Wednesday, July 11, 2018

In which Dame Slap produces her usual quota of righteous humbuggery ...

Dame Slap's back in her Wednesday slot, and all's well with the world …

Speaking of quackery and humbug and boards, that reminded the pond of an epic piece of humbuggery, recorded here …

That report went on:

The Friends of the ABC is less confident in the appointment than Minister Coonan, with spokesperson Glenys Stradijot telling radio info: 
“The Government has demonstrated its disdain for the national broadcaster by appointing one of the ABC’s most strident critics… It appears the Government’s criteria for appointment to the ABC Board is opposition to the broadcaster’s healthy operation… The Government is abusing its responsibility to the community by stacking the board of the national broadcaster with political sympathisers.” 
Shadow Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says the appointment continues the Government's policy of “stacking the ABC with its political mates.” “John Howard seems to regard the ABC Board as a private club, with memberships to be handed out to his supporters as a reward. The Government's practice of appointing strident coalition supporters to the ABC Board undermines public confidence in the independence of the national broadcaster,” says Conroy. 
 Labor believes that there should be an open and transparent process for making appointments to the ABC board.

How the pond misses the great big internet filter for everything, but leaving that aside, what happened to Dame Slap?

But then like a bad penny, she turned up again …

And so on and so tediously forth, if anybody wants to google the story, but what did Media Watch have to say about all this, here?

Of course Dr Watt didn't take the call, and didn't answer the questions, with more here, but the whole saga is sauce to help digest the rest of this day's parade of humbuggery by the much favoured Dame Slap …

Indeed, indeed, and the stacking of the ABC board apparently has much to do with the desire of the right wing to subjugate everyone to their reptile overlords.

No wonder Dame Slap has such a deep love for the Donald …and no wonder the IPA board is her natural home ...

The pond has no idea why Dame Slap would attach an email address to her story - it seems an invitation to trolling, though perhaps the trolls have moved to Twitter - but the pond was ineffably moved to realise that it was just a short jump from big pond to loon pond …

As for the rest, the usual sauce,  the usual goose, and the usual dressing, from a humbug whose defining merit for sundry government gigs seemed to be her ability to screech the loudest ...

And so to a couple of Rowe cartoons celebrating the difficulties of a woman appointed to high office, though the boardroom seems to be mainly decorated with corpses these days … and as always, more Rowe here

Fuseli did a number of versions of his nightmare - there was a good market for beasts perving on women back in the day - but this one hits the Rowe spot …


  1. Thank you Dorothy for your hard work putting this critique of the the right wing half wits. How could this crack pot lot hold their head up after all the cheating and misleading that has taken place with their philandering and deception of other members of the family?
    So it doesn't matter who they have hurt along the way as long as they can stay anchored to Murdochracy teat and then pick up a little stipend from the public purse with the result of the IPA being a charity and receiving government support.

  2. Well it's always been a mystery to me, but now, thanks to Dame Snap, I know why women have been almost entirely missing from human history for almost all of the last 4000 years (at least). It wasn't because all of the recruiting and selecting was done by males who all had 100% pro-men anti-women criteria. Oh no, no you silly lieberal, it was because all but a very few women were uninterested, or unable, or both ! Unless it was Kinder, Küche, Kirche, of course. But even then you had to get a male chef if you wanted a really decent meal, and a male priest if you wanted a decent tryst with God.

    Not our Dame Snap though, oh no. She's never been assisted by anybody ! Got everywhere and everything 100% by her own endeavours only. But then, Snappy was once a practising commercial lawyer, then got a PhD (thank goodness that the 100% pro-male quota had been 'relaxed') and became an academic teacher. So why is she neither of those things now - why is she 100% on the Right Wing Welfare gravy train (involving Kroger's 'impersonal' assistance, of course) ?

    Let's consider: if a woman with, supposedly, a law PhD is blind, deaf and stupid enough to believe Monckton's total nonsense about United Nations black helicopters taking over the world (amongst swathes of other nonsense she believes), then what kind of a lawyer would she have made ? Oh sure, she'd believe everything her clients told her, but then she'd also believe everything the opposing side told her.

    Bingo, a recipe for failure leading her first into the supposed easy world of academia, and then when she proved incapable of that, to where she currently resides - in the comforting grasp of Murdochian Right Wing paradise, where sightless and brainless is no handicap.

  3. Albrechtsen, Kroger and Windschuttle. Sounds like a 100% idiot quota. Seriously, what have any of these people done to commend them to run a meat raffle.

    I sometimes wonder if people like Snappy are not just exhibiting a bitterness about the choices they have made in the past. After all, they have basically attached themselves to the wrong side of history. When nearly everyone disagrees with you it might just be worth considering that you may be the problem. As Stephen Colbert says "reality has a well-known liberal bias".

    1. I don't know whether it's so much the side of history that Dame Snap has (mis)chosen, Bef, I think it has a lot more to do with her personal work-life choices. What made me much more aware of Snappy's vulnerability was when she said this:
      "What if the reason more women don't join the bar is that they just don't like adversarial, high-pressure work ? What if lots of women see the bar as a Dickensian breeding ground for unsociable hours and work habits ?"

      Oh, such a cris de coeur from such a tortured soul which would surely explain her unconditional retreat from any sort of real public life - ie from the bar and from academia - and into the welcoming oblivion of Wingnut Welfare.

      But it was when she went on to say:
      "Maybe they realise that too many unhappy loners inhabit this world because it suits their personality."
      that she really gave the game away. How alone and lonely she must have felt amongst all those "unhappy loners". How very much better to be happily ensconced in the herpetarium, and loving every minute of the daily KoolAid ceremony.

    2. Seems true of a lot of the reptiles. A great deal of tub-thumping and shameless self promotion but what have they really achieved? Scribbling for Moloch is hardly the apogee of intellectual achievement.

    3. Maybe not, but it's certainly the apogee of the reptiles' achievement, intellectual, social and economic.

  4. Albrechtsen's Law -- whosoever uses "virtue-signalling" loses the argument.

    1. Especially as it's always connected with "identity politics".

      Hmm, maybe we need a 'Herpetarium Jar' - with the 'Albrechtsen corner' as a main component.


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