Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 39, and everything's rooned said Moorice ...

Ah that's better, nothing like starting the day with a Pope and a horse's head in the bed, and you can do the same by bookmarking Pope's gallery here ...

Friday's usually a slow day for the pond, as the reptiles slumber on their hot rocks and the pond begins wrapping up the week, getting ready for the big weekend edition, and the soon to follow budget.

Oh sure, there's Tony Abbott yammering away in the background, drawing attention to himself yet again - it's all about moi, moi, moi - but the pond would usually try a little filler, such as  John Boehner's bon mot about Ted Cruz: "Lucifer in the flesh. I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."  (gather more moss here).

But this Friday is momentous because there are some days when a giant gets down from his position as a world famous climate scientist and proud, preeminent holder of the premiere prominent position on the pond's banner, to walk in disguise amongst ordinary men, drinking milk and upholding ordinary decent picket fence values with a voice that freezes the blood of the wicked:

(And more Wilson McCoy at his very own web page here).

Yes, drum roll maestro, trumpet blast, and perhaps a burst of the mighty organ Richard Georg Strauss, if you please, let it linger a little before it dies away completely, because today the pond is graced by the presence of the mighty Moorice ...

Now the pond knows what a few cynics might be thinking. 

In this day and age, as Liberal and Labor state governments do deals with developers and conspire to pack the rats into the big cities in towering apartment blocks, talk of white picket fences is beyond the valley of the delusional... unless you count the pickets for the balcony on the penthouse floor, dressed in as a post-modernist, post-ironic, reflexive gesture.

But that's our Moorice, and that's why the pond always listens with deep awe and respect to what maestro Moorice has to say. And what joy that sometimes he leaves aside his position as the world's greatest climate scientist to sort out all the social evils that beset ordinary folk ...

Ah, the pond realises it was wrong to use that Phantom metaphor. Sure, Moorice moves amongst the ordinary folk, shouting imprecations and dire warnings, but doesn't this evoke his mind set better?

By golly, they're everywhere, these leftist cards, flying through the air, rooning everything, just as Hanrahan and Moorice say ...

Let us continue with the attack of the cards ...

What a cathartic cleansing, what an heroic shouting at clouds. Now feminists and leftists, please line up for your punishment ...

Oh indeed, indeed ... ow ow ...

Truly, the pond rarely gets great days like these, and especially on a Friday. The pond owes the reptiles and Moorice a deep debt of gratitude.

What's more, the pond rarely gets a chance to run one of the most venerable memes on the full to overflowing intertubes with absolute righteousness, fairness and a sense of truth and insight ... and yes, poetic justice ...

Meanwhile, over there in the real world, what's that the pond sees? Why it's a Rowe cartoon, portraying a fine exponent of the art of the picket fence (and more Rowe here).


  1. Social fabric?! But there is no such thing as society. Thatcher said it and they repeated it endlessly so what is all this nonsense about social fabric?

  2. Remarkable to see Moorice tackling both his co-columnist in the Caterist, and his employer the Mad Twitterer when he refers to the over 50% of Australians who rely upon patronage, and the only 43% who are net tax-payers.

    Tough times call for tough measures clearly, thank god that Moorice is willing to call News Ltd and the Caterists out - who will be next in his unerring sights?

  3. Wasn't it Moorice's hero Howard that set the policies in motion that has created the malaise Moorice now laments.

    Howards splashing of cash (family tax benefits, baby bonuses etc) to buy votes entrenched the reliance on goverment. Fucking hell he is myopic.

  4. Moorice is worried about the number of net tax payers. Is he then advocating for the immediate and complete removal of negative gearing, concessional capital gains tax, high end superannuation lurks, fossil fuel subsidies, offshore tax loopholes, and religious tax exemptions?

  5. If you appear to be suffering from an indefiniteness of reaction to normal reality, do not be alarmed,you have just read an article by Moorice Newman. If conditions persist,please consult your local witch doctor.

  6. Maurice - the battlers didn't keep voting for Howard because of some call to white picket fences - they kept voting for him because he kept shovelling money at them.

    1. ...and because decades of neoliberal Labor had thoroughly pissed them off.

    2. Well ok, but then what caused the battlers to not only throw Howard's government out, but to throw Howard out with it ?

      And then to elect the neoliberal Rudd government instead ?

    3. Hope over reason. They did get work choices lite though...

  7. In a just world, Moorice and the entire IPA and Menzies Research Centre gangs would all be wearing skull-ring marks on their jaws. In comparison to them, the Singh Pirates were honest and upright citizens.

  8. Now I know loons regard logic as the tool of Satan, but can even Peter Dutton get away with this?

    The prisoners on Manus are PNG's responsibility says Dutton. Some sensible soul in PNG suggests they take up New Zealand's offer. Dutton/Turnbull "There is no way they will be settled in NZ." WHY THE BLOODY HELL NOT if it's PNG's responsibility?

    Does Dutton take us for idiots?


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