Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 34, and time out for a little fundamentalism courtesy Pat Boone and Miranda the Devine ...

The pond is always on the lookout for for good examples of bigotry for a Sunday meditation ...

Well there's only so many times and ways the pond can find room for the Bolter ranting up hill and down dale at Malware ...

Oh yes, he's such a spurned and alienated possum, and he's offered an olive branch, but surprisingly it hasn't been taken up.

Who knew anyone would be wary of a literary sociopath, boofhead and thuggee, all rolled into one?

But back to other rabid forms of bigotry and it was Pat Boone that caught the pond's eye.

Back in the early days of the blog, the pond used to get angry comments because the pond had dared to suggest that Pat Boone had performed many crimes against music, aesthetics and life in general, by the simple act of living and singing...

This had nothing to do with the bonus fact that he's a very weird conservative.

How weird?

Well Taliban fundamentalist weird ...

Now the pond found that here, and the source is here, but the pond takes this sort of threat seriously.

After all, it was only recently that the pond shared the "God is a boob man" meme, and here's a fundamentalist proposing it worthy of punishment, a fine and the end of the blog.

Taliban Daesh style.

Admittedly Boone isn't up there with fundamentalist Islamic ratbags ... of the kind to be read about in Bangladeshi professor hacked to death in attack claimed by Islamic State militants.

Not yet anyway ...

But the spirit's the same when it comes to atheism.

After all, Islamic fundamentalists like Daesh and the Taliban banned music, while Boone routinely murdered it ...

Evangelical Christian groups continue to dominate funding granted in the National School Chaplaincy scheme, earning millions of dollars despite new rules imposed by the NSW education department. 
Generate Ministries has won $4 million to provide chaplains to 202 of the 438 NSW schools participating in the scheme in 2016. 
The Hillsong-linked Your Dream will earn $1.4 million for 70 schools (up from 50 last year), while Macquarie Life Church will provide chaplains in 20 regional schools.

Generate, Hillsong ...

Never get beyond a barking mad evangelical Xian and Australian tax dollars and a taxpayer-funded chance to poison the minds of young children and further the cause of bigotry.

A pastor linked to Generate Ministries had led the campaign against Gayby Baby last year amid accusations Burwood Girls High, which planned to screen the film, had cancelled religious classes run by the group...
...The then Australia's Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson wrote to the Baird government last year expressing concern that the national school chaplaincy program could be detrimental to gay and lesbian students, in the wake of the Gayby Baby furore.

They're even on the nose to Tim Wilson?

This is the work of John Howard, the onion muncher and the rest of the conservative cabal dedicated to bigotry and the funding of private schools with a religious bent ... and they say the crusades are over.

And yet the pond is proud to advise that these were just hoarse doovers, the lead up to a fine example of Miranda the Devine bigotry and hysteria, fresh dung from the Sunday Terrorist stable this day ...

Talk about a sinking Sunday feeling ... but Sunday duty calls ...

Oh FFS, it's another attempt by the Sunday Terrorists to whip up interest in the rag with a bit of trolling ...

And this sort of bizarre ad campaign ...

Weird or what?

What did that text reveal?

Every useless bigoted Devine story  inflicted  revealed mindfucked for just $3 per week * (* Conditions apply. If mind is fucked, no refund is applicable.)

Never mind, the pond felt the need to rush through the rest of the Devine by resorting to the free, freely available Devine blog - the pond has mentioned this to the reptiles before - where you can swill the mind poison in the way the Nazis in the bunker swilled cyanide with Adolf ...

Yes, the pond caught a little of Downfall last night, and we just had to do a little Godwin's Law routine, on the principle that if you can't beat 'em, beat it endlessly in the Devine style ...

The pond really couldn't think of a better explanation of why domestic violence continues at such a remarkable rate in Australia.

With the Devine on side, bullying and abuse have a vocal supporter at work at the Sunday Terror...

Such an enormously, inordinately stupid woman ... and yet with such a remarkably prominent platform for her bile.

And for those who have complained in the past that the pond has skewered the Devine for her prominent photos at the top of her piece - this day's effort was a beauty - did they spot the clue in the Devine piece that this was okay and good form?

There it was, towards the start of the abuse: "a bespectacled GPS debater." 

Now she didn't say Headlights Pranay Jha, but the pond caught the drift...

Ralph made a step forward and Jack smacked Piggy’s head. Piggy’s glasses flew off and tinkled on the rocks. Piggy cried out in terror: 
“My specs!” 
He went crouching and feeling over the rocks but Simon, who got there first, found them for him.
Passions beat about Simon on the mountain-top with awful wings. 
“One side’s broken.” 
Piggy grabbed and put on the glasses. He looked malevolently at Jack. 
“I got to have them specs. Now I only got one eye. Jus’ you wait—” 
Jack made a move toward Piggy who scrambled away till a great rock lay between them. He thrust his head over the top and glared at Jack through his one flashing glass. “Now I only got one eye. Just you wait—” 
 Jack mimicked the whine and scramble.
“Jus’ you wait—yah!” 
Piggy and the parody were so funny that the hunters began to laugh. Jack felt encouraged. He went on scrambling and the laughter rose to a gale of hysteria...

But enough of the bully Devine, because the pond would just like to offer up a little Pat Boone as a closer.

For years Boone was notorious for white-faced presentations of black music that gutted same. The pond can't imagine a finer example than this ...

Anyone who writes in claiming that's music will be fined for blasphemy.

And much later, being deprived of attention and because much of what he does, is, like the Devine, attention-seeking, Boone did the same to metal music.

