and has been subtly critiquing that cesspit as often as he gets the chance. I'd suspect he's on the edge of dismissal as he's posted several quite balanced pieces of late in The Australian.

      Don't know who "pommy from Tele" could be, but just the brief mental images of the Caterist or that most usual Dean character give one a brief hives outbreak.

    2. Yeah ww, I too kinda resent RN having the Bromancer on Jon Faine's show. But then, I'm not the enthusiastic listener I once was - waking at 5:00 am to hear British comedy radio show repeats, especially the Goons - in fact, if my beloved partner didn't turn it on just to get some morning noise then, like DP, I wouldn't hear him at all.

      But then I sometimes wonder if it isn't some kind of clever ploy: when the Bromancer comes on, all the real RN listeners - like just about everybody in the olden days of the tv ad break - wander off to make a cuppa or visit the loo while ABC claims documented proof of "even handedness" by having a Murdoch reptile on air.

      So it goes, yes ?

  4. Weird how they keep banging on about Putin's "crimes against humanity", especially in world terms the inconsequential MH17 event, when at the same time they promote the "immense authority" of lying rodent war criminal as the liberal partys "elder statesman".

    Meanwhile the peace-loving Americans drop a bomb on someone in the Middle East or North Africa every twelve minutes. They have been bombing one or another such countries every day since at least the first Gulf war. How much tonnage of bombs were dropped on North Vietnam and Cambodia - more than in WWII.

    The trumpenfuhrer wants everyone to make or purchase more "beautiful weapons".

    1. I confess to being just a tad amused by the whole Crimea thing. Let me quote a wee snatch of history:

      The modern history of the Crimea begins with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by Catherine the Great in 1783 and the handing over of the Crimea by the Ottoman Empire to Russia as part of the Treaty provision.
      Catherine the Great's incorporation of the Crimea in 1783 from the defeated Ottoman Empire into the Russian Empire increased Russia's power in the Black Sea area.

      Now, is there any mention of Ukraine in any of that ? Or is Crimea Russian ?

      But then:
      In 1921 the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was created. This republic was dissolved in 1945, and the Crimea became an oblast first of the Russian SSR (1945–1954) and then the Ukrainian SSR (1954–1991). From 1991 the territory was covered by the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol City within independent Ukraine.

      Finally, long long ago in 1954, Nikita Kruschev passed Crimea over to the Ukraine which then was just another bit (oblast) of the Russian Empire. And Gorbachev forgot to reclaim it when he deconstructed the Soviet Empire.

      So what exactly is the Ukraine's claim to Crimea again ?


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