Sunday, July 22, 2018

In which the dog botherer and prattling Polonius do a double bunger act ...

The pond would like to do a big shout-out to JJ, who in the birthday celebrations, tipped the pond off to a Firefox add-on …

It took the pond a little while to get around to it, but it worked a treat, and as he or she noted, it can be found here ….

The pond recommends it to anyone suffering reptile withdrawal symptoms ...

The pond is spiritually a nerd, and is constantly amazed by the skills of nerds and the abilities of nerds as they go about their cyber warfare, though it has to be said that intellectually the pond has the nerdish skill sets of a bar of soap …

Nonetheless, thanks to JJ - instead of the pond's usual tricks to gain access, the dog botherer piece below came via his or her advice …though the pond couldn't resist dropping in on the lizard Oz twitter feed to begin proceedings…

The pond knew at once the sign of the Lobbecke meant that the dog botherer had been granted cult status … though the pond had to guess that it was the master, because there didn't seem to be an authenticating signature, and there was no machine at hand to check the patina ...

Indeed, indeed, and many can now play soccer, though this can lead to tears at the lizard Oz …

Hmm, and it seems white men can't do hoops or play NFL or NRL… though it rather does explain the bromancer story featured yesterday ...

It seems Europe and the Donald are the problem - remind the pond where the USA finished in the World Cup? - and African soccer players are the answer …

But enough of the deeply Freudian fears of feeble white men, it's back to the joyous dog botherer ...

The pond has to hand it to the dog botherer. As a denialist given to lying endlessly about climate science from a position of remarkable scientific ignorance and with an astonishing lack of qualifications, the dog botherer deserves unstinting praise from the pond for being up there with the Donald in his capacity and ability at lying … though the pond feels compelled to note that his feigned optimism is a tad hard to take, as his usual level of snark and bile is more on a par with The Mocker and such like forms of nattering negativity ...

The tears of joy he sheds for his children? There must have been some kind of reconciliation …

What to say? … "He's been known to argue for stubborn, sightless inaction on climate change"?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose to use a French soccer term ...

And now because the pond is finding it hard letting go and likes its double bunters, or even just a bunch of ordinary crackers …

…the pond simply couldn't let the weekend go without dropping in on prattling Polonius.

It has to be said that inane repetition, rather like crackers going off in a Chinese New Year celebration is Polonius's chief strength, and what do you know, he's bunging on about the ABC yet again …

If the pond had a penny for every time Polonius has bemoaned the way the ABC refuses to give the brave inner city 'leet lad a gig as an authentic right-wing presenter (dressed up as concern for others who've missed out), the pond would have almost as many billions as the Donald, or at least be deeply in hock to the Russians as much as he  clearly is, and so inclined to behave erratically according to the whims of the puppet master ...

Now the pond deeply sympathises with Polonius about their ABC, and there is clearly a solution to hand.

He and his wife must immediately boycott the ABC. No more appearances on The Insiders, The Drum, and such like, which can be seen as implicit, quisling, forelock-tugging support for the current management and their insidious, hideous practices.

It might take some time for the ABC management to come to its collective senses, but it will surely be worth it in the long run, and the pond senses that ABC viewers will be right behind Polonius in his endless boycott …

Polonius will still be able to rail at the ABC from the comfort of his reptile eerie, and everyone at the ABC will wail at their loss … in much the same way as in winter the pond deeply misses the sounds of mosquitoes droning in its ear ...

Indeed, indeed, what the ABC needs is Polonial types willing to wear proper climate science-denying caps on their heads …

Phew, lucky that's a good excuse for a few more cartoons …


  1. The editorial DoggyBov: "Never mind that the climate has stubbornly refused to warm in line with any of the modelling published during the past three decades."

    Just exactly as you say, DP: "...the dog botherer deserves unstinting praise from the pond for being up there with the Donald in his capacity and ability at lying". But what also needs to be emphasized, again and again, is the incredible persistence with which the Murdochians push their lies, and the way that their loyal followers believe them. And will continue to believe them right up to and including the day they die of heat exposure and exhaustion.

    "You just tell them and they believe you" said the Trumpster, and whatever else he's lied about or got wrong, he was spot on with that one.

    DoggyBov again: "...we have adopted radical interventions designed not to supply energy efficiently and reliably ..."

    For anybody wanting an alternative viewpoint, I can recommend this:
    A longish read, but an enlightening one.

    " …the pond simply couldn't let the weekend go without dropping in on prattling Polonius."

    No, no, of course not, DP. Go for it with our very best wishes. :-)

    Polonius: "The truth is that there are more left-wing journalists on News Corp's payroll in Australia than there are conservatives employed by the ABC."

    Oh yeah, Polly one, how about you follow your own pronoucements and 'name names in support of your case'. Just who are these fabled "left-wing journalists" employed by News Corp ?

    1. Yup GB The "The truth is that there are more left-wing journalists on News Corp's payroll" stick with me. Who? Does Phillip Adams still write for News? That's pretty much it as far as I can tell. Garry Johns? Sure, he was a Labor man - like Latham might have been.

      But Fran, that Karvellas idiot, Switzer, that up-himself twit who does Q&A. Vanstone used to be on too. I don't watch or listen to the wireless or TV anymore because my ABC being the only electronic media I did consume is no longer "my" ABC.

    2. I think so, but it'd be a hell of a stretch to call Pill Adams a Lefty these days. A lot like Johns and Latham I think, more of a 'me-y'. I vaguely recall decades ago that Adams was sorta Lefty, but I haven't read or listened to him for more than 20 years.

  2. "Possum Magic"? Maybe the dog botherer should suggest Roy Scranton read "The Magic Pudding" to his sprog.

  3. Clearly Henderson didn't watch the FC story, the first 10 minutes were about a NZ man who was deported to NZ after serving 12 months in gaol for bashing his Australian wife!
    Love your work DP.

    1. Not apropos of anything in particular, but I found these numbers interesting:

      Number of NZ 'born' resident in Australia ~650,000
      Number of Australia 'born' resident in NZ ~62,000 (2013 census).

  4. The thing about lying is that you can spill out a whole string of falsehoods without attempting any sort of proof. In fact, it's better not to provide evidence because of those pesky fact checkers (and being wrong of course!).

    Referencing the facts requires hours of reading and some hard thinking - anathema to the Oz readership. The liar can pour out any number of falsehoods in that time.

    If your position is basically to do nothing, assume the status quo is the best possible outcome, the best tactic is to stick your fingers in your ears, repeat "nah nah nah nah nah nah" and rely on ignorance and laziness.

    PS - sorry to keep re-posting - these fingers aren't entirely under my control!

    1. Yair, whose bits are fully under their own control any more. So help us here, how do you get one of your postings deleted ?

      And apart from that, how about this: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” [Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain]. But then it isn't the travel speed, it's a question of who does the telling, isn't it.

      So why would people trust and believe Trump unto death, and casually ignore people who tell them the truth ? What is the compelling power that Trump's rendering of lies has that nobody else can seem to interdict in any way whatsoever ?

  5. Blogger lets you delete but not edit. It does, however, leave "This comment has been removed by the author" like a big smear of liquid paper (I used this a lot in the old days).

    I don't think most people believe Trump, they just want some part of his agenda or some sort of validation of their more shameful beliefs. The evangelicals want to control other people's reproductive rights. The bigots want to scapegoat minorities for problems of their own making.

    1. Yes but how do I get Blogger to delete ? What do I have to type in and/or click on to make it happen ?


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