The pond was never a big Deep Purple fan, but an infinite wave of sympathy swept over it listening to this ...

Talk about a good reason for the internet to lose its license to operate.

And what a pleasure to discover that, outside the studio torturing Alice Cooper, Boone sings flat ...

Okay, on the upside, there are many good things to be found on the full to overflowing intertubes. It's just that it's not the pond's job to find it, or to talk about watching Visconti's Bellissima or the benefits of the Berlin Philharmonic streaming (better catch up SSO).

But here, to cleanse the palate, have a serve of Leoš Janáček. Yes, it's possible to listen to a mass and avoid the bigotry and the bullying and the silly mindless fundamentalism of the Boones and the Devines...


  1. Well, DP, a Sunday of Devine bile isn't quite on a par with Pells and Jensens, but it's getting there ... sort of.

    However: "... all the hot alpha girls". Oh, such an agonized cri de coeur from an aging not-quite-cougar who never got the attention of the "alpha jocks" at school.

  2. So Boltie thinks Turnbull’s left-winger
    Why even more Bolshie than Zinger
    And in future remarks
    He’ll point to Karl Marx
    And reckon that Mal’s a dead ringer

    The Indi ex-member got bitter
    And strong-armed the current seat-sitter
    So now Mirabully’s
    Disgraced herself fully
    And everyone’s lolling on twitter

    While Abbott pretends to atone
    He secretly pines for his throne
    So he’s wrecking and sniping
    As the Turncoats are swiping
    Those policies Tony once owned

    1. Is the pond turning into the versifying The Bulletin of old?

    2. Yeah, not half bad, Kezz. Do you have a posting as Poet Laureate of Loonpond in mind ?

      If you do, and maybe to live up to DP's expectations, you should spend a bit of time with

      And in the meantime, DP, you might enjoy this:

    3. Hi GrueBleen

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s an interesting site but the truth is I only have time to read and occasionally contribute to the Pond - it’s where I get my inspiration. I don’t have any poetic aspirations at all except to comment in my own way as an appreciation of the unique insights and humour provided here. Also, I don’t really class limericks as poems, more like playing around with a rather innocuous style of satire that happens to have a fairly rigid rhyming format.

    4. Well I dunno, Kezz; are your amusing observations any less poetical than this:
      Some primal termite knocked on wood
      And tasted it, and found it good!
      And that is why your Cousin May
      Fell through the parlor floor today.

      However, life's vagaries afflict us all, so whatever you can, whenever you can for this appreciative audience.

  3. Reading Andrew Bolt's blog is hard work (even occasionally) but it's interesting to see the themes that he prattles on with in his job as town crier for the Rupertian. For instance, I've noticed his relentless campaign to get Tones the Great back in the top job but I really think he's wasting his breath on that one - apart from him and Alan Jones NOBODY in this country thought Tones was doing a good job (his own party included). His whinging about the (apparently) completely unfair portrayal of Sophie Mirabella as a bitter power-crazed revenge seeker is particularly unbelievable: Wake up, Andrew, people don't like her because she's not a nice person!

    The Miranda Devine thing is equally hilarious - why Bolt felt the need to republish her drivel is beyond me. Devine reminds me of a modern-day wannabe Ayn Rand - lusting after those powerful, muscular sons of the plutocracy on the university rugby field... sigh!

    1. I think you could add most of the 2gb shock Jocks.The scary part is that when one goes on leave or is sick they seem to be able to pull an identical one out of the walls there, like the orcs of Isengard

    2. I think you could add most of the 2gb shock Jocks.The scary part is that when one goes on leave or is sick they seem to be able to pull an identical one out of the walls there, like the orcs of Isengard

    3. They should be wary of going on holidays... their bosses might float in a cut price Thai or Indian equivalent on a 457; nobody would notice the difference as long as they kept parroting the same lines.

    4. Didn't they already do that with Rita Panahi, IL ? Or did she just arrive on a boat sometime in the long-ago.

  4. Seven weeks on the campaign bus, will you endure, DP? Some journos will be making sure their ePods are full in order to pass the whiles. The travail will be eased by adopting the correct language for reporting & analysis. Here, this paramount killer is right on the money.
    Daesh, as Colonel Keating calls Islamic State, ...
    See how easy it is? Another minor shift to the Abbottesque and Col Keating will be adamant he is dealing with The Death Cult. The blackness of his secret ops will justify his robust, cock-shafting parlance.
    Another paragon of cockiness, surely, is Boris.
    Boris Johnson knocked off a column for the Sun on Friday morning in which he repeated the trope beloved of the US radical right that Barack Obama’s Kenyan origins mean somehow that he is not a “real” American. We should not trust part-Kenyan Obama and his urging Britain to stay in the EU. It was partisan, unforgivable nonsense, with uneasy tones, at best, of crude identity politics, at worst, of sinking to a semi-racist smear. Johnson was badly caught out.

  5. This is apparently a quote from Tone's Quadrant article (I have neither the time or inclination to check), showing the depth of his delusion;

    “Looking back, the Abbott government’s biggest problem was people’s reluctance to accept that short-term pain might be needed for long-term gain."

    No mention of his fuckwittedry then.

    Perhaps Tone, people quickly figured out that for them, there WAS no gain, long or short-term and that being entertained by a clown was no substitute.

    1. That's right. But there was no mention that his hamfistedness was going to be short-term. If we had known that the incompetence was only a short term think - well that would have made all the difference.

  6. Is there not some prohibition in the Bible that Pat Boone is violating? Old gits shalt not dye their hair or have facelifts? Rugged hetero Christians shalt not prance around dressed as leathermen?


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