Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 40, and never mind the Chinese being alienated, it's the Japanese alienated too ...

(Above: and more Rowe here).

The pond knows it should pay attention to the Mutton Dutton but truth to tell, it would get the pond in such a state of agitation and stress that it's better to move on to other things.

And fortunately the bromancer has come up with a ripping beneath the sea story of woe and pain this day ...

Yes, it's the saga of the sous-marin subs, and the pond simply can't get enough of it.

Now it will be remembered that Australia has just offended the Chinese by refusing to approve the latest land grab. 

But this is clearly just window dressing to hide the way that the devious Malware has pandered to the bullying Chinese by favouring the French in sous-marin matters ...

The pond was mortified. There seems to be only one solution. Despite his claims that he was over the hill, just another elder statesman trying to help the Bolter attract attention to his new TV show, the wall punching onion eater must be brought back at once. 

Let's face it, we can't go on without the mad monk, because a friend of Japan is a friend of Abbott, and a friend of Abbott is a friend of Japan, and let no Malware interloper ruin this deep bonding. Or if they do, they must deeply pause for most serious reflection.

Now the rest is a very long read, and the pond has already established at nauseating length the contradictions embedded in the bromancer's assorted positions ...

Let us start with a flashback. Iris in please, maestro ...

Ah yes, the good old days ...

But back to the present and the yearning for the onion muncher ...

And now Malware, via ScoMo, has refused to sell off the farm to the devious Chinese! Would it be possible to find clearer evidence of an international conspiracy of the first water?

And then it occurred to the pond that it could indeed get worse. 

We could have the bromancer roaming around Japan talking up his man love for the onion eater to the dangerous 'leets ...

A soulmate! A brother in a band of brothers ...

It goes without saying that the pond was shocked to the core. Not the WSJ! Why it's likely that Fox News was also agitated and upset ... oh how the legacy of a wonderful onion eater has been so cruelly trashed. 

The pond hopes everyone passed quickly over the bromancer's own saucy doubts and fears and the epic stupidity of the wall puncher's behaviour in making a captain's pick giving the gig to Japan without a nanosecond's thought about the processes or the consequences ... yet another benighted knighting as it were ...

And indeed, there's the kicker. Unless Australia dumps Malware and brings back the onion eater, all will be lost!

Never mind that he started the fuck-up, a fuck-up graphically recorded by the bromancer in his own saucy doubts and fears words ...

Nope, now there's now more mischief to be made talking up the discord with Japan.

The lesson? The bromancer and the onion muncher will do their level best to keep on fucking with the minds of the Japanese. 

Now these perceptions may be unfair, but they are widespread. This whole sorry messed-up episode started with the wall puncher - even the bromancer at one point thought he'd mucked it up - but now there's more mischief to be made ... and don't be fooled for a minute by the onion muncher's denials on the Bolter's show into thinking that none of this matters. We might be in the third act, and Hamlet might be dithering, but there's still at least two acts to go ...

So it matters deeply, especially to the onion muncher and the bromancer ...

Never mind, here's a couple more cartoons in lieu of a commentary (more Rowe as above, and more Moir here)... and lo, behold Malcolm Abbott ... (with forced video)


  1. I know I've foolishly done this before: jumped in in response to something before reading the entire offering. But I was staggered by the profundity of a Bromancer observstion, and it could not be overlooked.
    There is a sense of Australia not being altogether a serious country.

    Could anything some up the Australian Reptile publications more perfectly?

    I read on eagerly, wondering if he'll be able to scale the heights of Moorice and the Wall Puncher.

    1. Thanks for highlighting that GD. Truly there are so many gems and the pond overlooks far too many ... and that bauble, stripped out and with your light shined on it dazzled and startled and awed the pond ...

    2. I should also apologise for the phoneme of "some up" instead of "sum up", but you can imagine my haste and excitement at the discovery.

  2. The Bromancer just reminds me of that old wisdom: "If you have no memory, then you have no shame".

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    It’s an interesting little echo chamber that Sheridan and his mates inhabit.

    Yoichi Funabashi is the Chairman of the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation (RJIF) which to quote part of it’s mission statement wishes “To explore the frontiers for rebuilding by reorienting Japan toward a truly global perspective.” the think tank appears to be conservative with a keen interest in US-Japan Strategic planning, especially in increasing the scope of the Japanese military.

    One of it’s guest scholars is Michael J Green, ex NSA and now a Senior Vice President for the Center for Strategic & international Studies (CSIS) an influential US think tank based in Washington with some heavy hitters on the board. Kissinger, Brzezinski, Armitage and Scowcroft for example.

    Green also happens to be a nonresident fellow at our very own Lowy Institute for International Policy which is probably where he met Andrew Shearer (listed as an expert).

    Shearer recently co-authored an article with Michael Green in January.

    Shearer was to go on to become Tony Abbott’s National Security Advisor.

    To complete the circle (jerk), Abbott is of course very close to the infatuated Sheridan.

    All of these people consider themselves players and behind the scenes wished to influence a seismic shift in Australian foreign policy regarding Japan, China and the US. That has been thwarted by the selection of the French submarines and that is the reason for all the griping.


    1. Thanks DW, the pond can always rely on you for an informed, insightful and researched comment, in startling contrast to the pond itself ...the re-militarisation of Japan is a subject dear to many hawk hearts, because ... well because it worked out so well last time ...

  4. "The pond knows it should pay attention to the Mutton Dutton but truth to tell, it would get the pond in such a state of agitation and stress that it's better to move on to other things."

    Can I second this? Every time I see that man on tv, I feel like shouting abuse.

  5. And whether you have Malware or the Onion Muncher, you'll have Murton Dutton staring blankly to stage left as the moral high ground sinks a little further out of sight.
    Who can forget his sniggering at the plight of Pacific Islanders as ScoMo noticed that the childish muttering was going out live?
    Oh do lead us forward LNP, we couldn't be in better hands.


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